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Pediatric Nursing Podcast Series
Pediatric Nursing is a clinically based journal covering the latest advances, trends, and research in child health care. Used as a resource by more than 12,000 child healthcare professionals, Pediatric Nursing features articles relevant for pediatric nurses in a variety of settings, from hospital to home and school, and with a variety of skills, from preventive to acute care.
Oregon Center for Nursing
Oregon NurseCast is a podcast series designed to celebrate innovative, promising practices relevant to nursing in Oregon, provide tools and resources to facilitate the professional practice of nursing and encourage conversation among nursing professionals.
School of Nursing & Midwifery
The TCD School of Nursing & Midwifery is the "leading institution within Ireland" in Nursing & Midwifery education and research. - International panel of experts quote in the 2010 School Quality Review
NursEM - Nursing in Emergency
Current conversations and evidence-based practice issues related to Emergency Nursing.
The Nursing Crash Cart
An educational podcast for new nurses in the Emergency Department, or those who want to know if Emergency Nursing might be right for them.
Erasmus Nursing English
Podcaster og forelesninger fra Universitetet i Stavanger - UiS. Podcasts and lectures from UiS, University of Stavanger Norway
Mastering Nursing
Welcome to Mastering Nursing, the show where we cover all aspects of the nursing profession through interviews with experts in the field. From bedside manner to drawing blood… from advancing your career through earning degrees like an RN, MSN, or DNP to starting your own nurse practitioner practice… we cover it all!
Travel Nursing Classroom
Travel Nursing Classroom provides unbiased travel nursing advice from professionals across the industry. No selling or recruiters here. Just Travel Nursing Info.
NRSNG NCLEX® Question of the Day (Nursing Podcast for NCLEX® Prep and Nursing School)
5 minute podcast episode for nursing students that covers one NCLEX® style question and rationale . Free Nursing School and NCLEX® Cheat Sheets at The perfect podcast for nursing students preparing for the NCLEX®. Want to ace the NCLEX . . . this is your ticket. Each podcast covers a question and the correct answer with rational. Nursing is hard . . . learning it doesn't have to be! NCSBN holds no affiliation with Find us on social media and send us an email . . . tell us whats up! Jon Haws RN, is a critical care registered nurse in a Level I Trauma hospital in Dallas, TX. Jon is the creator of Visit the site and check out the books on For full disclaimer information visit:
Bedside Nursing
If you are a nurse, patient, or know someone who is a nurse or patient, the discussions in Bedside Nursing will serve you. Patients will gain insight to the many issues surrounding healthcare and the care received directly from the nurse. As a patient, talk about the presented issues in Bedside Nursing with a nurse.
Nursing Podcast by NRSNG (NCLEX® Prep for Nurses and Nursing Students)
I Help Nursing Students Succeed. Period. Free Nursing School and NCLEX Cheat Sheets at Welcome to the NRSNG Show from . . . #1 Nursing Podcast and the leader in nursing student education. New motivational episodes 2-3 times per week covering: Struggling Students - common questions and concerns from students. Tips and Nurse Life - how to succeed as a nursing student and nurse. Interviews - discussion with through leaders, entrepreneurs, and authors. Anatomy and Physiology and Nursing Care for various disease processes. Follow us on social media @nrsng From the leading nursing education website ( comes the top nursing podcast. With pharmacology episodes, test taking tips, student struggles, interviews (with leading nurse advocates like Kati Kleber, Nurse Bass, Nurse Nacole, and more), NCLEX review, we cover the information that nurses need to know to accelerate their career and become incredible RNs. Jon Haws RN, the host has worked as a critical care registered nurse in a Level I Trauma hospital in Dallas, TX. Jon is the creator of Visit the site and check out the books on We discuss current trends in the ICU, anatomy, physiology, nursing care, and much more. Our goal is to change nursing education forever by making it more accessible, cutting the fluff, and teaching students how to think like nurses through modern technology. For full disclaimer information visit: NCLEX®, NCLEX-RN® are registered trademarks of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, INC.
Plymouth has a portfolio including Adult Nursing, Child Health, Midwifery, Public Health, and Dental Nursing linked to the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry. CPD and postgraduate provision includes modules meeting educational needs of health professionals in a number of areas of practice.
Nursing Mnemonics Show by NRSNG (Memory Tricks for Nursing School)
Take NRSNG with you wherever you go. This nursing podcast covers one nursing mnemonic per 3-5 minute episode. To get all of our cheatsheets visit: Perfect for a jog, drive to work, a wait in line. At NRSNG, our goal is to give the confidence and the tools you need to succeed in nursing school and in your life as a nurse. Cut the clutter out of nursing school and enjoy the nursing mnemonics podcast with your host Kati Kleber RN CCRN. Full disclaimer information at:
Travel Nursing Insider Podcast
Travel Nursing Insider offers the latest insight and advice from experts within the travel nursing industry. Travel Nursing Insider is brought to you by Onward Healthcare, a leading nationwide provider of travel nurse jobs for registered nurses.