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    Ready to enhance your photography workflow? Welcome to Workflows, a podcast by Imagen that transforms how photographers like you manage their business, making every minute count.Each episode offers advice on optimizing your photography workflows so you spend less time at the desk and more time behind the camera. It also tells real-life stories and shares innovative tools to optimize your operations, helping you maximize efficiency and creativity in your photography business.Join host Scott Wyden Kivowitz, who, despite challenges like dyslexia and color blindness, has mastered the art of efficient workflows to excel in the photography business, as well as building and leading one of the most popular global photography communities on Facebook – the Imagen Community. Through insights and conversations with photographers fro m various countries, backgrounds, and walks of life, discover how structured workflows can save time and alleviate stress in your professional and personal life.Get ready to overcome common industry hurdles and boost your photography business's profitability through effective strategies, innovative tools, tech, and automation.Join the Imagen Community to continue the conversation and connect with fellow photographers, share stories, and access unique resources tailored to the challenges of managing a photography business.Don't let workflow inefficiencies hold you back — tune in to Workflows for inspiration and guidance on crafting a thriving, productive photography business.For photographers who prefer creating stunning images to getting bogged down by business tasks, Workflows is your gateway to a smoother, more rewarding photography career.Join us today at workflowspodcast.com

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    Photoshop Tips and Tricks for the high end user.

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