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Węzeł Przesiadkowy
Cotygodniowe rozmowy o transporcie, mobilności i infrastrukturze. Komentarze, wywiady, reportaże i dyskusje o wszystkim co związane z przemieszczaniem się ludzi i rzeczy. Podcast prowadzi Bartosz Jakubowski.
In The Arena
Taken from a famous Theodore Roosevelt speech regarding his own time “In the Arena,” this podcast features government officials who are truly making a difference and challenging the status quo. Governing President, Cathilea Robinett, tours you through the halls of cities, counties and states to bring you a slice of what is best in American leadership today.
Die Woche
Die Woche ist der Nachrichten-Podcast aus dem Zeitungsverlag Waiblingen. Frank Nipkau und Liviana Jansen diskutieren mit einem Gesprächspartner über aktuelle Themen aus dem Rems-Murr-Kreis.
Liberty Plays Podcast
Official Podcast of the Libertarian Party of Greater Peoria. We meet monthly in at W.E. Sullivan's on the second Thursday of each month. After each meeting, we do a no holds barred round table of current events and issues affecting folks in Peoria and the surrounding communities. Expect a 30 minute show... With some lasting longer for interviews or special events. Opinions are that of the members and do not reflect the Peoria organization as a whole.
Everything Kansas City
Aimee and Elisa discuss all things Kansas City. Everything is on the table and nothing is out of bounds. We are Kansas City enthusiasts and want to share our love of the city with you. Join us as we discuss all things 816 and 913.
Great Gourmet Ride
These podcast guides will take guide your cycling journey throughout the Great Western Tiers. You'll be will lead to some very special places that will divert your mind, invigorate your body, and replenish your soul. Everything that you imagined Tasmania to be can be found as you explore the pristine Meander Valley under the backdrop of the magnificent Great Western Tiers.
CT-N, Capitol Report (Video)
Connecticut Network is the citizens source for complete and balanced television and webcast coverage of Connecticut state government and public policy. Capitol Report gives you highlights of the debates, decisions and developments at the State Capitol, pulled from our award-winning gavel-to-gavel coverage of state government and public affairs. Capitol Report can help you understand the basics of state government-in-progress and capture important moments you may have missed during the week.
Conseils Municipaux de Nogent sur Marne, 94130
Enregistrements intégraux des conseils municipaux de la commune de Nogent sur Marne (94130), sous-préfecture du Val de Marne (94), en région Ile de France. Réalisés par le site indépendant d'actualité locale
Farmer In The Dell
Chatting with the locals, looking at various farming enterprises and discussing some of the big issues
Ann Arbor Stories | Ann Arbor District Library
Ann Arbor Stories features sometimes well known and sometimes obscure short tales from Ann Arbor's past. Everything from music, money, and murder, to the extraordinary people and events that have shaped Ann Arbor since 1824. Ann Arbor Stories is presented by Richard Retyi and Brian Peters, in partnership with the Ann Arbor District Library.
In-depth with the Evidence Project
In-depth with the Evidence Project brings you conversations with Evidence Project researchers about how the USAID-funded project is applying implementation science to advance quality family planning and reproductive health programs internationally. Each episode explores the principles, process, and impact of implementation science and takes a deeper look at the project’s studies, asking questions like: “How can we expand access to family planning for garment factory workers in Cambodia?”; “Why is the public sector so critical to family planning in Zambia”; and “What makes implementation science unique and why does that matter for family planning?”
On GovConnect, we sit down with local government innovation experts to bring you insightful stories and advice on technology, best practices, and the latest trends in civic and government technology. GovConnect is produced by CitySourced
Tech Law Tracker
Margo Cruz, the host of Tech Law Tracker, keeps up with new state-level regulations of the internet to find out how state laws are shaping the development and use of technology.
Wilke hautnah - Aus dem Leben eines Oberbürgermeisters
"Wilke hautnah - Aus dem Leben eines Oberbürgermeisters" ist der schonungslos ehrliche Podcast von und mit René Wilke, Oberbürgermeister der Stadt Frankfurt (Oder) und Christin Schneider. Christin Schneider, Fotografin, PR-Tante und Instagram süchtige Einwohnerin der Stadt Frankfurt (Oder) trifft sich regelmäßig mit René Wilke, um herauszufinden, wie er tickt, was ihn bewegt, was ihn antreibt und was er tut und wie er es tut - schonungslos ehrlich.
Your IP Insider
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2005년 레주파의 L양장점
레주파(LEZPA)가 제작하는 레즈비언 맞춤 라디오 방송 L양장점♡ 으로 놀러오세요!
The Third Branch
News, information, and reviews of published cases from the California Court system.
VOLSTA Media Network - All Shows
Premier interactive content for professionals seeking the edge--from those who've been there and back.
정치 경제 즐거움 , 우리의 힘을 모아 우리것으로 !
Ehrensache (m4a)
Ehrenamtliche Tätigkeiten stärken das soziale Gefüge in Deutschland nachhaltig. Ohne Sie wären Sportvereine, Rettungsdienste und viele andere Bereiche des öffentlichen Lebens nicht möglich, oder blieben einer Minderheit, die dafür bezahlen kann, vorbehalten. Um selbst einen Einblick zu bekommen, will ich mit ehrenamtlichen Mitarbeitern möglichst vieler Organisationen darüber reden, was sie zu diesem Engagement bewogen hat, was sie dabei erlebt haben und erfahren, wie man diese selbst unterstützen kann. Das Podcastlogo stammt aus der Wikipedia
Abram Creek Baptist Church
Download and listen to sermons at Abram Creek Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio.
Arizona Environmental Report
The Arizona Environmental Report is a sometimes sarcastic report on Arizona green issues and activities. We are eclectic and idiosyncratic but we try to stay topical.
Policy Breakfast Seminar
Policy Breakfasts, held at INSEAD's Abu Dhabi Campus, are a series of early morning seminars that focuses on current policy issues through the lenses of academics and practitioners in industry and government. The series is aimed at professionals concerned with government policy.