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Getting you ready for Memorial Day Weekend, The Gatekeepers of Disruptive Behavior aka The Disco 2 aka Michael Rapaport & Gerald Moody are here on the Tuesday I AM RAPAPORT: STEREO PODCAST to go Hard Body Karate and discuss: a Butter Soft T Giveaway Contest , The King is almost down, Chicken heads Tomi Lahren & Britt McHenry, NFL Kneeling Rule vs. President, Lenny Dykstra vs. Uber Drive, Rebel Wilson vs Fat Shaming, The Morgan Freeman Shoe Drops, Ronaldhino to the Stickman Hall of Fame, Dolan vs. Oakley & more. Then it’s an honor and a privilege to have Donald Penn (Oakland Raiders 3x Pro Bowl Offensive Lineman) (47:26) on the I AM RAPAPORT: STEREO PODCAST with Michael Rapaport to discuss: Dreaming of being in the NBA as a kid, not starting to play football until sophomore year of high school, what NFL players have game?, Coach Gruden to the Raiders & why he has a chip on his shoulder, bringing a championship to Oakland before going to Las Vegas, competing against & mentoring young draft picks, his injury update, Derek Carr, Raiders Offensive Line Coach Tom Cable, Marshawn Lynch, the importance of the offensive line, going against Von Miller, best to compete against & how to make a name for yourself as a O-Lineman, the evolution of man in sport, watching film before facing an opponent, his first NFL start, Michael Crabtree, fighting in football, biggest NFL trash talkers, NFL huddles, loudest stadiums, confronting a fan, having his house broken into, his free football camp for kids & a whole lotta mo’! This episode is not to be missed!  How to Download the I AM RAPAPORT APP (for free) on: iPhone: Android: All Tuesday/Friday EPs are free on all podcast platforms, I AM RAPAPORT APP & Primetime Wednesday, Emergency (Anytime) & Archived EPs plus Exclusive Videos are available on Premium access of the I AM RAPAPORT APP for $2.99 a month (automatically links to app) at Butter Soft T Giveaway Contest: All Butter Soft T’s & Hats can be found at Michael’s Hardcover/Audiobook This Book Has Balls: Sports Rants From The MVP of Talking Trash ( Live I AM RAPAPORT Tour Dates: June 3rd at Clusterfest in San Francisco at & August 26th, 2018 at The Wilbur in Boston. Tickets are Available at:
The day has come for Miss Amber to leave Sensible People for maternity leave. While the 8 month pregnant co-host certainly gets teased for one last time, Raw Dog is reminded of a certain punishment he has to face from an earlier episode. Plus, we get to hear his recent bachelor party stories as he … Continue reading "20 | Mango Lassi"
The Sensible Peeps are back at it following the celebration of their one year anniversary. Mandi B gets some much deserved criticism, Tay whines about the weather change in Chicago and analyzes Illinois’ heftier neighbors beyond the border north, and Raw Dog gets thrown to the wolves as we bring his sweet mother Renee on … Continue reading "S2 05 | Don’t Walk Away Renee"
It’s a new year and Sensible People is adding more sensibility to your life than ever before! Raw Dog files his appeal of the Viagra punishment and Tay announces the #WetBanditChallenge. Does Mandi B have a Push Broom Pete? Perhaps, but Tay informs us where to find women that do. Sensible People is bringing back … Continue reading "S2 11 | Push Broom Pete"
Would you ever try Jenkem? Did Tay encounter a wild boar recently? What does Mandi call her lady-parts? These are the sensible topics discussed on this week’s episode. Also, NFL legend Mike Pantazis joins the trio to discuss the most historic fan moment in the history of sports. During a 1995 Chicago Bears game Pantazis … Continue reading "S2 13 | The Catch"
After Raw Dog survived his ruthless roast in e32, the trio is back to help increase your sensibility. Raw Dog continues to share his head-scratching tales of single life, Mandi answers whether girls fart while they pee, and Tay introduces the world to Googly Eyes. Standup comedian and host of the “Nerds with Words” podcast … Continue reading "S2 09 | Sensible Nonsense ft. Comedian Adam Nutter"
Sensible Nation, do you know how Tay, Mandi B and Raw Dog really like it?  Don’t worry, you’ll find out in this episode as the trio play a game where you learn more about them, and of course, punishments will be involved.  Come along for a wild ride as they receive a new “sponsor,” reveal … Continue reading "S2 07 | I Like It Like That"
Happy Mother’s Day to all of Sensible Nation! Today we’re celebrating our very own soon-to-be-MILF, Amber!  Amber receives a handpicked gift from Tay, and Raw Dog walks us through some of the oddest children’s internet videos. Of course no baby shower would be complete without some baby shower games! We kick off with “Is This … Continue reading "19 | Amber is a MILF"
Fresh off their first live show the trio is back in studio for some sensible fun. Raw Dog let out a squeaker in bed with a lady, Mandi’s got a Peeping Tom and Tay shares a story that will give you the chills. The listeners have questions for Raw Dog and he has answers. Find … Continue reading "S2 15 | Anal’s Not Cheating"
As Raw Dog’s appeal of the Viagra punishment is taking time behind the scenes, he’s got some single tips and bar tales to share. Mandi and Raw Dog detail their 10 year pact to Tay and the boys come to a realization regarding her after watching Showtime’s Escape at Dannemora. Then the trio dive into … Continue reading "S2 12 | Kit and Caboodle ft. ASMR Practitioner Lilliana Dee"
‘Tis the season to be Sensible! The trio is back for this Holiday Special. Tay’s found a new way to salvage his betting losses, Raw Dog has a billion dollar idea and there must be “something about Mandi” with the way Raw Dog describes their last outing. Then let us help you get into the … Continue reading "S2 10 | Have Yourself a Sensible Little Christmas"
Episode 31 brings something many of you have all been waiting for… the opportunity to roast Raw Dog for his questionable personality traits and opinions! Before we roast everyone’s favorite co-host, Tay defends his a** wiping technique, Raw Dog depicts his new life as a single man, and Mandi laughs to Tay’s botched spray tan … Continue reading "S2 08 | Roast of Raw Dog"
In this “Best of Season 1” compilation you’ll meet the Sensible People and listen back on highlights from the 25 episodes that put them on the map. Enjoy the evolution of Raw Dog, Amber and Tay as they build their chemistry and laugh with them clip-after-clip. The trio explore absurd observations, cringe-worthy topics, challenging games … Continue reading "Bonus Episode | Best of Season 1"
The Q&A show is made up of questions submitted by our audience. In this episode: - Dryfire, finish before the par time beep starts or before it ends? - Your second pistol, should it be specifically for competition, or something that can do double duty? Please submit your questions by visiting Welcome to the Gun Show on Facebook.
What's up Nerds!? Rich, Ron, and Diesel are back to talk about Pop Culture and Nerdom! We go a little long this episode as we give you a little bonus content after Shameless Plugs at the end of the show. The bonus content is are Spoiler full discussion about Joker. Here's what is on tap for this episode:   OPENING HOT: - We discuss the new era of The 3 Fat Nerds Podcast and what you can expect.   NERD NEWS: - Crisis on Infinite Earths casting updates - Spider-Man will face off with Venom in the movies - Matrix 4 casting news - Freddie Prinze Jr rants on Star Wars fans - Tim Robbins defends Howard the Duck and More!   DUNGEON MASTERS CORNER: - Ron discusses the importance of atmosphere in D&D   TALKING NERD: - The Scorsese Effect: Covering the controversy    DIESEL'S MOVIE TRIPLE STUF: - Box Office Report - Top 3 Comics - Diesel's Pick of the Week   Visit our Website: Like us on Facebook:  3 Fat Nerds Podcast Follow us on Twitter & Instagram:  @3fatnerdspod Email us:
On this edition of the ODPH, the panel sits down to discuss: - What they think of Disney+ now that it's finally here! - And that means episode 1 of The Mandalorian is also out, and we review the episode! To skip this segment jump to: 40:41 - Every first issue of the new X-Men comic line is now out! We give our thoughts on how they are! All that and much more!
For the first time, season 2’s co-host Mandi B and season 1’s co-host Amber join Raw Dog and Tay in one big happy family. As the trio catches up with miss Amber, Tay’s got a big personal announcement and Raw Dog shares what the best after-sex song is. Mandi B has to choose between a … Continue reading "S2 27 | Sensible Foursome"
Raw Dog and Tay tell a story about crushing beers next to a lady with a chiseled jaw. Mandi B whines about her latest sex woes. Is too much sex really too much sex? Raw Dog’s in a mood to rant and then battles Mandi B in a game hosted by Tay of “Erased from … Continue reading "S2 26 | A Jaw Like Jon Hamm"
Mandi B’s in search of a sugar daddy, but will her leg braces and Charleston Chews hold her back? Raw Dog updates the world on whether or not his masturbation video went viral and Tay paid a kid to chew his tongue until it bled. What is wrong with our co-hosts? KikiSaidSo from the Cocktales … Continue reading "S2 19 | Sugar Daddies, Leg Braces and Charleston Chews"
“Watch out [Raw Dog] she’ll chew you up!” Raw Dog avoiding the dating apps may have led him down a dark path on the Internet. Find out his latest dating disasters, one of which had him questioning what a guy’s to do when he runs into a ManEater? All this plus a special guest appearance … Continue reading "S2 18 | ManEater"
“Ba Ba Ba….” Bobbing for condoms! This episode is a wild one, capped off by the trio jointly bobbing for condoms per the punishment agreed upon during the previous episode. You’re in for a treat with Raw Dog detailing his latest sneaky move to find some tail, Mandi B’s got a new fling, and Tay … Continue reading "S2 17 | Have You Tried Malort?"
Happy Halloween Sensible Nation! It’s one of our favorite times of the year and we’ve brewed a cauldron of something really spook-tacular. The trio debate which one of them would be the caboose in a human centipede, Mandi shares a not-so-sensible coworker story and Raw Dog tells all about his latest face-time with Tay. Plus, … Continue reading "S2 06 | Trick or Troll 2"
In episode 27 the Sensible trio bring you along for a sensual ride. Billy Procida, comedian and host of one of the sex genre’s top podcasts “The Manwhore Podcast” shares his sex positive stories along with some laughs. From financial domination, to play parties and much more, Billy tells it all while giving Raw Dog … Continue reading "S2 04 | Sensual and Sensible with Billy Procida"
One of the Sensible People gets an unsolicited sext from an unknown phone number. What does it mean? Some hog calling is in store for the loser of a new game called “Guess What You’re Doing?” in which the hosts get a short window of time to figure out an image they were hilariously photoshopped … Continue reading "S2 03 | Horny?"
The sensible duo of Raw Dog and Tay remain unhinged without Amber around to tame them in this latest laugh-fest. Joining the boys this episode is the notorious king of gossip Perez Hilton. Perez describes the challenges of being a busy single dad of three, discusses his podcast “The Perez Hilton Podcast w/ Chris Booker,” … Continue reading "22 | “Donald Trump is a 321” with Perez Hilton"

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