Top Rated Women’s Studies Podcasts

Hembra Writing Podcast
Hembra Writing Podcast, by Battle Bird Productions, is a podcast showcasing new writing by female and non-binary writers. Created by Beth Crane, writer of We Fix Space Junk, the purpose of Hembra is to get more female and non-binary writers' voices into the podcasting sphere. By showcasing individual pieces rather than full series, we aim to bring a wider range of writers into podcasting and allow writers and performers to participate in the medium without the longer-term commitments of paying for hosting or running social media.
Shehrezade 2.0
From the land of Arabian Nights, comes a story teller of a different kind.
Affettività elettive
Convegno "Affettività elettive - Relazioni e costellazioni dis-ordinate" - Padova Palazzo del Bo, 13-15 novembre 2012
Two Girls, One Joint
a monthly podcast series hosted by Aylin Vega, author of "Dating" as told by the Modern Whore, and friend Drusilla Vincent. Available on the last Wednesday of the month, episodes are a reflective look on modern dating, sexuality, and the occasional illicit substance.