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Host & Producer of Cage's Kiss
Adrian! He who was destined to be from his mother's side untimely torn! It was he who traveled through the bitter frost to the cursed forests, where he was also destined to meet the mysterious Linda and "The Donnie". Um, that quest sorta involved watching a lot of movies and drinking lots of Southern Comfort. Dude does them arts, too.


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Recent episodes featuring Adrian Smith
Episode 35 - Gone In 60 Seconds
Cage's Kiss
This week we discuss the pointless remake of the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds,” which features Cage, Robert Duvall, Christopher Eccleston, Giovanni Ribisi, and Skeletor…I mean Angelina Jolie. This week, we pick fights with Jolie and Ridley Scott and pick a magic word of the day.
Episode 34: Bringing Out the Dead
Cage's Kiss
Join us in this episode as we discuss one of the best Nic Cage movies ever made, Bringing Out the Dead. We also discuss our love for Tom Hanks and John Cusack and Linda’s contribution to The Ghostbusters! This movie has one of the most amazing casts ever put together: Nicolas Cage, John Goodman, Tom Sizemore, Marc Anthony, Patricia Arquette, Ving Rhames, and Queen Latifah!
Episode 33: 8MM
Cage's Kiss
This week, Cage’s Kiss tackles some very heavy material - not for the faint of heart. 8MM handles topics like rape, murder, kidnapping, molestation, and a shirtless Chris Bauer. You’ve been warned.Join us as we discuss the virtues of pornography, how awesome Peter Stormare is, and remember how stupid hot Joaquin Phoenix was in the 90’s!
Episode 32: Snake Eyes
Cage's Kiss
This week, we’re covering the movie to watch if you want to see Nic Cage get his face beat in! We discuss Cage’s first baby mama, Christina Fulton; the lack of nudity in this movie; how this movie should be rebooted by Neil Breen; and pick fights with Michelle Pfeiffer and Leonardo DiCaprio!Warning: This movie contains no snakes.
Episode 31: City of Angels
Cage's Kiss
It’s the classic tale:Angel falls in love with a human and starts stalking her, woman falls in love with her stalker angel, angel listens to the Devil and decides to fall from grace, and fallen angel has sex for the first time. It’s City of Angels! Starring Meg Ryan, Dennis Franz, Andre Braugher, and our National Treasure.
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