Alexa Schirm is a blogger, writer, nutritionist, podcaster, speaker and educator helping you to get healthy, live happy and find joy, she is also the host of Simple Roots Radio Podcast.
Hormones get a bad rap. They are known to cause everything under the sun, including weight gain, exhaustion, and acne. But what if your hormones weren't actually to blame? I'm going out on what could be a very controversial limb to argue that your hormones aren't to blame for what ails you - but your energy is. The typical hormonal equation is; hormones become imbalanced = weight gain, exhaustion, hot flashes, etc. But today I want you to see, your hormones don't just fall out of balance and when they do, it's not your hormones you need to fix as much as it is the root and that is your energy. Which means the real equation looks more like this: decrease in healthy energy = imbalanced hormones = weight gain, exhaustion, hot flashes What would change if we shifted our focus from hormones to energy? You might just find that your hormones don't rebalance, but everything in life seems healthier.  Inside today's podcast, we talk about this and how your energy is responsible for your hormones. And more importantly, we break down how to change your energy flow to walk in hormonal health.  It's no longer the chicken or the egg, it's always energy before hormones. Learn more in today's podcast.   Learn more:
We all want more energy, the question is how much energy will you spend trying to get more energy? Inside, you'll learn the one thing you need to change to get more energy instantly.  Do you want more energy? Welcome to the club they say - but what if I told you it wasn't an exclusive club but inclusive? Inside I share the one thing you need to change to get more energy instantly.  Energy has been my focus for the last year. After years and years and years of nutrition work, studying, questioning, more questions, and more studying why we haven't settled on anything that works for the majority of people in the health space - I was determined to uncover something that would.  That's when I came face to face with the concept of energy.  I know the word energy can feel a little woo-woo, especially in the faith space. It seems bizarre to talk about energy as the driving force of health, happiness, and joy. But I promise you're going to want to hear me out, especially today as I talk about the overarching determining factor of your health - that is your beliefs.  Inside today's podcast, I share the one thing you need to change to get more energy instantly. You will learn how your beliefs determine your thoughts, which are the driving force behind your actions. How our beliefs dictate how much energy you have and what you can do to transform your health.    Learn more:
What if you didn't need another diet, you just needed more energy? Inside this post, I share how you how to boost energy to lose weight and get healthy.   Exhausted? Welcome to the world of adulting! It feels like a right of passage in today's world, but this concept of energy is more valuable than we give it credit. It's not something to brush off and learning to boost your energy could be the very thing that helps you lose weight and get healthy.  Welcome to the healthy energy series - the place where I talk in-depth about energy and how to get more of it. It is the very topic that we hear little about and yet ends the confusion.  If you want to get healthy - you must know about energy, and that is what this entire series is for - understanding how you can move from energy debt into abundance.  Today on the podcast, we are diving into the concept of energy, what energy means, how to measure it in the body and determine if you're living in energy debt or abundance.  On the show, we talk about energy abundance - which sounds a little fishy right off of the bat. While scarcity is prevalent, it doesn't mean it's normal, and that is what we break down today on the podcast.    Learn more:
Essential oils, where do you even start, and what do you really need to know? Today I interview an essential oil expert and outline 7 ways to use essential oils for health.  I'm an amateur when it comes to essential oils. From all of the research about health, I haven't tapped into or shared about essential oils, honestly, for no other reason than just time. The funny thing about essential oils is I've used them for a very long time.    While it's always intrigued me, I tend to stick with the basics. It wasn't until my personal health journey enticed me into using essential oils to open up my body and allow healing that I felt intrigued to learn more.    Even more, numerous podcast guests and health experts have mentioned during the show, about their usage of essential oils. So today, I wanted to declare my love of oils, jump that bandwagon and expose you to another tool of health.   Today, I am breaking down how to use essential oils for health with my friend, Leatha Arant. The one I've learned from, trust, and am always so encouraged by. Learn more about essential oils in today's podcast and follow along as I share seven ways to use essential oils for health.   Learn more:
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