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235 – The Return…With guest Les Moore
The Return!  With special guest, Les Moore. That’s right guy’s, I’m back! It has been almost three whole months since I have released a new podcast.  The last episode, number 234 went live on September 18th.  Since then my life got a little crazy and I had some unfortunate technical challenges to overcome.  During this three month Hiatus I have made a lot of observations, I have gained many insights, and I have continued on the path of being a better man than I was yesterday.  I plan to share these insights with you in upcoming episodes.  Today however, for my first episode back in a while we have a special guest who is going to share his personal story with us.  This interview has been scheduled for about three months as well.  In fact we sat down and recorded it one day several weeks ago and that was when I realized that my technology was not working…it didn’t record.  Now thankfully, that issue is resolved and  and I am finally able to share this inspiring interview with you. This guest started out as a listener of of this show and I noticed him pretty early on for two reasons.  One, because he was always liking things and leaving some comments and two, because he had kind of an unusual name that I really liked.  Being named Alf all my life, I kind of have a thing for unusual, clever names, I appreciate them.  This persons name was Les Moore.  Get it?  Less…more?  Anyway, He and I had a few interactions over the course of time and one day he sent me a letter really explaining what he has been up to.  When I heard his story I knew immediately that he should be a guest on the show because he epitomizes what we are trying to do here at Being A Better Man. Les Moore hails from Pennsylvania.  He is a 47 year old married father of two daughters.  In January of 2014 Les decided that he wasn’t totally happy with himself for reasons I’ll let him explain.  He made a decision that would alter the course of not only his own life, but also the lives of his wife and daughters and probably everyone else that knew him.  Les Moore decided to become a healthy, vital, man.  When he made this decision he weighed 234 pounds.  He was on prescriptions for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  Today he weighs 185 pounds, that means he lost 62 pounds of fat, and he is totally off all prescriptions.  His blood pressure and cholesterol are normal.  Not only that, Les decided to go the extra mile and do the work it took to become an International Sports Sciences Association certified fitness professional.  That’s right, Les became a personal trainer and he is training people in his home studio. One of my favorite parts of Les’ story is that he did something I always talk about here;  he became an example for his entire family.  He became such an example that he inspired his wife Lori to get into the gym and she has lost a staggering 130 pounds as well. There are some things I want you to pay special attention to in this interview:  Les’ motivation, the reason he made this decision to become healthy.   What is the biggest payoff Les has noticed.   Process goals vs. Outcome goals.   Advice for the holiday’s   Les’ personal message to all of you out there who may want to make a change. Here is a picture of Les, before and after his transformation.  From 234 pounds to 185 pounds. Contact Les: Here are links to hook up with Les and ask him questions, or take advantage of his on-line services.  He offered to be a resource…so take him up on it.   Hey remember to to check out my new book, Forging A Man, available right now on Amazon.  (GET THE BOOK HERE) Also, please take time to check out the MANLY RESOURCE CENTER, in the menu tab at the top of the page.  Or, click on these links. PATREON STUMPTOWN KILTS AUDIBLE FACEBOOK  (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, "script", "aweber-wjs-t8d8jxubo"));  
234 – Errors In Judgement, and How To Handle Them
Errors In Judgement, and How To Handle Them… Todays program is being brought to you by Stump Town Kilts!  they are the makers of the finest kilts available.  They are a sponsor of this show because I am a loyal customer of this company and i am happy to stand behind them with my name and reputation.  I own three of these kilts and I plan on getting more.  Everything about these kilts is top notch; the innovative design, the craftsmanship, the color selection and even the price.  I wear them everywhere, doing everything.  They are rugged enough for hard work and still nice enough for an evening on the town. Because you are listening to this podcast, you are in luck!  You are entitled to a substantial discount by being a Being A Better Man listener.  All you have to do is go to their website at:  After you pick out your new kilt just enter the code:  betterman at checkout, all lower case, all one word.  Do that, and you will become the ecstatic owner of a new Stump Town kilt, at a discounted price.  Check them out today at . This week I got a letter from a listener named Kyle.  Kyle was wondering if I would talk about something specific, that being; overcoming failure in your life. The kind of failure Kyle was talking about is the same kind of failure each of us have experienced in one way or another.  I’m not talking about big things like failing to pass the bar exam or failing to become a millionaire by the time you are 30.  No, I’m talking about those little everyday failures.  The kinds of things that make you feel regret about who you are and what kind of man you are being. The example Kyle used in his letter was from his own experience.  He had been doing well with all of the goals he had set for himself and then one day he went to a casino.  He proceeded to get drunk and spend way too much money, he gambled with family money, went home to his wife drunk, and then did the same thing the following day.  In his own words, he “made a fool of himself”.  We have all done things that we regret after the fact.  Maybe you cheated on your wife, or cheated on a test at school?  Perhaps you acted inappropriately at an office party?  Maybe you let someone down who was really counting on you?  You may have treated someone badly for no reason, and now you regret it?  There are countless scenarios I could recite and eventually I would get around to that thing you have done.  I’ve already named some of the things I have done.  Look, none of us are perfect and we are going to make mistakes.  We will have errors in judgement. The listener who posed this question, Kyle, refers to these as failures, and he wants to know how you should deal with these things as a man, and how to overcome them. It’s a great question, but right off the bat I’m going to change the wording.  I personally don’t like using the word failure in my vocabulary.  Some years ago I realized that every so called ‘failure’ was also an opportunity to improve.  Failure has such negative connotation.  If you go around thinking of yourself as a failure then you will continue to fail—at least that’s my opinion on it. I prefer to call these types of things mistakes, or errors in judgement.  Some mistakes are way bigger and have more consequences than others but at the end of the day…it was still an error in judgement that led to it. So, how should we deal with ourselves when we have committed one of these egregious mistakes, and how can we overcome them?  In answer to that question I’ll point out that there are two kinds of people in the world.  There are people that keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again.  Then there are people that make a mistake once or twice, and learn from the experience.  The people that learn from the experience don’t make that mistake again.  They will go on to make other mistakes because they are human—but they won’t make that one again. There are several things that you should definitely NOT do when you make a horrible mistake.  I’ll list a few of those here. You should not justify it in any way.  By justifying I mean making excuses so that it doesn’t seem as bad as it is.  Some people justify their bad behavior by pointing out other people bad behavior, as though that make it OK.  It doesn’t.  Do not try to justify your bad behavior. Some guys will become so riddled with guilt and shame over a bad mistake that they aren’t any good for themselves or anyone else.  This is extremely counter productive…so don’t do that. Don’t try to cover it up.  Covering it up doesn’t make it go away.  It will eat at you like poison because you know what you have done.  In the meantime, while you are basting in the guilt of your actions, you have become less of a man. Do not blame anyone else or any circumstance or anything for your mistake.  It’s your mistake.  You are in complete charge of your actions and anything you do is your fault. Ok, that’s the short list of what NOT to do.  Now here is what I think you should do when you make this kind of mistake.  There isn’t a list because there is only one item.  It’s really simple.  When you make this kind of mistake or error in judgement, you should own it.  Everything you do becomes part of who you are.  If you make a mistake just own it, admit it, be honest about exactly what you did that was incorrect regardless of the consequences.  The consequences are yours, they are your property and they belong to you.  Part of owning your misdeed is accepting the consequences of your actions like a man. Some consequences are horrible, like losing your whole family, divorce, bankruptcy, prison, public humiliation, even death.  The list goes on and on.  What I’m telling you is that if you want to be a better man you cannot avoid the consequences for your actions. If you have that mindset, it may make a difference in how you make decisions going forward.  You may actually be inclined to make fewer of these horrible kinds of mistakes if you believe that everything you do becomes part of who you are along with the consequences. Many mistakes are not so horrible though.  They are like bumps in the road and these are the kinds of mistakes most people make regularly.  The same rules apply, you have to own the things you do.  These more minor mistakes are where I see the most opportunity though.  It’s almost impossible to improve or move forward without making mistakes along the way.  Every one of these mistakes is a huge opportunity to learn and grow as a man.  That’s the second part of my answer to Kyle.  He asked how do you overcome these things.  My answer is simply to own them, and learn by them.  If you are in that second category of people who learn from your mistakes then you are already overcoming them.  If you keep making the same mistakes over and over again then you either need professional help, or you need to wake up and realize that there is another way to do life.  I’ll be honest with you, I have been where Kyle was.  I have disappointed people in my life that mattered.  In my life I have said and done things that there was no excuse for, I’m no saint.  However, I did have the capacity to learn from these things and ultimately, many of the mistakes I have made have caused me to become a better man than I was before.  Because I paid attention, I learned, and I chose to be better, but it all starts with owning the things you do. I hope that answered your question Kyle.  If you have a question for me I would love to hear it.  There is a form here at the website, or you can just write me an email at: That’s it for today guys, now head out into the world and remember that everything you do and say becomes part of who you are.  We are the sum total of all our experience, and that includes the not so great stuff.  If you own the things you do and learn from them, you will become a better man today than you were yesterday. Hey remember to to check out my new book, Forging A Man, available right now on Amazon.  (GET THE BOOK HERE) Also, please take time to check out the MANLY RESOURCE CENTER, in the menu tab at the top of the page.  Or, click on these links. 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233 – There Are Always Options
There Are Always Options… After a very long period of silence It is I, Alf Herigstad, back at the Being A Better Man Microphone.  It feels really great to be back.  It seems like a very long time since I recorded an episode and in reality it has been exactly 3 weeks.  21 days since I have released an episode.  That is the longest absence I have ever had and I was a little worried about what the consequences would be.  I was concerned that everyone would just go away and listenership would plummet. I’m happy to report that during my absence 8,476 people still listened to the podcast.  That’s awesome.  Thank you all for hanging in there. As I told you in the last episode, the reason for my absence is that I was going to the Burning Man festival with my wife, father, and uncle.  I was going to be separated from technology for  a while because I was going to be camping out in the Nevada desert.  Now I am back though, and I have some stories to tell.  Some insights to share. The first thing I want to report is that we had an amazing time.  It was a fantastic experience with my dad and uncle who are both in their 80’s.  We saw epic art and we witnessed extreme cases of human innovation.  We met people from many countries and made a lot of new friends.  It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbow’s though.  There were some hard lessons to learn as well on this adventure.  Hard lessons are the best kind, because they teach you the most. Before I continue with the rest of this episode I want you to take a wild guess about what I was wearing the whole time I was gone.  That’s right!  I was wearing Stump Town kilts…what else?  I took my black kilt and my green kilt to burning man with me, and I trashed them.  The black one was especially destroyed.  When I got home it was no longer black.  It had become so impregnated with dust and dirt that it was gray.  I thought it would never be the same but after it came out of the wash it looked black and beautiful again. I’m telling you guys, these are the best kilts out there.  They are durable beyond measure, comfortable, and the unique design makes them extraordinarily useful as well. Stump Town Kilts happens to be a sponsor of this show and if you go to their website: and pick out your new kilt you can receive 10% off your entire purchase by entering the code:  betterman, at checkout.  All lower case, all one word.  Check them out today at and enter the code betterman to receive your discount. The overriding lesson I learned from this experience is also the title of this podcast;  “There Are Always Options”.  As I go on you will understand what I mean by that.  The plan was that my wife, dad and I would drive down from Washington to meet my uncle in Reno and then head up to the event.  We were in a 2004 Dodge Grand caravan and it was loaded well beyond capacity with all of our provisions.  Even the top was stacked up with about three feet of stuff.  You need to take a lot of stuff to a thing like this because nothing is provided for you.  All of your infrastructure, food, water and other supplies are up to you. Anyway, we were happily making our way towards Reno with no problems until we where about 20 miles from our destination.  That’s when our car threw a rod.  It started knocking like crazy and lost power.  We coasted down a mountain and limped into the hotel parking lot where my uncle waited.  We got a mechanic to come and give us an official diagnosis.  After looking at it he said the worst thing that he could have said.  He said we needed a new engine. So there we were, 670 miles from home with a car that needed a new engine.  Not to mention all the stuff that was packed into that car.  Our hearts sunk…we didn’t know what we were going to do. That is when I first started repeating the phrase that there are always options.  I was very concerned…don’t get me wrong.  I thought we might be in a world of crap but I also knew I had to keep my spirits up.  I knew there were options and until we explored every one it was way too early to throw in the towel. We got on the internet and started looking for adequate replacement vehicles we could buy locally.  We found some, but they were all way out of our budget.  We drove around in my uncles pickup to several car lots and got the same result. Then my dad and uncle had a suggestion.  They suggested we go to the local junk yard and see what they had for sale, because they sold cars too.  I was dubious, as was my wife.  Buying a car from a junkyard would have never entered our minds…but, it was one of the options that came up.  I had been chanting the fact that there were always options, there was always a solution to every situation and since this option presented itself, I had to explore it. We went to the junkyard and every car for sale there was about $1,000.  We quickly ruled out several of them because they obviously wouldn’t work.  There was one car there that I found interesting though.  It was a 2003 Windstar mini van.  Essentially the same size and configuration as our broken car. We started it up and it seemed to run fine.  The inside seemed clean and besides being low on brake fluid, we really couldn’t find anything wrong with it.  We decided to buy that car after talking them down to $750.  We transferred all the stuff from our old car to the new one and continued on our journey to Burning Man, we only lost one day on our itinerary.  We donated our old car to the same junk yard. I gotta tell you, it was a bit stressful.  Now we were driving straight out into the desert in a car we bought from a junk yard.  We didn’t know if we would make it or not.  All we had was hope in that moment.  Hope, and the knowledge that whatever happened…there would still be options. Magically, the car made it to the festival without a hitch.  We parked and set up our amazing camp and enjoyed the next few days as though nothing had happened.  It truly was an amazing few days.  We got to show my dad and uncle stuff they had never seen before.  I got to hear stories from them I had never heard and I told some stories they had never heard.  It was a once in a lifetime unique experience that I am very grateful for. The thing about big experiences like this is that it’s hard to put it in words.  It’s very difficult to explain something that was so big and complex.  You cannot simultaneously recount every great thing that happened or explain every profound moment.  It takes a bit of time to sort it all out—to process it in your mind. I’ve been home about four days now.  Yes, that junkyard car brought us safely all the way back home and I have been doing some very diligent processing.  I’m going to share the results of some of this high level pondering with you right now.  The main thing I came up with is that the stars of this whole experience were my dad Ron, and his brother Bob.  These guys were amazing.  Throughout my entire car crisis they never lost a step.  They stayed calm and upbeat, they were certain it would all work out.  Nothing rattled their cage. They continued to joke and laugh and simply live in the moment regardless of what was going on around them.  Early in the festival the air conditioner quit working in my uncles RV and it was 107 degrees outside.  No problem…they would just drink more water.  I was proud to go with them into other camps and watch people admire their story and appreciate them for the men that they were.  I could see the admiration in the eyes of others as these two old guys dressed like cowboy’s just made friends everywhere they went.  It was all about Ron and Bob…I was just the nephew or the son, and I was happy to be.  Watching these guys reaffirmed in me that there is literally nothing in life worth getting upset over.  In 80 plus years they have seen it all;  tragedy, victory, pain, glory, triumph, death and life.  They reminded me that the world keeps spinning around regardless of what we do.  Getting bent out of shape about something does not change the outcome, so we may as well be as happy as we can in the meantime. I have said before on this show that I continue to learn from my father, he continues to be my mentor and my example of what manhood is.  Now, being in the presence of these two brothers during this experience has made that statement even more true.  At 55 years old I still have so much to learn from my elders.  Regardless of your age or your station in life don’t forget that.  You still have much to learn.  We all still have so much to learn and the ones to teach us are those who have already gone through it.  So I encourage everyone to seek out the wisdom of men older than you.  Wether they are family, a neighbor, or someone you meet on the street—take the time to hear them.  Take advantage of their stories and experience and put it to work in your own life.  Utilizing the experience, wisdom, and knowledge of men older than you is a very effective human strategy, it has been working since our species began.  It’s also another tool to use while you are being a better man today than you were yesterday. Hey remember to check me out on Facebook and Twitter.  Write me a letter at: and tell me how much you missed me, or ask me a question or whatever you want, I love getting mail from you guys.  Don’t forget to get my book either if you haven’t.   Now head out into the world and be ready to appreciate the wisdom of the older gentleman who have already done the things you hope to do.  Remember there are always options, and above all, keep on being a better man today than you were yesterday. Hey remember to to check out my new book, Forging A Man, available right now on Amazon.  (GET THE BOOK HERE) Also, please take time to check out the MANLY RESOURCE CENTER, in the menu tab at the top of the page.  Or, click on these links. 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232 – Hate Makes It Impossible, To Be A Better Man
Hate Makes It Impossible, To Be A better Man… As many of you know, since starting this podcast some 232 episodes ago I have been very diligent about not getting political.  I have not discussed politics or religion or anything else that tends to divide people.  My reason for that is because I have always found it more beneficial to focus on things that make us similar to other people…rather than the things that make us different. I still believe that is true.  For example, we are all men, regardless of what color we are or what political party we are aligned with or what Gods we pray to.  At the end of the day, we are just human men, trying to be better than we were yesterday.  Nothing positive has ever been gained from dividing people into groups based on these types of things.  That is why I have steered away from this kind of thing and instead have been focused on manhood in such a way that it can apply to everyone. Well, today it may seem like I am veering from that course a bit.  Today I will be making a very pointed observation about something going on right now.  If it offends you, you are free to never listen to me again.  If it offends you, then you are obviously not aligned with the message this podcast offers.  I would add that if you are offended by today’s podcast to at least also give yourself the benefit of hearing me out. Before I get into all that I am going to take a minute to acknowledge the sponsor of today’s program, Stump Town Kilts.  One thing I want you to know about these kilts is that they aren’t just clothes.  They are not just another garment.  In my personal experience these kilts are actually gear.  What I mean is that they are built and designed to perform a job, and they do it very well. I have three of these kilts and I have beat them up.  I live an active life and I tend to destroy things in record time, especially clothes…just ask my wife.  I have put these three kilts through the stress test and still every time when I take them out of the washer they still look great.  That’s what I mean by gear—they just keep on performing and looking great for everything I need them to do. It’s all because of the way they are crafted.  Each kilt Stump Town makes is attended to by people who actually give a crap about what kind of product they are selling.  Combine that with the innovative design and other features that are exclusive to Stump Town and you wind up with the best kilt available in my opinion. Right now you can get a substantial discount on your very own Stump Town Kilt simply by entering the code; betterman at checkout.  All lower case, all one word.  To get there, just type in but whatever you do, remember to enter the code betterman at checkout. Ok, so now it’s time to talk about today’s topic.  The reason I feel compelled to talk about it is because our country is in strife right now.  For those of you listening from countries outside the US I’m sure you have heard of it as well.  Our country is being divided—pulled apart.  People are polarized to levels I have never seen in my lifetime. I am not going to talk about all the causes and all the various schools of thought though.  Today I’m going to narrow it down to just one subject in particular because it deals directly with men.  The character of men and the behavior of men. I just watched one of the many videos out there that show what was happening on the streets of Charlottesville VA.  What I saw were grown men, cowardly men, striking a woman and knocking her down, spitting on her and screaming at her.  I saw people being hit with objects and with fists and other acts of violence.  All for no reason, other than the fact that the people they were hitting had a different opinion.  Or they were a different color, or they were defending someone of a different color. The people responsible for the violence, to include the death of one woman who was ran over by a car, call themselves white nationalists.  From what I understand that includes white supremacists of every stripe, Nazi’s, the ku klux klan, skin heads, and other such groups.  From what I understand many of these groups were represented that day in Charlottesville. Many people in America are coming unhinged right now because after the tragic events that occurred the President gave a speech.  In that speech he spoke out against hate in all of it’s forms, but he never directly denounced or condemned the actions of these violent demonstrators or called their groups out by name.  When attacked for that he doubled down and defended his lack of condemnation.  Then, two full days after the speech under huge political pressure—he finally called them by name. Some defenders of these violent hate groups are defending them by saying that are not Nazi’s, merely disaffected, frustrated white youth asserting themselves.  That might wash it it were not for the Nazi slogans, rhetoric, and salutes. I’m not a news reporter.  I’m not here to tell you what happened or what I think of it from a political perspective.  I am just a guy who talks to men about trying to be better men.  So I’m here to go on the record with my official statement about these hate groups. I condemn these groups, their agenda, and the actual people within these groups that use this agenda to cause harm to other humans.  Furthermore, I believe these men are not actually men at all, not even the old ones.  Rather I believe them to be ignorant, frustrated boys who for the first time in their pathetic life found a way to feel powerful by diminishing others.  They are cowards.  I’ll go on to say that if you are a white supremacist of any kind that it is impossible for you to be a better man.  If you are any kind of supremacist at all, if your life is fueled by hate of any kind, it is impossible to be a better man until you change the way you think. The really sad part to me is that a lot of these guys are literally boys.  Very young men without the experience or wisdom to realize they were getting swept up into something that was bad…and stupid.  That is a sad thing because it means the other men in their lives prior to that if there were any, were not doing their job.  they weren’t being the example they needed to be.  It’s no excuse of course, they are all responsible for the path they have chosen. However, there may be guys out there on the verge.  Guys frustrated with the hand life has dealt them.  They may be drawn to the rhetoric and promises of power, unity, and freedom that these groups offer.  These guys are on the edge, they have not pulled the trigger yet.  There is still hope for these guys.  That hope comes in the form of everyone else around them taking the time to inform and educate them about their decision and opinions.  If any guys in that boat are listening I invite you to write to me.  I also urge you to be responsible for your own mind.  Do some research, look at history.  Do not blindly follow anyone, do not be a sheep.  Don’t even follow me, instead be your own man with your own mind who makes your own decisions about what is right. You know as I was watching this video I put myself in the place of a Jewish man, as a group with torches was chanting anti-semitic slogans.  I became angry.  I could almost imagine for a moment what that must feel like.  To be a Jewish person and hearing these chants.  I could almost imagine it, but not quite, because I am not a Jewish man.  I still became very angry though. Do not confuse what I’m saying.  I have zero problem with people being proud of their ethnicity, I am very proud and happy that I am Norwegian for example.  I am proud of my ancestors and the trials they prevailed through.  It’s good to know where my family came from.  I’m not better than anyone else because I’m Norwegian though.  If I’m going to be better than anyone, it has to be the man I was yesterday.  It has to be by my own efforts and not because I happened to be born a certain shade. I think every person should be proud of their ethnicity, or have the freedom to be if they want to.  That does not include putting people of other ethnicities down though…that’s just stupid. I am an American of Norwegian descent, but that is not the first thing I am.  The first thing I am is a human being.  The second thing I am is a man, followed by a husband and son and father.  Being Norwegian comes after all this other stuff.  We are all just human beings.  We are part of the same race, the human race. My advice to all the decent people out there who are listening is this;   1.) Speak out intelligently about these matters when you see them raised.  If you need to educate yourself first in order to speak intelligently about it, do that.  2.) It may be difficult, but try not to hate the hate groups.  Hate of any kind is unhealthy and unproductive.  Hatred is a disease and it is not an effective weapon.  A much more effective weapon is reason and logic.  You might pity them for their ignorance.  You might dislike them intensely as I do, but try not to hate them.  If you hate them then you aren’t so different from them.  3.)  Always, every day, stay committed to the mission of being a better man than you were yesterday.  Every man who does this is making a difference in the world. That’s all I’m going to say about that for today.  I welcome your letters on this topic.  Just email me at: and tell me whats on your mind.  Remember though, I’m leaving for an adventure in the Nevada desert on August 23rd and I won’t get back until September 3rd.  So there may be a delay on my response, but I will respond.  Also, because I will be out of town and away from technology there won’t be any podcast for the next couple of weeks.  The next time you here me will be during the week of September 4th.  If you want to be sure and catch me when I come back just subscribe to this podcast on iTunes and you should be notified when I return.  Or, follow me on Facebook, you’ll be sure to see me there as well. Hey remember to to check out my new book, Forging A Man, available right now on Amazon.  (GET THE BOOK HERE) Also, please take time to check out the MANLY RESOURCE CENTER, in the menu tab at the top of the page.  Or, click on these links. 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231 – Plan Your Next Adventure!
Plan Your Next Adventure! I don’t know about all of you out there, but I am in full blown summer schedule with everything now.  You may have noticed that I have only been releasing episodes on Friday lately, that is evidence that I am super, super busy with the things that summer is demanding of me. Besides the farm, and our property, and relatives visiting and events of all kinds to attend one thing that has had me incredibly busy lately is that I am preparing to go on an adventure.  That’s right—an adventure. The adventure I’m going on is my wife and I are bringing my 81 year old father and his 83 year old brother to the Burning Man festival in Nevada.  I’m calling it the generational legacy tour of 2017. There are lots of different opinions out there about burning man, and there are still some people that don’t even know what it is.  Some people think it’s a den of iniquity where the devil’s minions gather.  Other people think it’s just a bunch of dirty hippies running around naked and doing drugs.  Other folks think it’s awesome and some people actually go to appreciate the colossal art built in the middle of the desert.  Some people go to hear the lectures about all kinds of amazing things. Well, I have been to burning man once in 2015.  From my experience burning man can be all of these things, or none of these things.  I found that it’s really up to the person going—you get exactly the kind of experience at burning man that you design for yourself.  Just like in life. There are around 80,000 people at this festival.  They build an actual city in the middle of a dry lakebed called Black Rock City, and then they tear it down.  Burning man has a “leave no trace” ethos.  After it’s over no trace is left, no garbage, no cigarette butts, nothing.  That in itself is really quite remarkable.  Like any city there are parts of it that I have no interest in, parts that I will avoid.  There are other parts that are amazing though. There are several reasons I like going to burning man.  One is simply the challenge of it.  You can’t buy any food there.  All of your sustenance must be brought with you for the entire week.  You are in an extreme environment with blistering heat and cool nights, I’ve seen 70 mile per hour winds there, and dust storms.  It’s very much like camping on the moon if it had oxygen.  The dirt is fine as talcum powder, nothing grows there and there aren’t even any insects. I love seeing what that extreme environment does to peoples imagination and ingenuity.  People come up with truly amazing ways to not only survive, but to thrive out there. The other reason I like going is to witness the raw humanity.  There is every kind of human you could imagine in this place, from all over the world.  The labels we are so used to in everyday life seem to fall away.  There are rich people and poor people, people of every diverse lifestyle and every socio-economic strata—but they all get along.  They all bring something unique, and special to this common, extreme environment. I also enjoy marveling at the things people have built.  Not just the art, but the structures as well, and the amazing vehicles driving around in the desert.  As a life long student of humanity, there isn’t a better place I know of to go and just witness humans, being humans. I wanted to take my dad and uncle to this event because it’s a way for me to provide them with an experience unlike any they have ever had in their 8 plus decades of life on this planet.  Isn’t that what life is kind of about?  Gathering experiences and doing things you have never done before.  These guys are in their 80’s and they have done so many things and been so many places in all that time.  I know they have never done anything like this before though, and that’s why I felt it was important. That’s why I’m talking about this today, because I believe that a key component of being a man is to embrace new experiences whenever you have the chance.  It doesn’t have to be burning man, it can be anything you have never done before.  That’s what adventures are made of;  discovery and exploration of the world around us.  Adventure quickens your spirit and your mind.  It causes you to think and wonder.  Adventure forces you to know yourself better than you would have otherwise and the better you know yourself, the better man you are capable of being. This year, part of my adventure will be sharing the experience with the best man I know, my father.  It will be a memory and experience we will share for the rest of his days.  So that’s what I’ve been up to, just getting ready for this is a monumental feat.  Taking four people to this thing requires a great deal of planning and a lot of work.  It’s kind of a big responsibility because how well I prepare will have a huge impact on the quality of experience for the people with me. What I’ll be wearing at Burning Man besides goggles and a dust mask, is a Stump Town Kilt.  I wouldn’t think of going to this festival without it.  There will be a lot of kilts there, and many of them will be made by Stump town.  For several years my wife has volunteered as a Ranger out there.  The Rangers are the interface between the participants and law enforcement.  They are there to help people and provide assistance when needed and Stump Town might be official kilt of the Black Rock Rangers.  If they aren’t, they should be.  I don’t know of any other brand of kilt that would stand up better to the beating it will take at burning man.  Not to mention how useful the huge hidden pocket will be out there.  I’m taking all three of mine.  Stump Town Kilts is the official sponsor of this program however, and one way you can support this show is by going to and checking them out.  When you get done shopping just enter the code:  betterman at checkout.  All lower case, all one word.  When you do that you will receive 10% off your entire purchase.  If you are going to Burning Man do it now so you get it before August 27th.  If you aren’t going, do it anyway so you can have the best kilt available.  Remember though, enter the code betterman to get your discount. In wrapping this up today I really want to stress that one way to be a better man is to plan an adventure with someone you love.  Whoever it is in your world.  Could be your dad or uncle.  Could be your brother or your best friend.  It could be anyone that has given something of themselves for you over the years.  Think of something neither of you have ever done and plan an adventure.  Spend that time and energy on creating an experience that will be with you both forever.  In the process you will learn things about your self and each other that are extremely valuable.  It doesn’t have to be grand and expensive, it only needs to be a new experience.  It could be as simple as a road trip to a city you’ve never been to.  Or climbing a local mountain just to see whats on top of it.  I spent several years of my life with no adventures.  I was too involved in the rat race.  I was too busy working to take the time to explore and discover.  Looking back I think that was a mistake.  For the rest of my life I’m going to try and have at least one adventure every year…maybe even more.  Well that’s it for today guys.  Now head out into the big world and start thinking about your next adventure, and who you will experience it with.  Adventure can enhance your life, and help you be a better man than you were yesterday at the same time. Hey remember to to check out my new book, Forging A Man, available right now on Amazon.  (GET THE BOOK HERE) Also, please take time to check out the MANLY RESOURCE CENTER, in the menu tab at the top of the page.  Or, click on these links. PATREON STUMPTOWN KILTS AUDIBLE FACEBOOK  (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, "script", "aweber-wjs-t8d8jxubo"));
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