Andrew Sims was a member of staff at Muggle Net but left in August 2011. He is still the lead host of the site's podcast feature, Muggle cast.
As of this episode, we have all officially voted! Do you want us to be able to change out Trump's screaming face for sunglasses Joe? Get out and vote and make it happen! Laura became THAT paranoid pet owner, and Pam became THAT person who forgot her mask. As promised, we deliver dramatic readings of our bitchy Yelp reviews. Some of us are bitchier than others. 👀 We apologize in advance for this - we showed off our lack of vocal talent when trying to see if Google could identify the songs we were humming. WARNING: Don't fap during a work Zoom meeting, even if you think your camera is off. With covid-19 cases on the rise as predicted, pandemic fatigue is setting in for many of us. Trump was a ratings LOSER during the battle of the two town halls. And while we're sick of debates, we'll be hosting a chat watch party for EVERYONE during this Thursday's final Presidential debate. Join the #Millennial for all Discord here. Just half of registered voters expect to know the outcome of the election within a few days of November 3rd. We think it's important to mentally prepare ourselves for the possibility that we won't know the winner on election night. Here are some tips to help stay sane this election season. With increased awareness of police brutality, many primetime procedural police dramas are having to assess how they'll approach current events. How do police dramas fuel our implicit biases? We're joined by BAE supporter Amy, who's here to fill us in on what teaching is like during the pandemic. What are the pros and cons of face-to-face vs. digital learning? Amy shares the precautions being taken in her school. This week's recommendations will give you a nice break from election coverage: Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit (Andrew), Haunted Places (Laura), BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky on Netflix (Pam), and 'Crying in My Car: A Podcast for Teachers' (Amy). This week's episode is sponsored by Bartleby Write ( for your first month FREE), Everyplate ( and enter promo code mill3 for three weeks of EveryPlate meals for just $2.99), and Honey ( to join for FREE). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors! And in this week's installment of After Dark, available on Patreon: Andrew has written his pee pee tale, and we get a sneak peak preview read by Andrew himself! The panel is put to the test: do we remember what we learned in the 5th grade? Cringey work stories: we all have them. Between the panel and our Patrons, we've got every workplace horror story involving nudes, getting caught talking shit, POOP, and so much more.
It's our annual Halloween episode and we discuss the scariest moments in the Harry Potter series! Some our favorite past Halloween episodes have included Episode 61: Ghosts in Harry Potter and Episode 343: Halloween Happening! In Sorcerer's Stone: Fluffy and Professor Quirrell's death are just two of the most terrifying moments for 11-year-old Harry. Aragog, the Baslisk, Tom Riddle's possession of Ginny and Gilderoy Lockhart - could Chamber of Secrets be the scariest book in the series? With werewolves, mass murderers, death omens and dementors, Prisoner of Azkaban certainly holds its own! Goblet of Fire gave us Death Eaters at the Quidditch World Cup, the madness of Mr. Crouch, an impostor professor and the return of Voldemort! Terrifying gets taken to new level with Dolores Umbridge in Order of the Phoenix! Did Inferi, Horcruxes, Dumbledore reliving his worst memory or Katie Bell's attack give us the biggest scare in Half-Blood Prince? We can't conclude the discussion without mentioning Bathilda "Nagini" Bagshot and Bellatrix's torture of Hermione in Deathly Hallows! Acromantulas, Lethifolds, Kelpies and more! The hosts muster up their best Halloween voices to describe some of the creepiest beasts in the Harry Potter series! Quizzitch: How many Muggles did the Opal Necklace reportedly kill? PSA for the USA: Many voter registration deadlines are approaching in the United States. Please make sure you are registered to vote in your state right now by visiting You can also find out great ballot information at and sign up to be a poll worker at This week's episode is sponsored by Peacock TV (watch the Harry Potter movies for free, all October long!) and Quip  (Visit and get your first refill free)! Support us on Patreon and receive magical benefits, like Bonus MuggleCast, where this week, in celebration of Halloween, the hosts share their Boggarts!
Happy "Fuck Christopher Columbus" Day everyone! We're kicking off the show with a focus on how we're voting, and the reveal that one of our panel has already voted! Can you guess who? Thankfully, Disney+ won't be giving the Mulan treatment to 'Soul,' which will release on 12/25 at no additional cost! In darker news, the FBI thwarted an attempt to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan by a group of 45 apologists. Trump's doctor has cleared him to return to public engagements, but recent interviews are making us all question his health. In a first for our lifetimes, there will not be three Presidential debates. Trump's refusal to participate in a virtual debate should have us all further questioning his readiness to lead. If the GOP wanted to prioritize another stimulus package before the election, could they actually make it happen? There's no doubt this pandemic has been a shit show, but we want to highlight the products, media, and food that is getting us through this! Since Yelp is reportedly going to be flagging pages of businesses accused of racism, we take a dive into our own history with Yelp. This week's Surprise Bitch! victim is Caleb, and Caleb is prepared AF. Has a voting plan, is vaccinated, and awaiting Andrew's review of Vegas before considering a move there. We've got some fun recommendations this week! The Weakest Link is returning to NBC (Andrew), Trade Joe's Pumpkin Spice coffee (Pam), and Phasmophobia (available on Steam) (Laura). This week's episode is sponsored by Barefoot Scientists ( and enter code mil at checkout for 20% off your first order), ( and enter promo code MILL for a 4-week trial PLUS free postage and a digital scale), and Rothy's ( for your new favorite flats). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors! And in this week's installment of After Dark: It's a Patrons' exclusive Confessional Palooza! Our Patrons sent in their most burning confessions, and we read and react LIVE! Don't let our screwed up culture make you feel bad about being a virgin or not. Have any of us ever gotten a nastygram from our internet service providers about torrenting? A tale of willingly getting chlamydia "for the dick." We commiserate over the struggles of weight management and disordered eating. The panel learns about a special kind of kink!
PSA for the USA: Many voter registration deadlines are approaching in the United States. Please make sure you are registered to vote in your state right now by visiting You can also find out great ballot information at and sign up to be a poll worker at  Quidditch Through the Ages gets a fully-illustrated edition by Emily Gravett. We dig into the book and share what we love about it! The new edition has an illustration on every page, and nearly 3 times the page count of the original book, plus -- Andrew's confirmed -- unique paper stock. Are there bits in this new book that weren't in the original? The hosts discuss Emily's impressive world building, and how it feels like a history book. What are our favorite new illustrations, and where does this version rank among other illustrated books? Debate Segment: Is Quidditch a dumb or amazing sport? Be sure to vote in our polls on social media later this week, to help us determine who won the dbeate! MuggleMail addresses more plot holes. How does Lily's love protection work? Why did the portkey take Harry back to the maze? We finally get some satisfying answers. The hosts play a game: Avada Kedavra, Imperio, Love Potion with characters from Fantastic Beasts! Quizzitch: Who was the seeker for the Irish National Quidditch team in 1994? This week's episode is sponsored by ThirdLove (get 10% off your perfect fitting bra by visiting and Peacock TV (watch the Harry Potter movies for free, all October long!) Support us on Patreon and receive magical benefits!
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