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Angela Saini on the Return of Race Science
Point of Inquiry
Even though there’s growing awareness that race is a social construct — it defies biological definition — it’s really hard to let go of a concept that feels so real. There’s also a temptation for progressive, more or less decent human beings, who wouldn’t consider themselves racist, to define racism as something that happens on the far right, among Neo-Nazis, the KKK, and people sporting MAGA hats. Turns out that’s not the case. At all. One of the most pervasive issues when it comes to race is the science. What does the history of race science have to do with today’s science on human variation? Why do modern scientists need to grapple with the legacy of racial definition and oppression? How does the centuries-old mythology of race impact the practice of medicine well into the 21st century? On this episode of Point of Inquiry, Kavin Senapathy speaks with author Angela Saini about her book Superior: The Return of Race Science. The Telegraph advises “philosophically and historically uneducated scientists” along with those with “more murky motivations” to read this “brilliant and devastating” book. While you’re here, we’d like to give a shout-out to the Guerrilla Skeptics on Wikipedia. While Kavin was researching the episode, she realized that Superior didn’t have a page on Wikipedia. She alerted GSoW’s Rob Palmer and their team had a page up within 48 hours! The Scientific American blog post mentioned in the episode, “The Internet Is a Cesspool of Racist Pseudoscience,” can be found here.
Race Science with Angela Saini
Dan Snow's History Hit
Angela Saini is a British science journalist and broadcaster, and she talks to Dan about the history of race science and eugenics, and they put the concept of race in a historical context. For ad free versions of our entire podcast archive and hundreds of hours of history documentaries, interviews and films, signup to History Hit TV. Use code 'pod3' at checkout. Producer: Peter Curry For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Superior - The Return of Race Science - Angela Saini
Angela Saini talks about Superior, which tells the disturbing story of the persistent thread of belief in biological racial differences in the world of science. After the horrors of the Nazi regime in World War II, the mainstream scientific world turned its back on eugenics and the study of racial difference. But a worldwide network of intellectual racists and segregationists quietly founded journals and funded research, providing the kind of shoddy studies that were ultimately cited in Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray’s 1994 title The Bell Curve, which purported to show differences in intelligence among races. Angela Saini shows us how, again and again, even mainstream scientists cling to the idea that race is biologically real. As our understanding of complex traits like intelligence, and the effects of environmental and cultural influences on human beings, from the molecular level on up, grows, the hope of finding simple genetic differences between “races”—to explain differing rates of disease, to explain poverty or test scores, or to justify cultural assumptions—stubbornly persists. At a time when racialized nationalisms are a resurgent threat throughout the world, Superior is a rigorous, much-needed examination of the insidious and destructive nature of race science—and a powerful reminder that, biologically, we are all far more alike than different. Stories from the 5x15 special curated by Angela Saini in London on 29th May 2019. 5x15 brings together five outstanding individuals to tell of their lives, passions and inspirations. There are only two rules - no scripts and only 15 minutes each. Learn more about 5x15 events: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
Is racism creeping into science? – Angela Saini
Science Focus Podcast
After World War II, mainstream science denounced eugenics and the study of racial differences. Yet there remained a staunch group of scientists who continued to research race. For a few decades, these people remained on the fringes of research. Yet now, in the 21st Century, fuelled by a rise in the far right and extremist views, an increasing number of researchers are framing race as a biological construct rather than a social one.Yet even well-meaning scientists continue to use racial categories in genetics and medicine, betraying their belief that there are biological differences between us, and that race can explain differences in intelligence and disease susceptibility.In her new book, Superior, Angela Saini explores the concept of race. She interviews anthropologists, historians, social scientists and geneticists and finds that time after time, the science is retrofitted to accommodate race.Here, she talks to BBC Science Focus production editor Alice Lipscombe-Southwell.Listen to more episodes of the Science Focus Podcast:Is body positivity the answer to body image issues? – Phillippa DiedrichsIs religion compatible with science? – John LennoxWhat makes me 'me'? – Aoife McLysaghtShould we be worried about sex robots? – Kate DevlinInequality in science – Angela SainiWhy aren't there more women in science?Follow Science Focus on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and FlipboardImage: Nazi officials use callipers to measure an ethnic German's nose. The Nazis developed a system of facial measurement that was supposedly a way of determining racial descent. The compiled results, based on biased samples, were used to back up the Nazi claim that Germans were a pure and superior "Aryan" race © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Episode 32: Superior (ft. Angela Saini)
Why Aren't You A Doctor Yet?
This week, we're live at the Royal Institution with journalist and author Angela Saini to discuss her new book Superior: The Return of Race Science.  We discuss the origins of scientific racism and how, through covert adaptation, the idea that there are superior and inferior races has survived up to now. Plus with a famous scientist lending credibility to the view that Black people are - genetically - less intelligent, we discuss the platforms that race scientists use to spread their work and how societal bias influences science. Now that research institutes around the world are owning up to their past involvements with race science, we debate whether or not it's just to hold scientists of the past to the morals of today. We tackle biggest question of them all: is there even such a thing as race? -------------- If you'd like to buy (and read + review) the book: Amazon UK Amazon US --------------------------- Follow us on social media and send us your questions! Facebook Instagram Twitter Email: For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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