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How A Mental Health App Can Make The Difference with Bea Arthur and Making A Brand Become Iconic with Calvin Stovall
Take The Lead
For Bea Arthur, psychology and technology make the difference, literally. As Columbia University-trained psychotherapist and entrepreneur who is leading the modern mental health movement, she managed to marry her field with her love for technology and created the first mental health app called The Difference. She talks about her personal journey towards creating the application and helping to end the stigma around mental health.   Creating a brand that lasts in the people’s mind is what makes it iconic. Delving deeper into that is Chief Experience Officer and Iconicity Enthusiast for ICONIC Presentations, LLC, Calvin Stovall. Calvin defines what it means to be truly iconic and reach this level of success. He talks about the need to stay relevant and what holds people back from becoming iconic. He also lays down the four Ps of “iconicity” – purpose, people, passion, and perseverance.   Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join the Take The Lead community today: Dr. Diane Hamilton Facebook Dr. Diane Hamilton Twitter Dr. Diane Hamilton LinkedIn Dr. Diane Hamilton YouTube Dr. Diane Hamilton Instagram
Dr. Diane Hamilton Show - Bea Arthur & Calvin Stovall
AMFM247 Broadcasting Network
Bea Arthur Bea Arthur has been Called “innovative and inspiring” by the American Counseling Association. She is a licensed therapist and entrepreneur who is leading the modern mental health movement. The Columbia University alum and TEDx speaker has been featured in Elle, MTV, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, VentureBeat, NPR, CNN, and MTV. She was also named part of the New Guard of women in tech by Marie Claire magazine as well as an Entrepreneur To Bet On by Newsweek Magazine. Bea is a regular contributor to Forbes and Fox & Friends, and is also the first African American woman to be accepted into the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator program. Calvin Stovall Calvin Stovall is the CEO, Chief Experience Officer and Iconicity Enthusiast for ICONIC Presentations, LLC. Calvin specializes in delivering highenergy, customized keynote presentations for organizations that desire to reach or maintain ICONIC status. Calvin focuses on delivering the perfect blend of business concepts, story-telling and music themes to bring home an impactful message that touches both the heads and hearts of his audiences.
Bea Arthur: Founder Anger is Valid
Failosophy with Gabe Zichermann
Gabe Zichermann chats with Bea Arthur, founder of The Difference, about her journey from licensed therapist to outsider entrepreneur, to failure and back again. We get into the psychology of failure and entrepreneurship, and talk about sociopathic entrepreneurship, anger, revenge, fear, shame and guilt. Listen in, and don't forget to watch live on Facebook! === Visit to learn more about how to fail better so you can succeed. For more information about Gabe, follow him on: Facebook Twitter
Bea Arthur: How to Stay True to Yourself as You Build Your Company
Famous Failures
A child of entrepreneurs, Bea Arthur has used her tenacity and creativity to become a successful therapist, entrepreneur, and media personality. She’s employed her clinical training to develop innovative companies in the mental-health sphere including In Your Corner, and her new company,The Difference, which uses machine learning to modernize mental health services. As a celebrated woman in tech, she’s been a TedX speaker, Forbes writer, and the first black woman admitted to Y Combinator, the world’s most prestigious start-up incubator. You’ll learn: How you can view your failures as stepping stones Why too much strategizing can be to your detriment How to stay true to yourself as you build your company - Get your FREE copy of my e-book. Text OZAN to 345345 or navigate to to download a free copy of my e-book, The Contrarian Handbook: 8 Principles for Innovating Your Thinking. Along with your free e-book, you’ll get the Weekly Contrarian — a newsletter that challenges conventional wisdom and changes the way we look at the world (plus access to exclusive content for subscribers only). Don’t want to miss future episodes? Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review on iTunes or Google Play. As always, thanks for listening.
Therapy - Bea Arthur on practices of self understanding and wellness
Positivity Podcast with Make School
This episode is about the skill of developing your social-emotional intelligence. Our guest, Bea Arthur, has become a leader in the field of mental health care and telemedicine. With the goal of transforming traditional therapy into a more affordable and approachable experience, she created In Your Corner which provides instant, expert support when you need it. The Columbia University alum has worked with a variety of demographics including addicts in recovery, couples in crisis, and survivors of domestic violence. Her passion for self-care led her to start two wellness-based businesses and a thriving private practice all before the age of 30. She has been featured in Elle, MTV, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, VentureBeat, NPR, and many many more. Arthur is also the first black female CEO from the US to be accepted into the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator program. Produced with love by Make School and Soul Labs ( Join thousands of the world's brightest computer science students at Make School (
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