NewsI would like to put out two requests this week if I may be so bold.If you are enjoying the podcast please consider reviewing it on your podcast directory of choiceSecondly I would genuinely love to hear from you to understand what challenges you face or better still how your weight loss has improved thingsI know talking about weight loss is not easy but it is harder when you are trying to cope with it aloneMain TopicImproving your weight loss by another day without really fastingSpoiler AlertOnly really works if you want to lose weightOr you have been a bit naughty at the weekend.2 Day Fasting Stays the Same500 / 600 Cals2 days a week36 hoursTry and leave as much time in between as possibleFor females generally I would suggest trying to eat at beginning of day and end of dayFor males if you can 12 / 24Monday & Wednesday fasting daysFriday additional weight loss day (see below)Additional Weight Loss DayIncrease your calories to 800 - 1000Miss out lunchExamples Porridge and Fruit and Fibre barEvening Prawn Stir Fry with Edamame beans, sweetcorn, pepper and onions.Add hoisin sauce afterwardServe with noodles. Pack of three strips. Only use one.Running for about 2 weeksMy wife seen really good weight loss. I have maintained weight but have had a couple of busy weekends.TweeksHave you got any tweaks ?HydrateReally important to hydratePrevents fatigueGives your body time. to repairKeeps you fuller for longerBreakfastGet that coffee or tea in as wellMake sure that you try and eat slow releasing carbs in morningBetter to miss lunch rather than thisHappy FastingContactI would love to talk to youPlease get in touch via Facebook @fasting.podOr e-mail me at podcasting@tdpod.comFor podcast ideas please e-mail to or DM me on InstagramReviewIf you like the show please consider a review on your chosen podcast directory
Welcome Welcome to the Business Souls podcast which helps you to maximise your magnificence by exploring one topic each week for 10 minutes.Sorry I am really over time this week.Hello and Welcome to Episode 22 - How does a podcast work from a workflow point of view ?Part 3/12 Series Podcasting also apply to YouTube or YouTube Live / Facebook or Instagram LiveLook into planning podcast and episodesPracticality of equipment, recording, editing and choosing a podcast hostLook at how to launchPost launch content cycle and improvement of style of deliveryQuote For The WeekWorkflow is understanding your job, understanding your tools, and then not thinking about it any more. - Merlin MannNewsBusiness Souls website has been released but still needs some workNotice over the next few weeks there will be a work with me section where we can arrange a discovery call and discuss whether we can work together.I will also be re-recording the trailer episode and changing the start of the episode.Main TopicWorkflowIt is important that workflow works for youNo good copying my workflow. You will need to tweakNot going to get too technical at this stageFactors Affecting Your Podcast WorkflowTimeContentBrain SpaceHealthMy workflowIdeasGood idea to have got a load of ideas. For more on this see episode 21Really easy for me at the moment because I am working through a series.ResearchTemplate in Confluence which I use each week to ensure consistencyHas a number of sections to cover my segmentsFill out the form each weekRecordTake my form and use this as reminders for recordingRemember pause, pace and pitchLeave plenty of space for editingEdit and UploadTake raw recording and add to editing softwareAdd pre-recorded into and outtroAdd music etc. The site I go to for music is https://www.purple-planet.comProduce MP3 and upload to my podcast hostNot website same as video kills the siteCreate Show NotesUse the notes in the form to create show notesMake sure that any references to other people are highlightedPublishWhen upload can put in publish timeMake this consistent each weekRelax !!PromoteNeed to promote on social mediaNeed to add to your websitePromotion is key. Be careful to make sure that you are trying to help as much as you can.FeedbackGet feedback from your audienceConsider doing other things like meet the podcaster etc.Interview podcastsAllow the participant to have a pre-release listenHave a pre-record call to go through process, answer any questions and go through documentationI have starring on the show and podcast release formDiscuss promotionGet in touchI would love you to get in touch. To make it easy for you I have got a number of different ways because I know everyone likes to be different !!!Twitter@businesssoulsInstagram@businesssouls
Welcome To The Gin Ignite PodcastWhether you want to party or have a quiet night in gin will igniteNewsHello and Welcome to Episode 11Today I am chatting with Laura Bridge from Lava Spirits about her journey to get to where she is now, her brand and more importantly her two brand new gins that she is releasing today.If you listen to me in a podcast directory I would very grateful if you could review the podcast.Keen to talk to distilleries about their journey and their brand.Round of gin is going live on 10th August 2020Gin RecommendationThis weeks gin recommendation is Pitwheel Original SpicedI have been a big fan of Pitwheel ever since I was introduced to them via their hilarious posts on instagram and decided to take a punt.I have tried all of Pitwheels gins and although I loved the Classic Dry and the Raspberry and Vanilla the original spiced just pips them to the postTried in June and I remember being worried about the spice -> Opihr ginThis gin is exquisite. The palette starts of as dry gin followed by a very mild spiceJust my cup of tea.If your looking for a sensational gin and something just a bit different look no further.Laura Bridge from Lava SpiritsItalyWent to Italy because of redundancy from Random House and recession in UKWanted to take a year out and travel around the world and then come back after a year to see what was happening regarding recessionWent to visit friend in Florence, TuscanyFell in love with Italy and struck by culture and lifestyle and art and art historySigned up for 3 month course and then stayed for 15 yearsWorking with small magazine like timeout for cities concentrating on events in Milan, Naples, Rome and FlorenceLondonCame back in millennium for personal reasonsChanged gear and transferred skills into cityFor last 12 years in city working for offshoot of Fidelity investments in property investment armLoved multi-cultural vibe in city and night lifeGin bar around corner at back of St Pauls near to where basedDecided had enough in 2018 with city life, commute, stressful job etcMove to EssexDecided to get her Yorkie Narla and enjoy the Essex village in which she livesWanted to do something more creative where she can enjoy environment a bit moreDifferent type of stress but one she can decided how much she puts on herselfGin CreationFirst fruit was Sloe ginWent down really well with family and friendsSpring after that went to many places and saw many fruitsTime in Italy gave love of food and flavoursGoing back to Tuscan tableMaking jams and fruit tarts. Only so much jam a girl can eatBase spirit produced elsewhereMasceration /compound methodThe Big RevealCould not pick enough fruit unless have an army of people so what would workWhat if I put coffee in gin ?Had a play in the kitchen and really workedTried on friends and told this is not like Sloe gins "Laura you can't sit on this"Spent last 18 months honing recipe, getting to know drinks industry and setting up the distilleryTwo journeys one for coffee and one for ginLearnt so much on her journeyLoving it nowFlavour ProfileCoffee strong flavourCoffee led not juniper ledTuscan table combine simple flavours which become complex in the paletteVery smooth. Sits nicely neat or on the rocksDepth of flavours come in wavesDo actually get to the juniper but takes a whileCherry, marzipan, vanilla and chocolate flavoursJuniper comes in wavesBase spirit has citrus which complements coffeePremium London DryTwist on that Coffee and OrangeHeavy on citrusAroma of orange and zestReally going to be favourite7th AugustLaunch dayAd campaign launchesBoth gins will available on website sizes 35cl and 70clCoffee Gin and Coffee Orange Gins available in twin packs of 35clLater on will be available in other places.Local bars doing a pre-launch trialMixologistsGins likely to go down very well with mixologists and bar tenders to play around withLaura has been working with a mixologist to develop signature cocktails for each ginVersatile spiritsLovely neat and on the rocksUsing this in long serves with Fever Tree Ginger BeerGood with different flavoured tonics.Good with darker mixers such as the recent ones brought out by Coca ColaTwist on classic cocktails such as Expresso Martini or Coffee NegroniAlso used on desserts. Good for chefs. Tiramisu, ice cream or some fruit sorbetsVanessa came on three weeks ago not last week !!Not sweet on the paletteSweetness comes from roasting of coffee beansGreat coffee bean can be destroyed by bad roasterArtisan roasters bring sweetness out of the coffee100% Arabica CoffeeTrue artBrandQuirkyFocussed on artisan side of thingsPremium hand crafted ginBottles hand finished and hand waxed. Drew on experience from Italy. Italians managed to maintain artisan craftsLabel design journey in itself. Designer 3 nailed label. Previously latched on to lava spirits as molten lava. Nothing to do with lava spiritsEmphasis not on brand nameAll about coffee. Clear bottle to allow liquid to shine throughCoffee gin has a splash of red berries to indicate coffee beansCoffee orange gin has a splash of orange to indicate the orange.CompetitionAsk people to guess from a few snippets what lava meansYou can win bottles of Coffee Gin and Coffee Orange ginWill be a few post after live day on 7th AugustContactInstagram - @lavaspirits -best one to use to contactTwitter - @lavaspiritsFacebook - lavaspiritsWebsite - is your favourite gin other than your own and how would you serve ?Favourite Brockmans gin.Took 10 years to develop before launchFabulous smooth and you can drink neatJunipers wild from tuscanyCitrus and berry combinationServe with simple tonic. Not flavoured tonic. Add in blueberry, blackberry and grapefruitSimple uncomplicated flavours that combine really nicely that wow the paletteWhat does gin meant to you ?Means everything"Gin is my life"Gin started at 18 because aspired to be sophisticated and classyAll about an experience about savouring a momentLaura drinks gin when she wants to savour a moment and create a memoryGin Community Shout OutAnfield Gin gets a special shoutout Mark and Chelsey who are a father and daughter dynamic duo behind the gin. I feel an episode on the podcast coming with Anfield gin in it!!!Martin Miller Summerful ginWorthing gin great advert for a blow up bottleMassignberd-Mundy - exciting new distillery. First live with @glassofgin_packetofseeds on Friday. Got new packaging showing South Ormsby Estate.Instagram Community Shout OutThis weeks shoutout to @mothers_not_ruined_Recently changed her logo. Last one good but this one is amazing turquoise blue background with her Dalmatian dog.I found out after recording that there are actually 4 others in the pack too !!! The full pack is Dolly, Mia, Posh, Dior and Honey !!!Her Dalmatians have also appeared in many of her pictures but not as much as I would like as they are beautifulLiked her entries into drinkbledon especially the one with the tennis racket and flowersPosts colourful and a great backgroundReally creativeLove the gin bramble courtesy of bloom gin redness and the glass with mothers not ruinedBlue post gin is always the answer.Get In ContactIM me at @ginignite Instagram or @ginignite on TwitterE-Mail me at gin.gossip@ginignite.comIf you have ideas IM me or e-mail at podcast.ideas@ginignite.comIf you want to be on the show then IM me or e-mail me at ThoughtThe thing that I like about the gin community that I have met so far is that no one judges anyone for what they believe, what they look like or who they choose to be.The world would be a better place if everyone took that view.Grab your drink, toast those you love, enjoy your weekend and whether your decide to party or stay in I will be with you in spirit !!!Seriously though enjoy your weekend and I look forward to joining you for another episode next Friday.Cheers
Welcome Welcome to the Business Souls podcast which helps you to maximise your magnificence by exploring one topic each week for 10 minutes.Sorry I am a couple of minutes over this week again !!!Hello and Welcome to Episode 21 - What should my podcast be on ?Part 2/12 Series Podcasting also apply to YouTube or YouTube Live / Facebook or Instagram LiveLook into planning podcast and episodesPracticality of equipment, recording, editing and choosing a podcast hostLook at how to launchPost launch content cycle and improvement of style of deliveryQuote For The WeekKnowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it. - Samuel JohnsonNewsHurray the site is liveI will be increasing my activity on what gets sent out I would really love to hear what you think @businesssouls on Instagram / TwitterMain TopicBusiness PerspectiveDirectly in earbuds of customersInitial novelty soon to wear offPromotion21% UK 35% US Low NumbersListener PerspectiveCompelling ContentConsistent DeliveryGives valueSubjectCovers your expertiseNiche down as much as possibleDon’t niche too far !!! otherwise no content ideaDecide podcast typeInterview based don’t need as much prep other than ?Single person delivery - a lot of prepGroup delivery - share prepThink out of boxCompellingContent ideally needs to get your listener to take actionListening because thinking about podcast → What is yours going to be about ?Think of how many episode ideas you can come up with.If you can get to 20 then you have a way forward.Don’t be tempted to setup podcast with out doing thisBrand ActionWhat do you want the user to do for you ?Visit website ?Sign up for e-mail list ?Download your latest reportMay need Lead MagnetExamplesBuilding company - talk about types of projects and what is achievable. Talk about funky new techniquesYouprenneur.Fm Chris Ducker talks about all things that a personal brand business needs to think aboutDigital Marketing Consultancy - look at all thing helping business with digital marketingKnow Like TrustImportant that subject matter get you knownOnce you are known important to get your audience to like you.Know & Like = Trust = BuyGet in touchI would love you to get in touch. To make it easy for you I have got a number of different ways because I know everyone likes to be different !!!Twitter@businesssoulsInstagram@businesssouls
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