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Host, Producer & Editor of LPX & The Loving Project & Editor & Producer of My American Meltingpot
Brad Linder is a journalist, podcaster, and audio producer and editor based in Philadelphia, PA. He's produced stories for NPR and WHYY and has worked on podcasts including The Loving Project, LPX, and My American Meltingpot.
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#18 How to Talk to Your Kids About Race
My American Meltingpot
On episode 18 of My American Meltingpot, we’re talking about how and when to talk to our children about race. Let's be clear, we're not going to give you a color-by-numbers script on how to talk to your children about race because, first of all, we don’t know your children. We don’t know what race you or your children are. We don’t know how old your children are. We don’t know if your children already have their own ideas about race, and we certainly don’t know what your ideas are about race. And all of those factors matter when we strike up a conversation about race with our children.  On this episode, we discuss how to talk to our kids, when to talk our kids and most importantly, what the heck we should actually be sharing when it comes to race. Spoiler alert: This isn't a one-and-done conversation.  Joining me for this important discussion are three amazing women who are all really smart, really accomplished and are all mothers and educators. They also each represent different racial and ethnic backgrounds. They are, Lisa Nelson-Haynes, Eileen Flanagan and Homa Sabet Tavangar. If you are an educator or you have children, you don't want to miss this episode. For all of the useful resources mentioned in the episode, please visit My American  
#17 Live from the Respect Women's Podcast Festival
My American Meltingpot
Welcome back to Season 3 of the My American Meltingpot Podcast! Do you like our colorful new logo? Episode 17 is a little bit different and a whole lot of fun. I recorded this episode in front of a live audience at the Respect Women's Podcast Festival in Philadelphia on August 25, 2019. The festival was held at Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse – the only comic book shop owned by a Black woman on the East Coast – and was a celebration of female podcasters. It was all the way amazing. Here's what you'll hear on the episode: Since we were in a (very cool) comic book shop, and because I knew this would be the first episode of Season 3, I decided to share the My American Meltingpot origin story. I broke down the who, what and whys of our title, and what I hope people walk away with after listening to the show. (If I'm wrong, and you're not getting that at all, please leave me a message and tell me what YOU think this show is really about or what you'd like to see more of.) I also explained why I added the tagline – Stories at the Intersection of Race and Real Life to our podcast title. At the end of the episode, there is some audience participation. We played the game, "Stump the Diversity Diva." I challenged the audience to name any aspect of real life and I would then explain how that aspect could be connected to race. Spoiler alert: Nobody could best me! And just because we were live, doesn't mean we didn't take a break for a Meltingpot Minute. The Meltingpot Minute for episode 17 is all about the lack of respect in the New York Times' #1619 project. Note: It's not what you think. Admittedly, with all the fun and games being had in this episode, I thought it might be important to reveal my sources mentioned in our riveting game of Stump the Diversity Diva. Visit to see how I fact checked myself.  Also, I just announced the fall book pick for the MAMP Book Club. Check the blog for details. 
#16 MAMP in Spain - A Preview
My American Meltingpot
Episode 16 of the My American Meltingpot podcast is a preview of what we're working on this summer: I'm going to the south of Spain to report on Spain's connection to Blackness. It all started with a book I wrote 10 years ago called Kinky Gazpacho: Life, Love & Spain. I'm going back to Spain this summer to find out what has changed for Black people living in Spain today and for the artists and academics studying Spain's Black history. To find out more about my trip to the Iberian peninsula, check out the details on the My American Meltingpot blog. There won't be any new episodes of the podcast in July and August while I'm no assignment in Spain, so be sure to listen to the rest of the episodes in the archives and follow me on social media. And don't forget to subscribe. Gracias and Hasta luego! (The beautiful music played in this episode is by Gnawledge and is called Flamencología under a creative commons agreement.)
#15 "Fried Chicken is a Unifying Food"
My American Meltingpot
On episode 15 of the My American Meltingpot podcast, we're getting out of the studio and hitting the streets of Philadelphia to find out who owns fried chicken. That's right, fried chicken. In the United States, fried chicken is most often associated with African Americans. Sometimes that association is a positive one, other times it is simply a racist trope. But the reality is, fried chicken is a culinary delight enjoyed by different cultures and communities all over the world. In this episode, we're deep diving into the world of fried chicken in Guatemala, South Korea and in the African American community. We're challenging fried chicken stereotypes and learning how deep-fried poultry pulled one country out of an economic downturn. I promise, after listening to the episode, you'll never think about fried chicken the same way again. You're also going to be really hungry before we're done. Let's dig in. Check the shownotes on the My American Meltingpot blog for even more fun facts about fried chicken.   
#14 Food, Family and Finding Home with "From Scratch" author, Tembi Locke
My American Meltingpot
On episode # 14 of the MAMP podcast, I get to chat with debut author and actress, Tembi Locke about her beautiful new book, From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily and Finding Home. From Scratch is the first selection for the My American Meltingpot Book Club. In our conversation, Tembi and I talk about the reasons she decided to write this searing story about life after her husband's death from cancer; her writing process as a newbie author; what life is like for a Black-American woman in Sicily; raising multiracial children; and the healing power of food. We also chat about the Reese Witherspoon effect on Tembi's book, since Reese also selected From Scratch for her book club to read. Trust, it's all good things.  Find the show notes for this episode and more about Tembi Locke on  
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