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The Flag on the Moon - A Story of Politics
Episode of
My History Can Beat Up Your Politics
"If we can put a man on the Moon, we can.."  So went myriad complaints about spending at home during the Gemini and Apollo Missions, up to Apollo 11 and after.  In this episode we look at the Moon Landing and its politics.  Including a seemingly apolitical decision to plant a flag on the Moon's surface.  
The Ark of Commerce Part IV: Make It Stop
Episode of
My History Can Beat Up Your Politics
In our fourth of a series on American commerce, a look at three instances of when U.S. commerce was stopped, for a variety of reasons - from an offensive war effort, to a bid for peace, to a management of peacetime.  And we look at the effects of those interventions.  The embargo of 1807 is an important part of the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson, not often examined in detailed compared to other events. It brought serious economic problems, but was held up by Jefferson as an experiment by a peaceful power. We also examine his Treasury Secretary Gallatin, who had to implement the plan. We also look at Wilson's railroad takeover and Nixon's wage price board. 
Stop Talking About Momentum: The Race for President 1984
Episode of
My History Can Beat Up Your Politics
It wasn't supposed to be a race.  Gary Hart, Walter Mondale, Jesse Jackson, John Glenn battle to take on Ronald Reagan in 1984.  As do some other candidates.  We look at the race that year and mine it for any insights into 2020 and American politics in general.    
Presidential Scandals: Watergate, Whiskey Ring and Others
Episode of
My History Can Beat Up Your Politics
All about Presidential Scandals.  From how Watergate may have seemed like in 1972 on Election night, to Grant and Carter's troublesome friends, to the Iran Contra story, we look at White House mess-ups and election impact.    Though recorded in 2012, and originally titled 'You're TV Lied to You' I believe it's just as relevant today.  
How to Rank The Presidents, with Susan Swain and Brian Lamb of C-SPAN
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My History Can Beat Up Your Politics
With C-SPAN's Susan Swain and Brian Lamb we talk Theodore Roosevelt and LBJ.  And we discuss their book The Presidents, and the unique ranking system they use to assess and order America's POTUSes.  e also talk abut some of the historians who helped them.  
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