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Ceara Lynch is a professional humiliatrix, dominatrix, and fetish video producer. She also has a documentary coming soon called "Ruin Me."
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72: Ceara Lynch: The Humiliatrix
Holly Randall Unfiltered
Ceara Lynch is a humiliatrix and financial dominatrix, with over a decade of experience in the industry. This fascinating look into why men get off by giving girls money for humiliating them is one you don't want to miss!  
Ep. 51: Cyber-Dominatrix Ceara Lynch on Kinks, MeToo, Incels, & ThotAudit
Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael
On this edition of Parallax Views, cyber-dominatrix (or as she advertises herself, "humiliatrix extraordinaire") Ceara Lynch joins the show to discuss her career catering to men's most taboo kinks and fetishes, the MeToo movement, culture wars, incels, and the current social media brouhaha over ThotAudit. Ceara's stories views are bound to enlighten, amuse, and offend in equal measure, and her opinions on a number of these topics will surprise people from both the left and right wings of the culture wars.We begin the conversation with Ceara explaining how her work as an online dominatrix differs from the popular conception of a dominatrix and why she uses the term "humiliatrix" to describe herself. From there we delve her journey into the world of kink through a chance experience she had in Japan. We then discuss some of the kinks and fetishes that Ceara caters to, how people react when they find out she is a dominatrix, what kind of men are into being sexually submissive, and more about what goes into her work. Ceara Lynch's Appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience As the conversation progresses we take a deeper dive into psycho-sexuality, ethics and related topics. What differentiates what Ceara does from the "female power fantasies" found in pop culture artifacts like Wonder Woman and Basic Instinct? Does Ceara's line of work constitute taking advantage of men? Are there ethical problems with certain kinks?From there we discuss the boundaries that Ceara has set up for herself and a particularly boundary-pushing request from one of her clients that leads into a conversation of MeToo. This portion of the discussion is fascinating not only due to the unique perspective Ceara provides as a dominatrix but also because it gets into how objectification can manifest itself in ways we usually don't think about. Additionally, Ceara's views may well surprise both supporters and detractors of the MeToo movement as whole.After that we go into a discussion of the concept of "aftercare" and a rare occurrence of it experienced by Ceara that leads into a conversation about the "hall of mirrors" nature of the dom-sub relationship. This allows us to delve into the almost video game-esque, virtual reality-like component of what Ceara does and one of the rare experiences she had with aftercare that highlights how the lines between fantasy and reality can blur for her clients.We then dive into a discussion of how the kind of kinks Ceara specializes in have become mainstream in both culture wars discourse and mainstream culture. We speculate on what effect this mainstreaming will have on public attitudes towards kinks whether perversion is really a bad thing. Then we turn to the topic of incels, a subject for which Ceara has a very interesting take that's empathetic towards their loneliness without condoning incel violence. Ceara also gives her own Parallax View on incels' so-called "black pill".We start to wind down by talking about whether kink culture will continue to become more acceptable and whether Ceara has ever had any of her clients' significant others have contacted. And finally we touch on the topic of the now infamous social media phenomenon of the ThotAudit, in which online trolls have targeted sex workers by threatening to report them to the IRS. To wrap up I ask Ceara what advice she'd give to men that are sexually frustrated or have taken the incel "black pill". Ceara also plugs her new podcast on current events and culture wars called Standard Deviation with her roommate Kevin as well as her upcoming feature film debut and starring turn in Julian Shaw's Use Me. Oh, and Ceara provides some words of wisdom for gals looking to get in on the female domination scene. CHECK OUT CEARA'S NEW PODCAST STANDARD DEVIATION CEARA ON THE SET OF JULIAN SHAW'S USE ME (FORMERLY RUIN ME)
#125 Porn Stars - Ceara Lynch & Alexandra Snow
The Kyle Thiermann Show
Ceara Lynch and Alexandra Snow are well-known adult entertainers who specialize in fetish porn.    Follow on Ceara Lynch on Instagram Follow Alexandra Snow on Instagram Listen to Standard Deviation (Ceara's Podcast) Music: Dirt Nasty   Connect with me on Instagram Buy me a coffee on Patreon Check out my favorite books on kyle.surf
SUBSPACE | Astro Domina - Bootylicious Filipina Magic
SUBSPACE | Ceara Lynch
A conversation with the gorgeous AstroDomina aka Sydney Lee as we take a much needed break from the Songkran festival in Chiang Mai Thailand. Find her @astrodomina http://astrodomina.com/ Intro music by https://soundcloud.com/clumsykid
SUB SPACE | Alexandra Snow - Man Eater
SUBSPACE | Ceara Lynch
SUB SPACE | Alexandra Snow - Man Eater by SUBSPACE | Ceara Lynch
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