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Strong Foundation Stands The Test Of Time | Ryan Pietersz Mark G  MSTR Watches
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Kinjaz PodKast
Ep 53 - Ryan Pietersz & Mark Gutierrez of MSTR Watches   Today we have the minds and hands behind @mstrwatches, @ryanpietersz and @mstr_ave! Ryan and Mark go into the beginnings of Meister Watches, from the home-grown operation to their 10th year as an established lifestyle accessory brand. Over the past decade, Meister has collaborated with some of the most reputable brands and companies such as @sony, @brucelee, @marvel, and not to mention yours truly, @kinjaz.   Ryan and Mark drop a lot of practical knowledge on how to start a business and grow it at a steady pace. From philosophies on creating a business with friends, to the keys to staying afloat as a business for a decade strong, this episode is chock-full of wisdom gems from the aspiring entrepreneur, to the most seasoned vet in the game of business. Class is in session!  🧠    — SPONSORS — Audible Free Trial:   www.MSTRWATCHES.COM Discount Code: KINJAZPOD 25% OFF ENTIRE PURCHASE   KIN Aesthetik Discount Code: PODKAST 15% OFF ENTIRE PURCHASE   — SHOW NOTES —   (3:12) - Jabbawockeez Live at MGM Grand -   (4:04) - MSTR x Kinjaz collaboration -   (4:42) - Origins of MSTR   (10:16) - First watch model, the “Ambassador” -   (12:26) - MSTR x Super Cr3w collaboration -   (12:30) - 1st collaboration - Mark Arcenal of “Fatlace” -   (12:59) - MSTR x Marvel Avengers collaboration -   (13:08) - Comic-Con -   (16:12) - From home to office space   (18:10) - Pros and cons of working with friends   (22:00) - Respect for one another allows for a healthy work environment   (26:30) - Master your craft   (30:08) - A culture of unique and fun collaborations   (32:52) - Collab with Raekwon of the Wu Tang Clan -   (38:04) - Build a firm foundation first before doing anything else   (39:12) - Adaptability is the key to longevity   (45:06) - Projects to look out for   (47:00) - How to get collaborations   (49:34) - Be willing to do the things that other people aren’t willing to do   (55:22) - Evolving as a brand   (1:01:10) - LIGHTNING ROUND   (1:06:40) - Golden Rule     — SHOW CREDITS —   Host/Producer: Ben Chung - Producer: Mike Fallorina - Producer: Jeremy Lai -
Nonstop Motion Could Be Your Downfall | Lando Wilkins
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Kinjaz PodKast
This week we have dancer, choreographer, and toy designer @landowilkins in the pod! Lando is a vet in the urban dance community. From his early days on @twotwentyteam, to @sgbmsd all the way to @moswantedcrew, Lando has been in the scene for a cool minute. Being known for his unique movement style, Lando quickly made a name for himself for his choreography and freestyle. He talks about how he found his own identity as a mover and how it has evolved over the years. More than looking at dance as an end, he explains how it’s actually a means to an end. Lando is an artist to the core. He unpacks how he appreciates the artistry in the things he locks into. While dance is still very much a part of Lando’s life, he has shifted his focus for dance to be geared more towards education and mindset training.    As a constant student of the arts, Lando has been making quite a name for himself in the toy culture as @uncleskro. Listen in as he opens up his mentality towards growth and evolution. Another in-depth look into a genius mind.    — SPONSORS — Audible Free Trial:   www.MSTRWATCHES.COM Discount Code: KINJAZPOD  25% OFF ENTIRE PURCHASE   KIN Aesthetik Discount Code: PODKAST 15% OFF ENTIRE PURCHASE   — SHOW NOTES —   (5:01) - 220 Dance -    (5:18) - Kevin Brewer - SGBM -    (5:33) - Super Galactic Beat Manipulators @ Culture Shock San Diego Choreographer’s Festival 2006 -   (6:17) - Developing your own style   (7:20) - Freestyle Session -   (10:00) ABDC Season 3 “Boxcuttuhz” -              ABDC Season 7 “Mos Wanted Crew” -   (14:25) - Beginnings of toy design -    (19:45) - Entering the international freestyle battle scene   (22:45) - A shift in focus   (25:22) - S.O.S. “Sense Of Self” -   (35:45) - The key to adaptability   (41:21) - The value of listening   (43:08) - Growth happens when you slow down   (45:40) - Thoughts on inspiration   (49:40) - Balancing art and commerce   (54:20) - You have to put in just as many hours as any other job, if not, more   (1:01:13) - Success   (1:07:10) - LIGHTNING ROUND   (1:11:50) - Golden Rule   (1:18:08) - Rad Retro Power -      — SHOW CREDITS —   Host/Producer: Ben Chung - Producer: Mike Fallorina - Producer: Jeremy Lai -
Creating The Arena | Anthony Lee
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Kinjaz PodKast
We have @_anthonylee_ back in the pod!  As a co-founder of the @kinjaz as well as @arenadancecomp, Anthony is a man who never finds himself without a full plate. He talks about the origins of Arena as well as why he wanted to create this platform along with our partners @sinostage. He explains what makes Arena a unique showcase and competition amongst the many shows that are already out there.  Anthony is a champion for the culture of the urban dance community. He’s a visionary and a leader for not just Kinjaz, but to people all over the world by educating not just physically through dance, but through mentality as well. As a dancer, choreographer, creator, entrepreneur, and forever student of life, Anthony is well on his way to cementing a footprint of a legacy for the urban dance culture and community. Dive into the mind of Anthony Lee. AKA #anthWHOAny   (4:45) Arena China - Kinjaz Present “Manband” -  (5:49) #anthWHOAny cake face - (6:37) Chinese quick mask change - (7:46) Birth of Arena Dance Competition (11:07) Jon Shih - (11:39) Bam Martin (, Pat Cruz (, Mike Song ( - “Shaolin Temple” - (13:29) Vibe Dance Competition -  (17:44) Arena 2015 - Kinjaz - (18:10) Fusion Dance Competition (, Body Rock Dance Competition (  (20:58) VIBRVNCY - (  (23:29) Daniel “Cloud” Campos at Arena China 2019 - (26:45) Kinjaz at Arena LA 2018 - “SportsCenter” - (30:03) KinJAM (  (35:28) Arena LA 2018 @ Ace Hotel DTLA - (36:23) Arena LA 2019 @ Soraya Theater - (37:30) Arena Dance Camp - (37:55) Building Block - (  (39:37) Arena Kids happening for the first time in LA   www.MSTRWATCHES.COM Discount Code: KINJAZPOD  25% OFF ENTIRE PURCHASE   KIN Aesthetik Discount Code: PODKAST 15% OFF ENTIRE PURCHASE   (45:15) Arena LA Kids (7/20/19) / Arena LA Adults (7/21/19) - (51:00) What inspires you? (55:48) “Work Hard Stay Humble” - (59:48) Self-care routine (1:08:11) LIGHTNING ROUND (1:18:21) What is your legacy?
The Golden Episode | 50TH EPISODE CELEBRATION!!!
Episode of
Kinjaz PodKast
HAPPY EPISODE 50!!!  We can't believe we're 10 months and 50 episodes in.  We couldn't do this without your support!!! Here we've highlighted some of our best moments from the PodKast!  Hopefully you agree but don't forget to send us your votes for your favorite moments on IG! Enjoy! Logan  "B-Girl Logistx" Edra Ep. 9 (6:05) Stephen "Twitch" Boss Ep. 22 Https:// (8:03) Brian Puspos Ep. 36 Https:// (11:51)  Dominic "Dtrix" Sandoval Ep. 14   MSTRWATCHES.COM Promo code:  KINJAZPOD KIN AESTHETIK (Promo Kode: PODKAST) Audible Free Trial Membership:   (16:23)  Justin Chon Ep. 21 (19:51)  Megan Batoon Ep. 23 (22:27) David So Ep. 33 (25:18)   Ellen Kim Ep. 46 (27:46)  Andy Nguyen Ep. 11 (29:13)  Anthony Lee & Mike Song Ep. 3
Minji Chang | Time Is Limited. Create Solutions.
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Kinjaz PodKast
This week on the Pod we have superwoman Minji Chang!   Minji's story starts in Northern California and continues down to SoCal where she is on the pursuit for the life less ordinary.   Her will to succeed has definitely brought her to destinations unknown but she approaches every decision with thought, patience and the mindset to overcome any odd in her way.   Listen up and take notes, she definitely drops some pop culture easter eggs that might help you unlock a different path.  ENJOY!   Full Shownotes:   Audible Free Trial: Kin Aesthetik:     Co-Host/Producer: Ben Chung - Co-Host/Producer: Mike Fallorina - Producer:  Jeremy Lai -   --SHOWNOTES-- (02:57)  Board of Directors of Kollaboration showcase and competition and how Ben and Minji met. P.K. -   (04:56)  Originally from Northern California and quest hopping around the Bay Area. (07:20)  What made you want to be a good student? (09:14)  Extracurricular activities? (10:29)  Being a pop culture fiend. (11:27)  What made you want to make the move to L.A.?
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