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You ever met someone who was anal about the details? Maybe it was the way they like to keep their desk and you borrow a pen to use and put it back, and they know someone moved it? How about when they have a certain way of doing things and when you try to introduce them to a different way of doing it, they can't budge from what they know? You've probably even called them crazy from time to time, right? Yeah, I know you have because I've done that too. How about when it's brought to your attention that its you who is that crazy person that is very particular about certain things? Did you think you were crazy or you just want it your way, however way you do it?   Needless to say it was brought to my attention by no one else but my wife that I'm that crazy person who needs to have things in a certain manner. I'm not like that with everything, but with certain things. Of course leave it to the love of my life to pick something out about me that I was completely blind to. Of course I didn't want to believe her, but once I asked my circle outside of my wife if it was true or not, I gotta admit that I was pretty disturbed by the resounding yes. I still don't believe them, but I guest if I had to be realistic, I can see why they gave me that resounding yes.   Those who don't create systems and automating them, find themselves spending more time working in the business instead of working on the business. If you're looking to replace yourself one day, it is very imperative  that create the systems to replace yourself. That is the most optimal way to think about your business. If you are able to replace yourself in an area of your business, that means you have more time to yourself to do whatever you want to . Be it sleeping in with your significant other, or maybe play a round of golf or two. It also frees you up to put your mind on more business. Even if you were to hire someone, you've already got the procedures and systems in place to do exactly what you do and how you do them. Coming into the classroom to talk more about creating systems for your business is our guest professor for this week, guest professor Creighton Wong.   Guest professor Creighton Wong, is a business owner, business marketer, world traveler, adventurous foodie, and all around curious about living a full life! He is an above the knee amputee who has been an accomplished athlete, competing in the Iron Man and decathlons. He's known as a traveling nomad, growing his business from where ever he ends up at. As founder of Exponential Clients, his goal is to grow 1000 businesses. 1000 BUSINESSES!!!   It was an amazing lesson that he taught to the class that had me solidify everything that I've always told my clients about making technology work for them and not the other way around. You'll see from his speech that professor Creighton knows what he's talking about when it comes to business. He has done more in his life, despite his physical disability then anybody know who has all working limbs. If you play your cards, maybe you'll be one of the 1000 businesses that he wants to help.
By definition, motivation is the state or condition of being motivated or having a strong reason to act or accomplish something. Motivation can come from all types of places. You can get motivation from videos, books, music, speeches, or motivational speakers. On those days where I need a little more motivation, I have a whole playlist on Spotify for motivation. That list consists of artists who I feel have that sound of hunger in their songs. For example, I have the original Rocky theme song in my playlist. If you're a fan of the Rocky movies, you know just how pivotal that theme song is. You know that as soon as you hear that song, that inner motivation to get things done no matter how dire the situation is, coming out of you. In my playlist, it's heavily packed with the first albums of the artists I like. Mainly because from those albums, you hear the hunger, the motivation in which they release their passion in the albums. Some of those artists are able to keep that same hunger throughout their careers and then there's some who loses that hunger. That's motivation. There's a passion and a hunger that is tied to motivation. To see it live and in person, or virtually, look at all of the underdogs that somehow scratched and clawed their way into the wins column. That is why the famed Hail Mary play in football is exciting. Motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic. You're either going to find your motivation from inside of you or from your outside surroundings. How else can you explain the underdogs that finds a way to win? Everyone loves an underdog story like Rudy, but without that intrinsic or extrinsic motivation, what are your true reasons for what you are doing? Once you figure out your "Why", you'll find your motivation. So, what is your "Why"? Guest professor Xavier "Mr. Hope" is a Motivational Speaker, Author, Mentor, Life Coach, Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. Born and raised on the west side Detroit,  Mr. Hope matriculated through one of the most prestigious high schools in Detroit, Renaissance high school and then went on to complete his Bachelors of Science in Biology. Now Community activists and mindset transformer, Mr. Hope, through his books, podcasts, and social acts enable individuals to experience physical, mental and financial wellness in overflow and abundance. I can personally say that from time to time, I question whether or not my thinking is on the right path...Ok, in all honesty, I just want to make sure is it me that's crazy? Or is it the other people that's crazy? I say that because, sometimes I think to myself, "I can't be the only thinking this here!!!" From this conversation I had with the guest professor, I realized that maybe it's just everyone else that's crazy. For him to be so young and just understands this stuff, proves that he's beyond his years in wisdom. So if you're in need of a little motivation to get you across that finish line, guest professor Xavier "Mr. Hope Motivates" can be that guy to pull it out of you.
No, it's not a typo. You've read that correctly. Welcome to Sex Ed Class. Honestly, it is a tad bit out of my comfort zone to have this discussion outside of a few people or let alone, outside of my house. However, I've made a commitment to be completely transparent. I am a bit of a risk-taker, but this is far more of a risk for me than I care to admit to. I will say, however, that by taking this risk, I've learned a few things along the way. So while some of you probably read this title and had your minds go straight to the gutter, I'm almost positive to bet that after reading and listening to this episode, you'll walk away just as I did.....Enlightened and dare I say more knowledgeable. So let's take a minute real quick before anyone gets TOO excited. I know, I hate to do that to you, but it gets better later. Trust me. So again, you're probably wondering, "What does this have to do with entrepreneurship??!!" I had those same thoughts as well. When I talked to this week's guest professor, that was the main question that I had presented. The answer I received....WAS EVERYTHING. Of course, I was a bit puzzled and had even more questions I wanted to ask. Call it curiosity mixed with a tad bit of intrigue. The more and more questions that were answered, the more and more questions I had. Being completely in the moment, much like how I took you guys on that little sexual fantasy rollercoaster there, that's when I realized that there are so many things that can be uncovered from this conversation and that I HAVE TO RECORD THIS AS AN LESSON!!!! So that's exactly what I did. Let's welcome our guest professor who is going to take us all to our climax, guest professor (soon to be) Dr. Erika Miley.   Guest professor, Dr. Erika Miley is a Mental & Sexual Health Therapist, sex nerd, and shame buster. She has a podcast called Sex Talk with Erika Miley and runs a group practice called the Center for Mental & Sexual Health. I think once you check out this lesson that she does with us here at The School of Hard Knocks, you'll probably end up subscribing to her podcast as I did. She's an amazing person that pushed my boundaries about sex, in a good way. She also busted some myths that I had and some other well-known myths as well.
Since I started my podcast, The Genesis Project Podcast, I hardly ever did social media. In fact, in all honesty, I'm not a huge fan of social media. I'm sort of an introvert in that sense. I would rather prefer to be obscured on social media because I like to have some privacy. For me, anything I do worthwhile will be shared with friends and family and whoever is lucky enough to be around. Even when I do frequent social media, I've realized that my social media is completely different from everyone else. I know because I see what my wife looks at on social media, my best friends, and kid's social media. It's like night and day. In fact, it's so different that I feel like the odd man out! However, since starting my podcast, The Genesis Project Podcast, I've realized that there's another side to social media. I've discovered that there are people on social media that is not all for the stuff I spoke on in the paragraphs before. People who talk about business, business ideas, marketing, how-tos, motivation, business advice & tips, and so much more. I have no choice but to put myself more out there on social media because of my podcast, but I've met so many people on social media that completely turned my perception of it around. And again, because of my podcast, I'm learning how to actually use social media to market to would-be listeners, guests, and so forth. Guest professor Michelle Virog is a social media marketing expert with a great story of how she came to be in the space of social media marketing. She is the founder of BOLD Social Strategies, where she helps business owners and entrepreneurs create a profitable personal brand with powerful content on social media. She also lives with kidney disease. She started her business because she didn't suit the 9-5 corporate world. After being laid off multiple times, she decided to start her own business. She tries to motivate others that it doesn't matter what your limitations are, you CAN be successful and go after your dreams! Make sure you check out everything Michelle Virog got going on, by connecting with her at: Facebook: Facebook Group: Website: FREE CONTENT CALENDAR By Guest Professor Michelle Virog
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