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Hello everyone! Today I am joined by Conni Biesalski. Conni is a photographer, digital filmmaker, entrepreneur and marketing mentor. Her course The Art of Vulnerability helps students connect with themselves and other people on a deeper level, develop personal growth, and overcome their struggles and fears. When it comes to vulnerability I think it's about taking very small steps. Episode Quotes "We think vulnerability in sharing our personal challenges is a weakness." "The biggest surprise was that people loved me more and really appreciated that openness." "You can give people all the information but if they don't take action then it's worthless." Listen to Learn 00:23 Getting to know Conni, Rapid 5 Questions 04:28 Conni's business journey - travel blogging, course creator, helping people 08:38 Biggest surprise when Conni started being vulnerable in sharing 11:18 Overview of the online course “The Art of Vulnerability” 15:00 Validation process before starting the course 18:11 Who the course is for? 21:30 Designing the course curriculum and launching it 27:43 The course structure - modules and lessons 32:20 Where do students get stuck and how do you support them? 40:48 Exciting things coming up from Conni, links and announcements Want to Hear More? Check out the bonus segment Conni and I recorded about how you can use vulnerability to empower yourself as an entrepreneur. Grab it here:
Minimalism And The Digital Nomad Lifestyle "Jobs of the Future" might look nothing like a traditional 9-5 job. In fact, as mentioned above, it is becoming far more common for folks to ditch the cubicle in favor of remote work from home or a digital nomad lifestyle of moving around between places. The movement towards minimalism is being embraced by the millennial culture  as younger folks seek to downsize their life potentially into one suitcase or backpack they can use to travel the world and have more meaningful experiences. Truly, jobs of the future could have a pre-requisite of sorts that requires them to be workable from anywhere in the world using just a laptop. In the 21st century, more folks are interested in minimalism and the freedom of a digital nomad lifestyle. Minimalism often involves dramatically reducing the amount of stuff you have in your life in favor of an easier and less hectic lifestyle. Oftentimes, folks engaging in minimalism will travel the world and live a “backpack” life or “van-dwelling” life but sometimes the person simply enjoys a de-cluttered home that has only the immediate possessions needed to live day-to-day. In addition to the practical side of minimalism, there is also a spiritual element of seeking to de-clutter the mind and spirit via eliminating unessential objects in your daily life. There is also a train of thought that minimalism is healthier for the environment because we effectively reduce the amount of waste and products we introduce into the natural world. For many people, this sort of lifestyle is massively appealing for the sake of providing more freedom and a healthier karmic relationship with the world in general. As discussed in this interview with Daniel Stone, when we respect the world and create a more meaningful existence and relationship with the planet, we enter into a more abundant state of being because we have successfully honored the environment and collective consciousness in which we find ourselves existing. Conni Biesalski is a minimalist and digital nomad who helps others understand and implement this lifestyle. She is an advocate for holistic living, Yoga, a vegan lifestyle, and the digital nomad lifestyle. On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien show Conni and I  discuss minimalism and how to get started while also exploring the future of the human lifestyle. When it comes to successfully navigating through potential "jobs of the future", folks like Conni are leading our species towards a healthier relationship with the planet, ourselves, and our fellow humans.  Digital nomad lifestyle and minimalism are going to be increasingly popular as the doors open to further travel experiences. The millennial generation is more interested in experience vs. having a lot of “things”… Minimalism could very well become much more mainstream as folks begin to de-clutter their lives, their minds, and explore the world rather than flock to a more “traditional” 9-5 life. Minimalism is more than just a reduction of physical clutter. In this episode, Conni shared that there is a deeply spiritual aspect of the minimalism lifestyle that centers around the de-cluttering of internal junk. For example, have you ever known someone who has a really messy home full of old junk and clutter? From what I've experienced, these are often the same folks who have a lot of internal junk and clutter that they're avoiding cleaning. A messy attic or closet that hasn't been cleaned in years oftentimes reflects a messy room in your head or heart that has yet to be totally cleaned out. Jobs of the future that center around a minimalist lifestyle could be a healthy addition to our culture. By allowing folks to pursue a digital nomad lifestyle that encourages a culture of minimalism and a movement towards decreasing clutter could be incredibly beneficial for mental health, spiritual development, personal achievement, and much more. By furthering and encouraging this development, we do a load of good for our fellow human beings as they go through their experience of life. Wnat to learn more about Conni? Click this link for her website: Remember to subscribe to YouTube if you want to watch episodes of the show LIVE! Here's the link to this episode:
I am starting a new podcast - The Conni Biesalski Podcast. Come and join:
Folge 9 Dieses Mal hat sich Rebecca ihre langjährige Freundin Conni Biesalski eingeladen. Conni ist erfolgreiche Online-Unternehmerin und betreibt den Blog liveyourheartout. Bis dahin wars ein langer Weg und Conni hat viel ausprobiert: 2012 hat sie den Reiseblog planetbackpack gegründet und konnte als Digitale Nomadin tatsächlich die 4-hour-work-week leben. Sie war ungefähr an jedem Ort dieser Erde, richtig glücklich hat sie das aber nicht gemacht. Bis sie sich immer intensiver mit sich selber auseinandergesetzt und das Konzept der Heldenreise für sich entdeckt hat. Heute konzentriert sie sich auf ihre innere Reise, auf die Reise zu sich selbst. Und darüber sprechen Rebecca und Conni in Folge 9. Über die Angst vor Veränderung, über die Anstrengung in sein Innerstes vorzudringen und über Erkenntnisse, die das Leben verändern können. Wer noch mehr zum Thema Heldenreise erfahren möchte, sollte das Buch “Der Heros in tausend Gestalten” von Jospeh Campell lesen. Unser Sponsor für diese Folge ist BookBeat, das ist sowas wie Netflix für Hörbücher und -spiele. Auf Bookbeat gibt es über 10.000 Bücher und ihr könnt jeden Monat so viele anhören, wie ihr wollt. Mit dem Code HEILIGER BIMBAM könnt ihr einen Monat Flatrate hören. Direkt bei der Anmeldung eingeben oder über die Seite anmelden! Außerdem ein bisschen Eigenwerbung für Rebeccas und Jana Aljets Retreat in der Breitenteicher Mühle in Brandenburg vom 3.-6. Januar 2019. Euch erwarten jede Menge Yoga, Körperarbeit, Meditation und wahnsinnig gutes Essen. Es wird darum gehen, was 2019 für euch bringen soll? Wo steht ihr eigentlich? Was wollt ihr im kommenden Jahr wachsen lassen? Alle Infos darüber findet ihr auf Schön wenn ihr dabei seid! Stay tuned und happy listening!
On this episode of Live Your Heart Out, I interview Jonathan Mead, mobility coach and movement expert at Uncaged Human. You can find out more about Jonathan Mead on his website, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also email him to talk about what movement means to you. First, I talk about the last few weeks of craziness in my life: Recap from the live workshop in berlin Why I appreciate going back to my hometown What caused a shift to start a new venture is Why I’ve moved my deep writing to my emails In this episode with Jonathan, you’ll find out: Why we both left successful blogging businesses to start something more in line with our hearts What the basis of Uncaged Human is and how it focuses on the movement resources that respect the body What that shifting journey was like and why Jonathan sold his business What it’s like having someone else owning a business you’ve built How Jonathan started coaching Why having the right mindset is so important to growth and mobility What the top reasons are that people seek out Jonathan’s help Why “no pain, no gain” is a terrible motto How movement is a high priority in our lives Why you need to accept your body the way it is right now How to accept and appreciate your body the way it is right now Why you shouldn’t focus on why it’s not working What the recipe for real transformation is Why it’s so hard for people to include healthy habits in their daily lives How to stay motivated to make healthy changes in your life What natural movement is How Jonathan finds fulfillment on a daily basis We touch on some really important messages: I was scared that I was going to mess up that passion by bringing money into the equation. If you don’t know where to engage, you can struggle for years Accepting is not complacency Sign up to my free weekly inner circle email and the free kit here. If you loved this episode or others, please leave me review on iTunes – it would mean A LOT. Love ya, Conni.
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