Dave Rubin is an American libertarian political commentator and talk show host. He is the creator and host of The Rubin Report.
Recent episodes featuring Dave Rubin
Comedian: Fighting Trump Derangement & Cancel Culture (Bridget Phetasy Interview)
Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Bridget Phetasy (comedian) about cancel culture, big tech and more. Bridget Phetasy is a writer and comedian. She has a comedy show on Youtube called “Dumpster Fire” and she is also the host of the “Walk-Ins Welcome” podcast. Bridget discusses how she responds to criticism that she is a grifter. She describes the two types of Trump derangement syndrome and why both are dangerous. Bridget also gives her thoughts on what she calls our “factory settings”. In her case she was raised to think that all Republicans were evil. Bridget also discusses the difficulty of being a small creator having to deal with Big Tech and the steps she is taking to regain some control of her content with a big announcement.
Debunking The Many Myths of Sweden (Aron Flam & Henrik Jönsson Interview)
Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Aron Flam (Swedish Comedian) and Henrik Jönsson (Swedish Entrepreneur) about the many myths of Sweden. They discuss the Swedish culture of silence that promotes conformity over individualism. They also debunk the myths that many in the US have about Socialism in Sweden. Henrik Jönsson tells the real story of Sweden and how it’s wealth was created by laissez-faire policies after WWII and that Sweden’s large welfare state actually led to financial collapse in the 1990s. Aron and Henrik also discuss the outcomes of Sweden’s gender equity goals and its effect on young children. They also discuss the increased crime in Malmö, Sweden and its link to Sweden’s immigration policy over the last decade.
Ex CIA: Iran's Next Move & Exposing The Deep State (Bryan Dean Wright Interview)
Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Bryan Dean Wright (former CIA ops officer) about Iran and the current conflict with the US. Bryan has a unique perspective being a former CIA agent and a lifelong Democrat. He shares his thoughts on how the recent death of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani ordered by Donald Trump could play out. Bryan gives an insider’s take on what exactly the “deep state” is and how they use leaks to the media to control the narrative to be more favorable to their interests. Bryan gives his feelings on the abuses of power of John Brennan, James Clapper, and James Comey. And Bryan discusses how a Trump victory against a progressive candidate could actually help save the Democratic party and return it to its roots.
What Price Will Your Children Pay For Our Mistakes? (John Anderson Interview)
Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to John Anderson (former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia) about his thoughts on the challenges with the current political landscape in Western societies. John talks about the importance of vigorous debate between all political sides. He shares his concern over the loss of prudence, and how it has led to voters expecting too much from their politicians, but also politicians making too many promises that won’t be kept. He also ponders how we’ve robbed our children through our mistakes of the things we’ve taken for granted. John also shares his thoughts on the new caste system that he sees developing around victimhood. He finishes by covering some of the myths Americans have about Australia.
Can Your Life Be Meaningful Without God? | Dave Rubin & John Lennox
Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report participates in a conversation with Christian thinker Prof John Lennox and Justin Brierley, for Unbelievable’s The Big Conversation interview series. The interview series is designed to bring Christians and skeptics together for dialogue and debate. Dave Rubin and John Lennox discuss the big questions involving spirituality and religion, like is God dead? They both share their religious upbringing stories, growing up in a conservative Jewish household for Dave and a Christian household in Northern Ireland for John. They talk about how these experiences shaped their moral and religious views at the time, but also to this day. John shares how his father raised him with a form of Christianity that was mind opening and not mind closing. Dave reveals how he came to feel like he was part of the atheist community. He also discusses his recent changing views on God and how he no longer feels comfortable with the label of atheism after spending a year on the road with Jordan Peterson. Constantly listening to Jordan’s lectures about the role religion and God play in forming a societies ethic and moral structure caused him to rethink if he was an atheist. Dave also shares his story of the night that he thought he was going to be a witness to Jordan Peterson violating one of his 12 rules for life. Dave and John give their opinions on if it’s possible for people to find meaning in the modern world without a faith. John shares personal stories that will help anyone who wants to raise an open minded child who is welcoming of different views and perspectives. They also both give their thoughts on why Socialism continues to make a comeback with the younger generation. They discuss all this and much more.
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