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Dr. Stout’s career includes business, government, and nonprofits, as well as the UN and academia. He’s traveled the world, published 38 books, won a wide range of accolades, including four additional doctorates (honoris causa), and invitations to TEDs, Davos, Renaissance Weekends… He’s is a licensed clinical psychologist and Founding Director of the Center for Global Initiatives, a Top Rated Healthcare Nonprofit. His entrepreneurial experience is demonstrated in multiple start-ups and serving as an advisory board member, and early-money-in investor. He's been faculty in the University of Illinois' College of Medicine and Northwestern's Feinberg School of Medicine. He served at the UN and was appointed to the World Economic Forum's Global Leaders of Tomorrow and an Invited Faculty at Davos. He is the founder of GordianKnot, LLC, and is VP of Clinical Research and Data Analytics at ATI. Dr. Stout is a Fellow in the APA, past-President of the IPA, and is member in the National Academies of Practice. He is a best selling nonfiction author whose works have been translated into 8 languages. He has been awarded with 4 Humanitarian Awards and is in 3 Halls of Fame. He has served as C/E/O/I/Officer. He has traveled to over 100 countries and founded a kindergarten in Tanzania. He is listed in TED-Founder Richard Saul Wurman’s “Who’s Really Who 1000: The Most Creative Individuals in America.” Purdue has named a scholarship in his honor. Dr. Stout was educated at Purdue, University of Chicago, and Forest Institute, gaining over 24 awards and 4 scholarships and was Valedictorian of his doctoral class. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard Medical School. He has been awarded over 40 other postdoctoral awards. He has been interviewed on CNBC, CNN, NBC, PBS, NPR, Oprah, Time, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, and others. He's an amateur alpinist, ultra runner, and diver.
Recent episodes featuring Dr Chris Stout
Music, Technology and Writing Spun into Gold (and Platinum) with David Frangioni
Living A Life In Full
David Frangioni is quite the polymath—as he is an entrepreneur, award-winning veteran of the music industry, technologist, producer, engineer, author, and perhaps most fundamentally, a drummer. He is the Founder of Audio One and CEO of Frangioni Media and All Access IDA (Inspire and Develop Artists). He has dedicated his life to designing and building world-class studios, production facilities, and innovative music technology solutions in order to produce music and develop artists, and just recently he became the publisher of Modern Drummer Magazine. David is the recipient of dozens of gold and platinum albums with credits that include the Rolling Stones, Ringo Starr, Elton John, Sting, Bryan Adams, Kiss, Journey, Styx, Shakira, Rascal Flatts, Cher, Phil Collins, Pat Metheny, Ozzy Osbourne, and Chick Corea to name only a few. He was the chief technologist for Aerosmith for over a decade, and gained worldwide notoriety as the technologist for Ozzy Osbourne after having built two studios and multiple home automation systems for the rock legend, and also appeared in multiple episodes of the hit MTV show "The Osbournes." As a philanthropist, he served as a Board Member and Musical Director for the Little Dreams Foundation with Phil Collins. He has also participated in Musicians on Call, worked with the Irie Foundation, and established the Frangioni Foundation—a non-profit which David established that helps children in need through faith, music, mentoring and, of course, drumming. David overcame eye cancer as a young boy, leaving him with one eye. Music and drumming became a way to grow into adolescence and was formative to playing gigs around Boston at the age of 12, and at 16, starting a consulting business. In the mid-1990s, he founded Audio One and in the show describes some of the projects he’s taken on as well as new technologies are on the horizon. All Access IDA has worked with a deep bench of artists and musicians that are the result of David’s coaching and development.   David also has literary chops as evidenced by having written three bestsellers, including Clint Eastwood: Icon: The Essential Film Art Collection: Revised and Expanded Edition and Crash: The World's Greatest Drum Kits From Appice To Peart To Van Halen. So for the Icon book, it features rare photography and never-before-seen content based on his collection of film art and material representing Clint Eastwood’s career. He discusses how he goes about selecting and acquiring pieces for the collection, which has more than 10,000 pieces at this point. Crash, it has been described as “…the definitive illustrated history of the drum kits of rock ’n’ roll legends and the ultimate photographic guide to the world of rock ’n’ roll’s most famous drum kits. Featuring images from live concerts, outdoor festivals, and private recording sessions, this spectacular volume captures the personal connection between artist and instrument.” I have to say, it is beautiful and the research and writing is amazing. He goes deep in noting the makes and models of each kit, a commentary about the history of the kit, its special characteristics, as well as its significance to rock history. It’s great to get the backstories and the histories, and even see the “back then” and current shots of the musicians. Carl Palmer of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer authored the Foreword and Eric Singer of Kiss wrote the Afterword. David lives his life in full in by creatively blending technical innovation in music elegantly with photography, art and writing. He’s an inspiring and generous humanitarian we can all learn from.
Art and Advocacy with Mariam Pare’
Living A Life In Full
Mariam Pare’ is a visual artist, designer, and speaker. Her paintings and other works have been exhibited locally, internationally, and are in numerous private collections. Her public painting demonstrations have become a visual metaphor to the core of her message—encouraging people toward superior levels of performance and inspiring ideas of innovation and creative thinking. Her list of exhibition venues include the St. Petersburg Museum of Art, the Museum of Art Vancouver, the Orlando Museum of Art, First Canada Place, the New York City Children's Museum, the McCord Gallery, PerPopulus Gallery, and many others. Mariam has appeared on the Katie Couric Show and with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on the Today Show. She met with Pierce Brosnan at his home in Malibu allowing her to personally deliver a painting she had done for him in his iconic James Bond role. Mariam has also been interviewed on NPR and in the Huffington Post, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, MSN, and Reuters, just to name a few. In 1996 Mariam was a victim of random gun violence that let her paralyzed, the bullet remains in her spine to this day. All of her paintings have been done by mouth painting. In fact, she was accepted in to the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) organization. She uses her talks and art as an advocate to bring awareness to disability culture. She’s spoken about the issues of stigma, relationships, and independent living. She sees artists with disabilities that are inspirations—Chuck Close, Tommy Hollenstein, Frida Kahlo, and Eric Stegemann. We discuss how making art about experiences help to process trauma and feelings. She has publicly addressed issues of mental health, depression, and suicide. “Mariam has branched out to collaborate with other artists with disabilities to actively pursue disability advocacy through her art. She uses a combination of digital art, painting, video, and photography to generate a unique story from her own viewpoint, using her own life to reflect the overall challenges and ambitions of the larger disabled community. Her goal is to make images that embrace a sense of beauty while simultaneously affirms disability identity and awareness.” Mariam is an inspiring person in many ways, and is a great role model for not only living life in full, but helping others to as well through beauty and creativity.
Breaking Stereotypes at High Speeds: Top Entrepreneur & Speed Record Holder Rebecca Berneck
Living A Life In Full
How does one go from being a dancer in Prince’s films to a business consultant, start-up founder, mentor and one of Entrepreneur Magazine Top Small Company honoree to a record holding land speed racer on a vintage motorcycle? Well Rebecca Berneck tells us how, and much, much more in this information packed and quite fun conversation. In case you may not know, Rebecca is the founder and “Big Head” of Officeheads, Inc., a company that helps small businesses grow using financial management and analysis. Officeheads was named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2018 top small companies and was chosen for their impact, innovation, growth, leadership and business valuation. And Hubdoc named Officeheads one of North America’s Top 50 Cloud Accountants of 2018 as well. Rebecca also serves as a mentor at 1871, a Chicago-based organization that fosters technological growth and entrepreneurship, and she is past president of the board of the Evanston Chamber of Commerce. Early in her career, she was a Principal at Apogee Strategies, business manager at RNW Consulting, and an assistant at Sibson Consulting. While Rebecca is highly skilled in entrepreneurship, business coaching, finance, and process design—she has also road raced vintage motorcycles, holds several land speed records, and has raced at Bonneville on the famous salt flats. Rebecca is an amazing role model for breaking stereotypes of what may formerly have been seen as more so male dominated fields, and she does so with great humor and aplomb! She discusses her hacks and triumphs as well as her resiliency when faced with setbacks and problems, both on and off the track. She is the epitome of living life in full, and often at high speeds.
Living Limitless with Matt Bailey
Living A Life In Full
Matt Bailey is a world-traveling writer, photographer, travel consultant, and marketer. He founded and hosts “Canada’s Road to 150,” a 150-day Canada-wide multimedia road trip celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday. He also started Canadian Free Flyers, a membership site that teaches Canadians how to travel the world cost-effectively. Matt studied management and international marketing at The University of Lethbridge in Canada, where he met his wife. His studies took him to Southeast Asia and Denmark, but really, he’s been all over the world, which we discuss in detail in the global episode. He’s cracked the code to being location independent with an entrepreneurial flair that he teaches others how to do as well. Matt founded inspirational blog called “Live Limitless” with a focus on helping others go from “ordinary to extraordinary” and to “develop a limitless mindset.” He certainly walks-the talk as to the importance of bucket lists. In fact, he actually accomplished all 100 items on his first bucket list. If you know me you know I am a big fan of such lists. I developed my own as a teenager and have used it as a blueprint for my life. I also have spun off a time-limited, goal oriented travel project as well called “275 x 60.” Matt has lived his life in full fueled by his interests in travel and adventure, be it trying out for the Canadian Olympic speed skating team with no experience or swimming with sharks at night. He’s been to over 35 counties by my count, all over the United States, and to every province in Canada. Buckle up and enjoy the ride! Listen on iTunes or download here. You can also listen on Overcast, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play Music, and iHeartRADIO as well. Please subscribe on your favorite platform and never miss an episode. Here are the show notes. “Living a Life in Full” is the conversation you always wanted to have with that person who gave an amazing TED talk, or the author of one your favorite books, or that inspirational Olympian you always wanted to know more about. This show is for the intellectually curious. You want to not just know more about the interesting and the innovative, but also what makes them tick, and maybe even what makes them laugh. It’s graduate-level conversations with those making a difference in the world and the lives of others. This show brings you new ideas and approaches so you can live a life in full. The show is equal parts information and inspiration, but without the aphorisms and Pablum. We cover a wide range of topics in an engaging way—from Burning Man to The Renaissance Weekend, from the United Nations to top universities, Nobel Laureates to astronauts—we have an amazing Rolodex. Interviewees are a who’s who of high performance athletes, bestselling authors, high-caliber leaders, world changing humanitarians, innovative researchers, amazing start-up founders, clever life-hackers, paradigm busting thought-leaders and global innovators.
Dr. Kelly Torres on Global Innovation in Educational Psychology and Technology
Living A Life In Full
This is the second special edition episode of a limited-run series called Global Innovators—this is in addition to our ongoing monthly episodes. This Special Series focuses specifically work in the humanitarian intervention space. In this episode we meet Dr. Kelly Torres, the Chair of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s On-Line Department of Educational Psychology and Technology. In the international arena, Dr. Torres has developed a study abroad program in South Africa where she has provided professional development workshops for educators over the last four years. Her international work has resulted in partnerships with Non-Governmental Organizations, universities, and South African township schools. We do an in-depth discussion of Dr. Torres’ work as a global innovator in her leadership of the doctoral program in Educational Psychology and Technology as well as developing and managing international partnerships—first in South Africa, and next up in Botswana. She talks about the ethics and ethos of working collaboratively with a diverse group of peers and partnerships of comprised of graduate students and South African colleagues in conducting sustainable programs and collaborative work. Dr. Torres also shares how she manages international travel, faculty and departmental chair responsibilities, and parenting in this enlightening and inspiring episode. We also learn of what has spurred her professional passion and commitment to her work which is a wonderful demonstration of how she lives her life in full.  
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