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13. Flatliners: "You can't opt-in to getting murdered"
Hi Everybody - A Bad Medicine Podcast
What's the most medically accurate way to temporarily murder your friends? This week we're discussing 1990's Flatliners, starring Keifer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon, Oliver Platt, and Billy Baldwin. Somehow, this film manages to be LESS medically accurate than Human Centipede!
12. Human Centipede: "My whole life is poop."
Hi Everybody - A Bad Medicine Podcast
Human Centipede bills itself as 100% accurate, but is it really? Can a movie about sewing people together, face-to-butt, get everything right? We've put together a crack team of physicians - Dr. Jackson and guests Dr. Greg Winter and Dr. Courtney Nicholas - to investigate as part of our #Hortober series.
11. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle: "I didn't get pimped in my med school interviews"
Hi Everybody - A Bad Medicine Podcast
Jackson and Johnny discuss the medical moments in the 2004 stoner classic Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. In reality, it's very unlikely that your surgeon's brother will perform your operation, even if he is interviewing at prestigious med schools. Towards the end, Johnny learns all about intraosseous infusion, which is like getting an IV except it involves drilling into your bones.
10. The Office: The Injury - "Don't photobomb your kid's X-ray!"
Hi Everybody - A Bad Medicine Podcast
People put all sorts of things on burns. Butter... mayonnaise... mustard.  This week we discuss the medical accuracy of  "The Injury," S02E12 of The Office - and for once, we're talking mostly about what a show gets right! This episode does an excellent job depicting the progression of Dwight's concussion, and while Michael does everything wrong in treating his burnt foot, the things he gets wrong are all mistakes Jackson and other doctors see patients making on a regular basis.  Link to Reddit discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/Screenwriting/comments/dbfge2/the_offices_the_injury_gets_almost_all_the/
9. Bond: Die Another Day - "He's Getting A DNA-ectomy"
Hi Everybody - A Bad Medicine Podcast
"First, we're gonna wipe out your bone marrow and clean out your DNA." Johnny, Dr. Jackson, and guest Dr. Greg Winter discuss the glaring medical inaccuracies of the James Bond film Die Another Day. The biggest issues are related to "DNA replacement therapy, but this movie has everything! Shock paddles! Coma recovery fight scenes! Traumatic brain injury!  How is it that this film is less medically accurate than Crank?
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