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Dylan Casey is the host of the show Partially Examined Life, a philosophy podcast .


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Ep. 229: Descartes's Rules for Thinking (Part Two)
The Partially Examined Life
Continuing on René Descartes's Rules for Direction of the Mind (1628), covering rules 7 through the first part of the lengthy rule 12. We try to figure out what he means by "enumeration;" the faculties of imagination, sense and memory; the virtues of perspicacity and sagacity; his psychology of the senses, the "common sense" where all sense data comes together, and the understanding; how Descartes recommends we do scientific investigation; why syllogisms stink; and whether some people are just better at philosophy than others. Start with part 1. You don't need to wait for part 3; get the full, Citizen Edition now. Citizen Edition now? Please support PEL! Sponsor: Get 3 months of unlimited learning for $30 at thegreatcoursesplus.com/PEL.
Ep. 229: Descartes's Rules for Thinking (Part One)
The Partially Examined Life
On René Descartes's Rules for Direction of the Mind (1628). Is there a careful way to approach problems that will ensure that you'll always be right? What if you just never assert anything you can't be sure of? This is Descartes's strategy, modeled on mathematics. We likewise carefully move step-by-step through this text. This is part 1 of 3; get the whole discussion now via the Citizen Edition now? Please support PEL! Sponsor: Visit HempFusion.com for CBD supplements and use code PEL at check-out for 20% off/free shipping.
Pretty Much Pop #17: Comedy as Philosophy w/ Daniel Lobell
The Partially Examined Life
Are stand-up comedians the Modern Day Philosophers? This is the premise of Daniel's podcast, but really, only some comedians express original claims; many just tell jokes. Are those exceptional comics philosophizing? Does telling the whole, tragic truth rule out being funny? Daniel, Mark, Erica, and Brian consider Carlin, Gadsby, Chappelle, and others. For more, visit prettymuchpop.com. Hear bonus content for this episode at patreon.com/prettymuchpop. This podcast is part of the Partially Examined Life podcast network and is curated by openculture.com. Sponsor: Visit Keeps.com/EXAMINED for a free month of hair loss treatment.
Ep. 228: Social Construction of Race (Appiah, Mills) (Part Two)
The Partially Examined Life
Continuing on Kwame Anthony Appiah's "Race, Culture, Identity: Misunderstood Connections" (1994), Charles Mills's "But What Are You Really?, The Metaphysics of Race" (1998), and Neven Sesardic's "Race: A Social Destruction of a Biological Concept" (2010) with guest Coleman Hughes. Racial classifications vary geographically, therefore race is socially constructed. Given this, can we retain the positive aspects of group-identification without hierarchies and what Appiah calls "imperialism of identity?" Start with part one or get the full, ad-free Citizen Edition. Please support PEL! End song: "Tired Skin" by Alejandro Escovedo, as interviewed on Nakedly Examined Music #60. Sponsors: Get 3 months of unlimited learning for $30 at thegreatcoursesplus.com/PEL. Don't get left behind the now: subscribe to Pretty Much Pop. 
NEM#108: Mike Watt's Punk Operas
The Partially Examined Life
Ace bassist Mike started with punk legends MINUTEMEN in the early '80s, broke into the majors with fireHOSE going into the 90s, and was so beloved by the alternative music scene that his first solo album in '94 was star-studded, with Eddie Vedder and Dave Grohl in the supporting tour. Mike has released three concept albums over the years and has collaborated on dozes of projects as well as backing Iggy Pop in the reformed Stooges. We discuss "Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs" by Minutemen from What Makes a Man Start Fires (1983), "The Boilerman" from Contemplating the Engine Room (1997), the first, second, and last sections from Hyphenated-Man (2011), and "I Got Marty Feldman Eyes" from the Big Walnuts Yonder self-titled album (2017). We conclude by listening to "Yeah, We’re Gonna Learn to Fall" by Jumpstarted Plowhards from Round One (2019) featuring Todd Congelliere. Intro: "Walking the Cow" by fireHOSE from Flyin’ the Flannel (1991). For more, visit mikewatt.com. Sponsor: Visit mackwledon.com and use code EXAMINED for 20% off Hear more Nakedly Examined Music. Like our Facebook page. Support us on Patreon.
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