Elaina Jones has been a Learning and Development Consultant for over 10 years. During that time Elaina also became a certified Life Coach specializing in Youth and Family coaching. She is currently working on her second Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling to meet the licensing requirements to obtain her license as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. As the Host of the Cope Queens podcast, Elaina strives to challenge mental health stigmas which prevent those from seeking support and asking for help by sharing her own experiences with Depression, Social Anxiety, and General Anxiety Disorders.
“I was actually manic a lot of the times that I would take on workloads, and I would say, ‘Yes, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.’ I was conquering the world, but then it would all come crashing down and I would be more depressed than ever.” — Demi LovatoIn episode 18, Bipolar Disorder, Elaina is joined by comedian and podcaster, Sofia Elkin, and certified health and wellness coach, Saralyn Salisbury-Jones in a discussion about living and thriving with a Bipolar Disorder. There are many misconceptions when it comes to Bipolar Disorder, formerly known as manic depression. Bipolar disorder is a mental impairment that causes unusual shifts in energy, moods, activity levels, and concentration. Some may experience manic episodes, which are often presented as long periods of high energy, loss of sleep due to the reduced need for sleep, and for some, a loss touch of reality.Sofia explains, Bipolar 1 is when you actually have the manic episodes, they look different for everybody. So, you have like a lot of energy and you're not necessarily happy, but you are kind of on top of the world. You feel like you're untouchable.Sofia describes her manic episode as, it looked a lot like just risky behaviors, carelessness. I was hypersexual. I was going to bed around seven, eight in the morning, I wasn't tired. I didn't feel like I needed to sleep. Saralyn shares, Bipolar 2 often seems underdiagnosed because hypomania can present itself as like they're a go-getter. Because even though I was struggling with moods and shifting from highs and lows, all of the psychiatrists I had seen for a while, were like, well, you've never been manic, so it's not a mood disorder.Saralyn describes her lows as, unexpectedly feelings and thoughts of worthlessness, it would go from being very high functioning to not functioning where the idea of taking a shower was overwhelming.TranscriptSofia ElkinFacebook | https://www.facebook.com/sofiaelkincomedy/Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/yourex_ishere/?hl=dePodcast | https://linktr.ee/yourexishereSaralyn Salisbury-JonesInstagram | https://www.instagram.com/saralyn_strong/?hl=enWebsite | https://www.saralynsalisburyjones.com/Blog Post | When I Say I’ve Found Healing I’m Not Saying I’ve Found a Cure. Here’s Why.Resources, Connect and SubscribeFind Support | https://copequeens.com/find-support/Bipolar Disorder | https://www.nami.org/About-Mental-Illness/Mental-Health-Conditions/Bipolar-DisorderDialectical Behavioral Therapy | https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapy-types/dialectical-behavior-therapyListen | https://copequeens.com/episodes/Subscribe | https://plnk.to/copequeensFacebook | https://www.facebook.com/copequeenspodcast/Instagram | Support the show (http://paypal.me/copequeens)
"My alone feels so good, I'll only have you if you're sweeter than my solitude."– Warsan ShireIn episode 17, Wine Tears and Jellybeans, Elaina is joined by entrepreneur and vocal coach Katti Powell along with author and Relationship and Dating Coach Ieva Kambarovaite in a discussion about their experiences, challenges, anxieties when it comes to dating in their 40's.Dating at any age is a challenge. As we grow, learn mature, and discover who we are as individuals, one would think that dating and finding someone to connect with would become more comfortable. For some, that is not always the case. Our life experiences and journeys shape our worldview, and often we carry the weight of past experiences into new ones. How do we move beyond these fears and anxieties to find not only ourselves but a life partner?Elaina shares how she is often bombarded with inappropriate messages and requests for sexual favors within the first interaction with someone. Elaina also shares how overwhelming it can become when filtering through the scammers and fake profiles.Elaina said you have so many catfish out there. So many scammers out there. If I get one more person. Who tells me that they are in Syria on a peace mission or they are getting ready to lose their internet and they will, I am going to lose it.Katti shares how she has met some genuinely nice men; however, being recently divorced and adapting to the new style of dating, meaning, dating multiple people at the same time, is not what she anticipated.Katti said, Yeah. Okay, so I was married for 17 years when I, the last time I dated. Dating sites to the best of my knowledge didn't exist. I met some really amazing people. The men, at least that I was talking to in December, were saying, "I'm meeting all kinds of women, and I'm dating all kinds of people all at once." And I was like, huh? What?Ieva said it's very difficult for men as well. I know there was more choice for men, way more choice because you know, women are beautiful and they know they're right angles and all these things, but it's very difficult for guys out there as well.Ieva added, some guys, they like mature older women because they like the quality of the conversation. They like the fact that. A woman really knows herself. TranscriptKatti PowellFacebook | https://www.facebook.com/kattipowellWebsite | https://singwithoutlimits.com/Ieva KambarovaiteInstagram | https://www.instagram.com/ieva.kambWebsite | https://whyamistillsinglebook.com/YouTube | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFSlUJxNAw0Resources, Connect and SubscribeFind Support | https://copequeens.com/find-support/Listen | https://copequeens.com/episodes/Subscribe | https://plnk.to/copequeensFacebook | https://www.facebook.com/copequeenspodcast/Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/copequeenspodcast/Twitter | https://twitter.com/copequeensSupport the show (http://paypal.me/copequeens)
"Positive feelings come from being honest about yourself and accepting your personality, and physical characteristics, warts and all, and, from belonging to a family that accepts you without question."– Willard ScottIn episode 16, Feel the Feels with Connie Anne Holman, Elaina is joined by a licensed therapist and life coach, Connie Anne Holman, and they discuss how to allow yourself to feel whatever you're feeling without judgment and the importance of not suppressing your feelings.They took a deep dive into what it means not to judge your feelings or to label them as good or bad or right or wrong. They discussed how to get to a place of self-acceptance and self-compassion. Connie shares many strategies and insights she has implemented along her journey to get to a place of self-love and self-appreciation.Connie shared her meaning of being a heart-centered coach, there's a lot of things that we use, experience, disappointment, rejection, let downs, heartbreak. Just different things that affect us. And then that, in turn, affects our thoughts and affects our thinking. But I believe that a lot of what we do, a lot of what drives our behavior happens in the heart.Elaina discussed her emotional roller coaster since being quarantined, I have gone through many highs and lows, some that I didn't even anticipate. I feel like I'm not allowed to feel bad or have a negative feeling.Connie shared when you just sit in the feeling when you sit in your sadness when you sit in your disappointment, and you sit in your letdowns, and you let the feeling kind of evolve and explore it you'll find that the feeling will pass way more quickly than you trying to force it to pass.As the conversation evolved, they also discussed the pressure many of us as mothers place on ourselves by comparing ourselves to other mothers. Elaina and Connie explore the pitfalls comparing our "lowlight reel" to someone else's "highlight reel."TranscriptConnie Anne HolmanInstagram | https://www.instagram.com/connieanneholmancoaching/Website | https://www.connieanneholman.com/Work from Home Course Bundle | https://workfromhome.podia.com/bundle/t71hn?coupon=SPECIALResources, Connect and SubscribeFind Support | https://copequeens.com/find-support/Listen | https://copequeens.com/episodes/Subscribe | https://plnk.to/copequeensFacebook | https://www.facebook.com/copequeenspodcast/Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/copequeenspodcast/Twitter | https://twitter.com/copequeensSupport the show (http://paypal.me/copequeens)
"A hope warrior is someone who is always working on themselves so that they can better encourage others, refrain from judgment, keep an open heart, and ultimately spread hope.” – Hope Warrior ProjectBonus Episode, Hope Warrior Project, Elaina interviews Stephanie Martino and Lydia Zuniga, the women behind the Hope Warrior Project. Elaina introduced the Hope Warrior Project in Episode 3, The Strong Black Woman Syndrome. The Hope Warrior Project is a community that helps women identify their strengths, and they create togetherness. They have a fabulous Hope Warrior Academy, where they go through different books, mindfulness activities, and connect it to their lives and learn different strategies of coping with life and being vulnerable.TranscriptResources, Connect, Shop, and SubscribeHope Warrior Project on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HopeWarriorProject)Find Support (https://copequeens.com/find-support)Shop (https://copequeens.com/shop)Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/copequeenspodcast)Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/copequeenspodcast)Twitter (https://twitter.com/copequeens)Support the show (http://paypal.me/copequeens)
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