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S02E08 - I'm King of the Worlds!
Episode of
Can I Thwipp It?
Another week of us talking about how hard comics rule!! Comics are so tight...take a listen as Eli and Manus get really psyched up about comics.   This week we got so into our books that we we really went off on a few amazing reads!!  Silver Surfer Black, is so, so RADD!! (eli)  We continue with Manus' Hunted recap, epic y'all, epic...  Epic Illustrated Vol 1 #27 feat. Groo, Cobalt 60 (By Vaughn and Mark Bodé)  and a killer Galactus story. and that's it man.  Just Epic nerd talk from two jazzed up nerds.   Have a listen! 
S02E07 - The Quest for Goat Baby pt.3 VICTORY!
Episode of
Can I Thwipp It?
Twas Another fantastic week for comic books! The quest for the Sonny Angel Goat Baby has concluded and Manus has emerged victorious... Thanks angel baby luck! After an arduous battle with the lords of the blind box japanLA broke down and sold manus the Goat baby in the display. YYYYAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!!!   Another killer week of new books too!!  Tank Girl - Eli Batman TMNT 3 #2 - Eli More into Immortal Hulk - Manus Drawing Blood #1 - Eli  AMS Hunted - Manus Then we debut Manus' new song "Serve It Cold feat. Lauren Hashian" and it bangs, obviously.  Another great week!!!  
S02E06 The Quest for Goat Baby part 2
Episode of
Can I Thwipp It?
This week, Manus continues his quest for Goat Baby, will he find it?  You'll have to tune in to find out...  Manus got a ton more blind boxes and we tear em open...what did he get??? We get Jazzy and then we get into NEW BOOKS:  Manus: Street Fighter Pin Up Special 2019 Eli: Killer Groove  Star Trek Year 5 #2 TMNT Urban Legends Spawn #297 Mage 6 (First Color Grendel)  Street Angel #1 Image Firsts X-Men Grand Design: X-Tinction #1 Both: Batman Last Knight on Earth Manus’ Spidy Stax Manus’ new toy Eli: Copra and Afrodesiac Tons of fun this week also Manus' pushes Hamburger helper and we talk a lot! Hey!  Hit us up on instagram to win free comics!! 
S02E05 The Quest for Goat Baby part 1
Episode of
Can I Thwipp It?
Another wild week for these Thwippers. Scooting through town in search of little Goat Babies and delayed comix...Check it out!!  This week was DOMINATED by Manus's quest for "Goat Baby." That is from the "Sonny Angel Animal Series 4" line of blind boxes we found at JapanLA in Little Tokyo. Then we got some new books.  Eli: 1. Batman Maxx was delayed a month  2. Star Trek The Q Conflict #4 3. Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls #1 4. Major X  Manus: 1. Silencer 17 2. Some Spidy Book.  Then we talk about some comic news including Spawn #300 and as always, some Spidy news.  Then we rock out to "Great" by Manus, it's a really good song man!  Another thwippin' awesome week!! Enjoy!  
S02E04 - SH FigArts Bring Arts...100 Years Later!
Episode of
Can I Thwipp It?
Another eventful day of diggin' and eatin' as chronicled by Eli and Manus. Blind Boxes, Movies and Nashville chicken, OH MY!  This week we went to a bunch of places but we started off at The Jungle. There we got some Blind Boxes and Manus spazzed, again.  Then off to Shop Called Quest for new Books!  Eli: Spider-Man Life Story #3 Shredder in Hell #3 Supernaut by Jim Mahfood Manus:  Immortal Hulk  Amazing Spider-Man #21 Eli also went to FlipSide comics, a sweet record and comics show in Woodland Hills and got some great Old Books!  Also, HOWLIN' RAYS!!!  The boys got to take in two amazing fils this week as well.  What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Detective Pikachu and Batman vs. TMNT finally came out. We watched a few fight scenes (Eli watched the full movie twice) and then chatted about it.  Another great week of Nerdom!!! We love it!!   
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