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Gwyneth x Kerry Washington: Staying Mentally and Emotionally Fit
The goop Podcast
GP sat down with Kerry Washington in front of a live audience, and they started reminiscing about going to the same all-girls school in New York City. They talked about how their education shaped the trajectory of their lives in different ways (and also about that time Jennifer Lopez was Washington’s dance teacher). Washington told us why her heart breaks a little for her eleven-year-old self and what it was like learning to navigate her feelings. She talked about the role race plays in her life and in one of her newest projects, American Son, a Broadway play turned Netflix feature. And they talked about the other roles they’ve played as actors, mothers, and stepmothers—and the experience of stepping into your power as a woman. (For more, see The goop Podcast hub.)
Using Food as Medicine
The goop Podcast
“We need to do something different to feel something different,” says Will Cole, DC, functional medicine practitioner and cohost of the goopfellas podcast. Today, he’s talking with chief content officer and friend Elise Loehnen about why so many of us feel chronically unwell. He takes us through the roots of inflammation and the two elimination food plans designed to soothe them, outlined in his new book The Inflammation Spectrum. He explains why certain foods work for certain people and not others and how we can all identify the foods that help us feel our best—without resorting to deprivation or shame. And Cole answers some keto questions: why we get stuck in sugar-burning mode, how to burn fat for fuel, and the basis of Ketotarian, his first book and way of eating. (For more, see The goop Podcast hub.)
When Our Stories Move the Culture
The goop Podcast
“I have more freedom than I’ve ever had,” says Catt Sadler, journalist and host of the podcast NAKED. After more than a decade of working at E! Entertainment, Sadler, who has won three Emmys, chose to leave over a wage gap issue. Today, she sits down with chief content officer Elise Loehnen to talk about becoming an entrepreneur and your own boss in life. She explains why anger sometimes pushes us to take action in the right direction. And Sadler and Loehnen talk about why they believe we’re living in an age of vulnerability, about the permission we look for to just be ourselves, and about the space we need to create to have the raw conversations that push us forward. (For more, see The goop Podcast hub.)
Gwyneth x Barry Michels: How to Think Less and Do More
The goop Podcast
“We would much rather think than do,” says Barry Michels, psychotherapist and coauthor of The Tools and Coming Alive. He sat down with GP at In goop Health London to share his tools for letting go of negativity, for holding pain, and for doing the difficult things that bring us fulfillment. They also talk a lot about the feminine and masculine forces at work in the culture and within each of us, what happens when they get out of balance, and how we can recalibrate. Michels explains why he believes in healthy entitlement, and GP asks him how we can invite the truth into our relationships. (For more, see The goop Podcast hub.)
How We Misunderstand Privilege
The goop Podcast
“We’re so caught up in our own sense of not belonging,” says Elaine Welteroth, “that we aren’t even recognizing that we’re all in it together.” The former editor in chief of Teen Vogue and the author of More than Enough joins Elise Loehnen to talk about making space for ourselves and others at the office and in love. Welteroth believes that struggle and heartbreak serve a purpose and that hers have shown her that she is far more resilient than she had imagined. They talk about coming into their own as women and as leaders. They talk about race, colorism, diversity, white privilege, “the pretty privilege,” and how we can push all of these conversations forward. (For more, see The goop Podcast hub.)
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