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E49 How To Be A Hot Girl
Schnitt Talk
This week on Schnitt Talk we're giving you a crash course on how to convince people you're hot, regardless of your appearance. A few tweaks and tips will go a long way (2:45).WMTSTW has a nice little trick to remember every time your anxiety gets the best of you (24:40). FTB's we're talking Football Season vs. Your Girlfriend. How do you keep her happy without compromising catching all the games (30:30). Also, a tip for the perfect revenge when a guy lies about hooking up with you, or what you did together (47:00).What do you do if your significant other has a really niche hobby that you just can not relate to (53:40).Songs:Like Me Better by LauvI'm A Mess by Bebe RexhaAll Of My Friends Are Rich by UPSAHLS.L.U.T. by Bea Miller
Snacc: Kelly Keegs
Schnitt Talk
Kelly Keegs joins this week's Snacc episode to answer your DM's!What do you do if you hate your friends boyfriend? (12:25)Celebrating your friend's successes when you're unhappy with your life (17:00)Dealing with jealousy and bitterness When is it okay to remain friends with your friend's ex? (27:15)
E48 Being Back-Burnered
Schnitt Talk
The fun continues this week starting off with a few juicy announcements and some drama from over the weekend. Love a good rant and some tea. Tuesday Morning Thoughts this week we are jumping all the way back to 2012 and talking "things". Why did we ever stop using that term? It's the best way to describe this type of relationship fetus. Lets talk about the do's and don'ts of your new "thaaangg" (26:00). WMTSTW has a nice little meditation practice to use every time you start overthinking or have anxiety (48:35). Marty Mush joins this week's FTB segment and gives us a very insightful, and terrifying, look into the mind of the average dating male. Are you a back-burner girl? He'll tell you the signs to look out for if you're being played (55:20).Songs:Like Me Better by LauvI'm A Mess by Bebe RexhaChasing Tail by Win and WooS.L.U.T. by Bea Miller 
Snacc ft. Lost Kings
Schnitt Talk
Happy Friday! Lost Kings join this week's Snacc episode once again to discuss: How long should you wait after a hook up to reach out, without seeming too eager? Is Instagram ruining your relationship?Should you stop liking instagram models/ other girls pictures?Is social media ruining hook up culture?College tips and tricks
E47 T**s Out For The Boys
Schnitt Talk
Summer is already officially over! And although that's sad, we awkwardly realize that, hey, we're really ~really ~happy right now. Tuesday Morning Thoughts this week is all about navigating girl/friend code when it comes to hooking up with someone your friend has been with. When is it okay,  or is it ever even okay? (14:45) What My Therapist Said This Week is a reminder to stop feeding into unnecessary chaos and drama in your life, and embrace the quiet sometimes( 34:00). FTB, Ellie tells a story about how she almost fought Alanna's boyfriend over a misunderstanding, which leads into a discussion about how guys should behave when it comes to how their girlfriend dresses, specifically if she wants to show a little skin that day (48:30). 
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