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Emma Johnson is a veteran money writer, noted blogger and host of the podcast Like a Mother with Emma Johnson.
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The Power of Pussy with Mama Gena
Like a Mother
Earlier this year I interviewed an incredible woman, someone whose work has changed the way I feel about my body, sexuality, gender and life:  Regena Thomashauser, aka Mama Gena, who, through her in-person and online workshops called Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, and books by the same name, Thomashauer offers a fascinating history on the power of female sensuality and sexuality, biology lessons on female anatomy and the possibilities (and fruits of) hours-long orgasms. Our interview, re-released here, hinged on the release of her latest book, Pussy: A Reclamation, which was released a few weeks ago. Leading up to the book launch, I noticed on social media that Thomashauer and her team pleaded with fans to promote her new title, since Facebook banned her doing so, since it contained the lewd word, pussy. I got a little worried for her, knowing full well that paid social media promotion is considered one of the most powerful marketing tools today. How would she get the word out about her work if social media prudes banned it? Well, ladies, pussy is powerful, and Pussy, A Reclamation, hit the New York Times bestseller list, not the least of because Mama Gena used this sort of pussy-shaming as an opportunity to explore the sexism and female shaming that shrouds that very word that was banned. Then, something magical happened. That's right, just a few days after her book hit the shelves, videos of Donald Trump bragging about grabbing women's pussies became the No. 1 trending topic on Facebook. And pussy, the power of the word, the power of the organ, the power of the feminine and everything that Mama Gena promotes in Pussy: A Reclamation, was now blurted and bantered in every single mainstream media outlet. There you have it: The power of the pussy. To celebrate this success, and to celebrate your pussy and mine, and to support the candidates who has a pussy, I republished this episode. It was simply delightful to interview Mama Gena, and you need to hear her message" Why “pussy” (and not vagina, vulva, yoo-hoo, or … like my friend grew up calling her, ‘chicken’) and what that word really, truly means. The urgent need for for women everywhere to prioritize the learning of what pleases their every senses — a practice that guarantees  attracting the biggest genuine fulfillment and success in career, parenting, romance, and global domination.  Thomashauser’s own journey as a divorced mother of a young daughter, while dating and building a seven-figure business. Why she appreciates that her first post-divorce love affair — with a remarkable, wealthy, glamorous man who adored her — ended, freeing her to manifest her life’s work. How to nurture your daughters’ sensuality even if you are struggling to nurture your own. Her reaction when I told her I tried to do a word count on “pussy” in the PDF of her new book, but there were too many to tally. The power of PJ (don’t know what PJ is? Hint: it’s pussy juice) and right there in my Times Square studio, two grown women harvested and applied a dab of her own behind her ear. Full episode transcript here: https://www.wealthysinglemommy.com/likeamother-mama-gena-redeux-nyt-bestseller-pussy-reclamation/
How this work-at-home mom launched a 7-figure social media business
Like a Mother
In the 90s, social media entrepreneur Kim Garst was sick of being broke, so she launched a seven-figure business from her dining room table with no marketing. When she maxed out on that web design business, Garst became involved in a wildly successful network marketing business, which morphed into consulting, and eventually Boom Social, a social media marketing firm that is considered a leader in its industry. In this episode, Kim and I discuss: How the heck she is such an involved mom of two, and wife, while building these killer businesses. Her innate comfort with making money. Why her derailment from plans to attend law school by motherhood was the best thing that happened to her career. Why selling your knowledge is often far more lucrative and impactful than doing the actual job. The importance of surrounding yourself with other positive, ambitious people. Her husband's attitude about her professional and financial success. How this work-at-home mom launched a 7-figure social media business
How to be a financial grownup with Bobbi Rebell
Like a Mother
Why is everyone such a financial mess? Why do successful, highly educated women have zero idea what is going on in their finances — and abandon their financial power to men? What do really successful people have to say about money and success? Bobbi Rebell, Reuters anchor and author of the new How to Be a Financial Grownup: Proven Advice from High Achievers on How to Live Your Dreams and Have Financial Freedom answers these questions and more. Rebell, who is divorced, and remarried with a stepson, shares: What Ivana Trump taught her daughter Ivanka Trump about hard work and entitlement. Why 'fake it till you make it' is the brilliance behind Cynthia Rowley's fashion empire. How the heck she got Tony Robbins to write the book's forward. Can you attract a great man if you earn more than most men have a successful, high-profile career (asking for a friend)? Moreover, can you sustain a successful marriage if the wife earns more than the husband?
Making more money instead of spending less with Jean Chatzky
Like a Mother
Jean Chatzky is a personal finance journalist, bestselling author of eight books and financial editor for NBC's Today Show. Here we talk about: Focus on earning vs. skimping - especially for women. "Your financial life doesn't work how much you save if you're not bringing in money." "I enjoy earning money, it makes me feel safe, confident and independent." Why she wished her latest book was entitled "Don't Bitch, Get Rich." Her new book, Age Proof about living until 100 without going broke. The incredibly toxic power of financial stress, your physical, emotional health. Why you don't have to be wealthy, but a regular, consistent saver to build a healthy lifestyle and secure future. Women really have much higher stakes when it comes to money: we earn less, live longer, are more likely to be responsible for raising children and caring for older relatives. It doesn't need to take a ton of time to manage your finances in a powerful way. The prevalence of women choosing to not be involved in family finances, having no idea about where the money is, what accounts are open, which are in their name, their spouse's income. The big fallout of not being financially astute for married women. "You need to be able to go out and buy a cup of coffee or shoes without asking permission. That is the way adult people function in the world." Jean's top 3 tips for women seeking financial independence. Full episode transcript here: https://www.wealthysinglemommy.com/jean-chatzky/
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