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Fernando Camacho is a dog behavior consultant, trainer, and host of The Great Dog Adventure Podcast and FernDog Podcast.
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FernDog150: How To Achieve More Success As A Dog Trainer
FernDog Podcast: Dog Training & Behavior Tips and Advice
DOGBIZ SERIES – This episode is for all my dog trainer friends. We’ll discuss 7 keys to having a successful, long term business as a dog trainer. I’ll share with you some of the things that I’ve done to grow my business over the last ten years to give you some new things to try for yourself to have more success. In this episode 0:50  Why I’m doing dog business episodes 2:28  How I started out 5:08  Get smart 8:20  Learning the business side of things 12:20  The dangers of being a “dog person” 14:44  Casting judgement 20:04  Developing the right relationships 22:38  We’re all on the same team Links Free guide: 5 Quick & Simple Ways To Promote Your Dog Training Business
FernDog149: 6 Reasons Why Your Dog Doesn’t Listen
FernDog Podcast: Dog Training & Behavior Tips and Advice
Many people are frustrated and angry at their dogs because they “just don’t listen.” This common problem is usually less about the dog and more about the situation we put them in. In this episode, I’ll show you your dog’s perspective and explain exactly why your dog isn’t as compliant as you like and then show you the ways you can change things and get your dog to take more direction on a regular basis. In this episode 2:11  Expecting the wrong thing 4:15  Practice matters 6:42  Reassessing your expectations 9:35  Is energy killing you 12:00  Your outer environment 14:50  Assessing and improving your relationship
FernDog148: Understanding The Dog You Have
FernDog Podcast: Dog Training & Behavior Tips and Advice
So many people are frustrated with their dog’s behavior when the dog is just being himself. It’s not that they want to misbehave, it’s that they are just acting according to their personality characteristics. In this episode, we’ll explore how you can better understand where your dog is coming from so you can finally see your dog for who he really is and create a better world for the both of you. In this episode 1:59  My upcoming speaking engagements 4:58  The role of breed 7:00  Personality first 10:03  Different dogs, different experience 13:24  Using training 15:50  Creating a happy balance Links World Dog Expo
FernDog147: Finding The Right Veterinarian
FernDog Podcast: Dog Training & Behavior Tips and Advice
Considering they are responsible for your dogs health and wellbeing, choosing the right veterinarian is a pretty important task. Just like everything else there are good vets and bad ones. This episode will help you determine how to find the absolute best veterinarian for you and your dog so that you can feel confident that you’re getting great care that’s the right fit for you. In this episode 2:10  all vets are not equal 5:48  the most important thing to consider 10:49  the right mindset for a vet 14:59  don’t bargain shop 17:36  I finally found my vet 19:44  ask questions 22:31  what veterinarians DON’T know
FernDog146: Why I Don’t Like Fenced In Yards
FernDog Podcast: Dog Training & Behavior Tips and Advice
This may shock a lot of people out there but I believe that having a fenced in yard increased the chances of behavior issues and I actually don’t like them for dogs if used improperly. I know that’s hard to understand, considering almost every other dog “authority” says that a fenced in yard is a plus for having a dog. Take a listen to my reasons and you just might find yourself rethinking that fenced in yard of yours. In this episode 1:32  Pointing the figure at rescues 4:42  Exercise? . . . no 6:24  Dogs will be dogs – always 7:58  The repetitions will hurt you 10:30  My encounter with an “undomesticated” dog 12:00  The one thing you NEED to do but don’t if you have a fenced in yard 13:51  Call I got that proves it all 16:44  My plea for rescues
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