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Frank Lourence

Host, Editor & Producer of Geek Freaks & Outlast Podcast
Producing and hosting podcasts since 2017. Also working in YouTube. Main podcast projects are Geek Freaks and Outlast Podcast.
Recent episodes featuring Frank Lourence
4. Survivor: Island of Idols S39E4 Plan Z
Outlast Podcast
Hey all! This episode felt like we were getting back on track. Strong tribe life, challenge and tribal. Plus we see Noura unleashed as she scrambles to lie her way into an idol.  Twitter: @OutlastPodcast1
Arcade vs Pass, Boycott Blizzard, Breakpoint Review, Arrowverse Recap
Geek Freaks
Arcade vs Pass: 0:50 Boycott Blizzard: 16:30 Ghost Recon Breakpoint Review: 57:30 Arrowverse Recap: 1:18:00  Hey all! This week we start with Apple Arcade vs Google Pass Play. Both are really a good deal being only $5 a month. In the end it comes down to selection and game development. We then review Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The latest in the Ghost Recon acts as a sequel to Wildlands with Nomad taking the lead again. We are in a very new environment with many new features but some of the excellent controls we’ve come to expect from Tom Clancy games. Next is a tough one for us. We discuss the scandal out of Blizzard over their ban of a player who endorsed the Hong Kong protests on a post-match stream. As a Blizzard fans we are hurt to see such actions from Blizzard, especially with the approaching BlizzCon coverage we have planned for the podcast. Lastly we do a full recap of the Arrowverse. This is the last season of Arrow and first season of Batwomen. The absolute best time to join the fandom. we go over all the shows and give you a quick rundown of each season so your ready to jump into the current stories.   YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: E-mail: Patreon: Store: Twitch: Site:
3. Survivor: Island of Idols S39E3 Honesty Would Be Chill
Outlast Podcast
 Hey all! This week we see our biggest challenge from Island of the Idols yet as Vince has to sneak into the other camp for fire. We also have Karishma feeling left out and eventually fighting to stick around.   Twitter: @Outlastpodcast1
*BONUS* Joker Review - Spoiler Warning!!!
Geek Freaks
Hey all! Let's get into all the details of joker! We have our spoiler filled Joker review. We go over all the moments of the movie and our thoughts and emotions about what is happening.  YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: E-mail: Patreon: Store: Twitch: Site:
Joker Spoiler Free Review, Interview With Comic Creator Mindy Indy, and NYCC 2019 Announcements
Geek Freaks
Hey all! The first thing we are talking about this week is the new Joker Film. This is one of those movies you must go to dinner afterwards so you can process the message of this movie with friends. The slow mental decent of Arthur Fleck was heart wrenching and triumphant. At story feels both impossible and very true. Next is our interview with Mindy Indy about here new comic book “Aer Head”. Aer Head is a comic that follows Aer (lifeguard/surfer) as he struggles to control he’s ESP. The art style is much like the an 80’s cartoon or an anime and challenge the reader by morphing comic book panel norms. Lastly we go over the news out of New York comic Con. New comic series and trailers are abound and we are hyped to discuss them!   YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: E-mail: Patreon: Store: Twitch: Site:
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