Gary Slutkin is a physician and founder & CEO at Cure Violence. He formerly worked at World Health Organization.
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7 Deadly Sins
TED Radio Hour
Original broadcast date: February 6, 2016. Sinful behavior is human, and nearly impossible to avoid. In this hour, TED speakers talk about the guilty pleasure of behaving badly and the challenge of confronting sin — and avoiding it. Guests include psychologist Christopher Ryan, former Oklahoma City mayor Mick Cornett, activist Dave Meslin, epidemiologist Gary Slutkin, entrepreneur Nick Hanauer, book editor Parul Seghal, and record-holding Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings.
Gary Slutkin on Reducing Gun Violence
CaseyCast - the monthly podcast of The Annie E. Casey Foundation
Lisa Hamilton, Vice President of External Affairs at The Annie E. Casey Foundation, interviews Dr. Gary Slutkin, on the subject of Reducing Gun Violence. Dr Gary Slutkin is the founder of Cure Violence, a professor of epidemiology and international health at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a senior advisor to the World Health Organization. To learn more about this CaseyCast episode, visit
Seven Deadly Sins
TED Radio Hour
Seven TED speakers muse about the seven deadly sins: Psychologist Christopher Ryan says human beings are sexual omnivores, and a more nuanced understanding of fidelity may tamp down our shame about lust.  Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett explains how his city sidestepped gluttony and collectively dropped one million pounds. Activist Dave Meslin says even though we’re apathetic about local politics, we’re hardly sloths. Dr. Gary Slutkin tracks violence, the destructive sibling of wrath. He says if we think of violence as a contagious disease, we can better contain it. Nick Hanauer is a rich guy with at least five houses, but is he greedy? He argues taxing the very rich and increasing the minimum wage would be good for everyone. Editor Parul Sehgal says literature would hardly exist without the “grim thrill” of envy. Jeopardy Know-it-All Ken Jennings reveals how losing to a supercomputer crushed his pride.
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