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This episode with returning guest Josh Peck was originally recorded live on March 27, 2020 just a few weeks into the lock down and the consequent economic crash. While many people including Gonz had been warning about the fragility of the economy and the stock market after the Federal Reserve started printing multiple billions of dollars for the REPO markets throughout the latter half of 2019, the response from the Government amidst this crisis in March caused everyone to take sides on political lines. Both Basil and Gonz weren’t terribly excited about Josh’s position regarding the logic behind bailing out the largest corporations by printing trillions of dollars out of thin air, but it goes to show that during difficult times, every issue can become divisive. However, the disagreements don’t change the fact that Josh is a beloved friend, brother in Christ, and still one of the best guests in the history of Canary Cry Radio. If anything, this conversation serves as an example of how we can agree to disagree, and still have a civil discussion while rejoicing in the Lord! As of this post, the Federal Reserve continues to propose printing multiple billions of dollars, while unemployment has remained at all times highs for the United States. Small businesses face great risk while large corporations, even ones that have gone bankrupt, continue to receive stock market pumps, as the zombie corporations remain alive in this time of corporate communism. The United States Federal Reserve has printed more money in one month in 2020 than they had in over 100 years. To put into perspective how much they have printed, consider the year Jesus ascended to heaven after His resurrection around 33 A.D. Now imagine printing $8 million EVERY SINGLE DAY SINCE! As of this post, the total dollars would STILL NOT ADD UP TO THE $6 TRILLION THEY HAVE PRINTED THIS YEAR! In fact, they would still need a little under $200 BILLION to reach $6 trillion! With the nation under heavy mind control with the scam-demic, and the instigation of the “race wars,” it appears the New World Order is right on schedule. If that wasn’t enough, Josh’s son Nathan has gone through life threatening health issues over the course of the last couple years. Please pray for Nathan and the entire Peck family. And do consider helping them financially, as the Peck family health bills add up. YOU CAN SUPPORT NATHAN FINANCIALLY HERE: https://www.dailyrenegade.com/donate Join us live on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Dlive, and Periscope/Twitter! And make sure to visit the CanaryCry.Community for some unhindered social media off of the facebags and tweeters! Basil and Gonz are spending most of our time publishing over at Canary Cry News Talk (dot) com so make sure to check it out! Please visit the SUPPORT PAGE if you feel called to help Basil and Gonz feed their babies and kittens! Check out Gonz’ Bitchute channel as a back up after several of his videos have been deleted by YouTube.
When it comes to the topic of UFOs and Aliens addressed by the community of Christian truthers, it’s often associated with the negative aspects of the phenomenon. This is because in truth, alien abductions not only happen to echo historical accounts of demonic encounters, but contemporary experiences of sleep paralysis as well. Less traumatic for the most part are UFO sightings, which in reality can be anything from an airplane, a secret government craft, to swamp gas, or even an actual inter-dimensional creature of some kind. But with Alien Abductions, there are terrifying reports of physical pain, loss of time, even more disturbing encounters like rape and even a kind of hybrid child bearing program, which are all highlighted by Christian’s who correctly see the phenomenon as rooted in a demonic deception. While it is true that the narrative of the Nephilim, rebel Sons of God who mated with the daughters of Adam in the antediluvian world (Genesis 6), and even Biblical demonology in the New Testament, all inform us of the evil agenda behind genuine Alien Abductions, the ideas shared by our guest concerning a potential connection with the Bible and UFOs as a separate phenomenological category might be new to you. So keep an open mind! The Bible speaks of a heavenly host, chariots of fire, and even God himself mounting a Cherubim and flying around (Psalm 18). In fact, Psalm 68 speaks of the Chariots of God being numbered in the tens of thousands! So what did that look like? To the modern viewer, would this have looked like a fleet of UFOs like the ancient astronaut theorists suggest? Even so, would that necessarily mean that God is some kind of alien? Hardly! God is still God, no matter how He choses to get around. But when considering specific details of the theophanies in Scripture, would what the prophets saw in their visions thousands of years ago look to us like mere high tech, or perhaps something that can be experienced or imagined much more readily in 2020 thanks to advanced technological gadgetry like VR, AR, gaming, and Sci-fi action films? If we are to hastily assume that ALL genuine UFO sightings are actually rebel Watchers traveling around in some kind of inter-dimensional “chariot,” could we be dismissing the fact that God and His heavenly host not only might have a similar mode of transportation, but that the eschatological passages about His glorious return might appear like the most EPIC UFO INVASION EVER to a deceived world who will consider Him an enemy to mankind? We know that Satan is the “Prince of the Power of the Air” (Eph. 2:2) and rebel gods like Baal are described as the “cloud rider” in ancient Sumerian mythology. At the same time, not only do we find literary subversion of Yahweh being the true “Cloud Rider” in the Old Testament (Deut. 33:26), but a resurrected Jesus Himself ascended behind the clouds, and was declared by the angels that He would return to earth the same way (Acts 1:9, 11). And as we deepen our understanding of how Jesus was, as Dr. Mike Heiser aptly puts it in his recent book title, “Reversing Hermon” against the rebel Sons of God (Deut. 32:8), His second coming, and our joining Him in the air become the eschatological moment that all of us believers should be rejoicing in…because it’s going to be SUPER EPIC no matter what mode of transportation the Lord chooses to reveal to us at that time!!! On this episode, we are joined by first time guest, Ali Siadatan. He is the man behind THINK AGAIN PRODUCTIONS, and the film UFOs, ALIENS ANGELS and GODS – Alien Abductions Explained (2006). The documentary film includes commentary from the late Dr. Chuck Missler, Dr. David Jacobs, and many others who are well studied in this fringe subject. DISCLAIMER: Remember that while you might not agree with all the details shared by our guests, the point of this show is to stay as Biblically grounded as possible, so we can freely THINK OUTSIDE THE CAGE! LINKS JOIN THE CANARYCRY.COMMUNITY or be Zucked by the Mark Beast Man! Visit Ali’S Website: https://thinkagainproductions.com/ Here’s the screenshot of 666 views on one of our community threads I mentioned in the outro (it has since moved beyond this awful number):
Was the Harlot Queen of Israel merely a pure evil witch who wanted to destroy God’s chosen and ruin the lives of anyone around her? Not exactly according to the Scriptures. It’s a little more complicated. In this episode, multi-time guest Brian Godawa returns with yet another Biblically based fiction book for the Chronicles of the Watchers series, JEZEBEL: HARLOT QUEEN OF ISRAEL! We discuss the complexity behind Jezebel, mostly found in the book of 1st and 2nd Kings, but also how it all ties together with the greater story arc of God vs the gods, the watchers, the Nephilim, the chosen people of ancient Israel, and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Support us on Patreon! Canary Cry News Talk (We do it every week!) Visit Brians Website! Get JEZEBEL! Make sure to become a member of CanaryCry.Community! And don’t forget to check out Canary Cry Radio dot Com, slash SUPPORT!
In this episode, seven watchmen who lead the conversations at October’s Hear The Watchmen conference in Orange County, California, each sit down with Basil for a short chat. Sharon Gilbert, Steven Bancarz, Gary Huffman, Mike Kerr, David Heavener, Carl Teichrib, and Chris Taylor from Don’t Let Them Burn round out the seven. Hear the Watchmen provided a place in Southern California where like-minded believers could congregate and explore the world through the unhindered truths delivered in Scripture. Visit HEAR THE WATCHMEN to stay on top of UPCOMING CONFERENCES! https://www.hearthewatchmen.com/ Support us on PATREON! https://www.patreon.com/canarycryradio Also, you can HIRE GONZ! https://hiregonz.com/ And you can HIRE BASIL! (Coming Soon!) CANARY CRY COMMUNITY FORUM **NEW** https://www.canarycry.community/ Make sure to listen to Canary Cry News Talk CCNT! https://canarycrynewstalk.com/ Listen to THE JOYSPIRACY THEORY! http://www.thejoyspiracytheory.com/
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