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Harry Duran is the host of the iTunes-featured show, Podcast Junkies, in which he interviews interesting show hosts, who tell the story of how they started their show and what motivates them to continue, he is also the creator of PodFunnel, as cloud-based (SAAS) tool targeted at solo podcasters.
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207 Andrew Mason - Democratizing Podcast Production
Podcast Junkies
SUPPORT THE SHOW: https://glow.fm/podcastjunkies/Does your podcast app support Chapter Marks? They're included in this episode!TWEETABLE QUOTES“There’s something that we’ve learned which is when you build a tool that has elements of magic, people start expecting the entire thing to be magic.” (09:36)“‘Deep Fake’ is the broader term that people use to talk about A.I.-generated media that’s simulating a person somehow.” (13:09)“My job as a CEO is not to have ideas. I feel like I’m doing my job well when I don’t have any good ideas and they’ve all been covered by the team.” (20:21)“That’s the most fun part of the company is trying to figure out, ‘How can we make the workflow of our customers even more efficient and faster? How can we make this tool even more expressive?’” (24:59)“Let’s just say there’s a checkered history of pre-launch companies raising thirty, forty, fifty, a hundred million dollars. That would terrify me. I like the idea of doing something that’s kinda small and getting out there to get market validation before you are responsible for that much of someone’s money.” (29:57)“I’m a believer in not polluting the world with more random opinions from people who don’t matter.” (32:28)“Audio is the easiest form of content to create; you just open your mouth. But it’s probably the hardest to edit, and Overdub will change that.” (37:11)LINKS MENTIONEDLinks to all past episodesAndrew’s WebsiteAndrew’s LinkedInAndrew’s TwitterPodfest WebsitePodcast Movement WebsiteLink to KrispLink to LuminaryLink to Sandwich
Total Recall - The Schwarzenegger Effect
An Alien in Hollywood - Ronald Shusett
00:15 – Robin recalls the story of how she met Ron Shusett03:57 – Preproduction in Mexico City during the summer of 198905:15 – Ron recounts a funny exchange with Arnold Schwarzenegger07:27 – Early days of set building09:52 – Special effects in Total Recall14:35 – Ron’s thoughts on the gratuitous violence in Total Recall18:20 – Ron recalls others attempting to throw him off the set26:12 – How Arnold stood up for Ron and prevented his firing27:58 – Making a spectacular film without CGI29:16 – Shooting a key scene in Total Recall33:23 – The inspiration behind the ‘Face on Mars’34:47 – Ron talks about the Total Recall remake37:55 – How Ron felt before the release of Total Recall39:50 – The premiereTWEETABLE QUOTES“The people who finances it [Total Recall] hated it. It’s just that they didn’t want to lose working with Arnold.” (04:49)“Anything that I felt strongly about, he [Verhoeven] would not try to force me to change.” (09:46)“They tried to fire me on ‘Alien.’ They tried to fire me on ‘Total Recall.’ And they couldn’t on either case. I showed them that I would not use my power against them. I had a powerful connection with Arnold, but I would never put them in a position where Arnold’s on my side and he’s gonna overrule you. I wanted both parties.” (26:40)“They were so talented; they could do effects that work today as good as any movie ever because they were so skilled at what they did. So, it gets down to if you have the right people, it’s much more important than any technology you’ve got.” (28:52)“It seems like the idiots of the world conspire to stop people who have too much vision.” (32:56)🎙️🎙️🎙️Music by Vincent Covello and Vic MigenesArtwork by Barbara MastejListen to all episodes at AnAlienInHollwood.comDiscover Robin's books at RobinMaxwell.comListen to Harry as the host of Podcast JunkiesPodcast production and marketing by FullCastWebsite and Podcast Hosting by SimpleCast
Total Recall - Early Days
An Alien in Hollywood - Ronald Shusett
00:14 – Robin and Harry introduce the topic of today’s episode, Rom Shusett’s Total Recall03:28 – The decision to buy the rights to Philip K. Dick’s short story10:00 – First steps to making Total Recall11:34 – Dan O’Bannon’s involvement12:54 – Challenges with Disney17:29 – Meeting with famed producer, Dino De Laurentiis19:47 – The unique deal that Ron made with Dino24:01 – The issue with the credits26:36 – Ron recalls visiting a ‘spiritualist’30:08 – The number of directors that, at one point, worked on Total Recall32:35 – Working with David Cronenberg33:14 – Financial roadblocks34:06 – From Richard Dreyfuss to Arnold Schwarzenegger35:52 – Landing the star director, Paul VerhoevenTWEETABLES“Alien had changed everything, not just in the sci-fi horror genre. It raised the bar in quality special effects, excellence in story-telling and sheer cinematic terror. And, of course, it made Sigourney Weaver an overnight sensation.” (00:27)“Nothing you can see will awe you when there’ve been so many special effects. You can’t thrill the audience any more than that, because you can never do anything more amazing than you’ve seen in other movies.” (15:04)“I knew that I was never gonna make a deal unless Dino would give me a credit with him. I didn’t want it instead of him.” (24:54)“All of a sudden, when I had nobody but Arnold [Schwarzenegger], he did back-to-back the first ‘Predator’ and ‘Twins.’ And he became number one box office in the world.” (35:25)“And so between Arnold [Schwarzenegger] and [Paul] Verhoeven, well that’s ow the movie got made. I had the star and I had the director.” (36:34)LINKS MENTIONEDRobin’s Website – http://www.robinmaxwell.com/Robin’s Twitter – @TheRobinMaxwell https://twitter.com/therobinmaxwell🎙️🎙️🎙️Music by Vincent Covello and Vic MigenesArtwork by Barbara MastejListen to all episodes at AnAlienInHollwood.comDiscover Robin's books at RobinMaxwell.comListen to Harry as the host of Podcast JunkiesPodcast production and marketing by FullCastWebsite and Podcast Hosting by SimpleCast
National Press Club
Marianne Rising - Marianne Williamson 2020 Unofficial Podcast
Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoU3SO8OxT4&t=1375s🎧 SUBSCRIBE to the podcast: https://marianne-rising.simplecast.com📺 SHARE the videos: https://www.marianne2020.com/shareable-videos✨ DONATE to the campaign: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/marianne-williamson-2020-committee👉 VOLUNTEER: https://www.marianne2020.com/volunteer👉🏽 WORK for the campaign: https://www.marianne2020.com/jobs👉🏼 LIKE Marianne on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/williamsonmarianne/👉🏿 FOLLOW Marianne on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mariannewilliamson/👉🏻 FOLLOW Marianne on Twitter: https://twitter.com/marwilliamson👉🏾 SUBSCRIBE to Marianne on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXAMXGAP0YnBxtc8brSSbjg?sub_confirmation=1#mariannewilliamson #marianne2020 #mariannerising #overcomehate #overcomehatewithlove #dignity #decency #democracy #higherwisdom #aseasonofrepair #nationalpressclub
206 Stefanie LaHart - The Tradigital Age
Podcast Junkies
02:25 – Harry welcomes back to the podcast, Stefanie LaHart03:03 – How Harry met Stefanie09:08 – Social media, veganism and gaming12:34 – Where Stefanie honed her digital skills14:33 – Stefanie talks about getting involved in vampire and gothic chat rooms on the Internet16:07 – A gaming nerd at heart20:11 – Stefanie recalls favorite books from her childhood25:14 – The power of pets as influencers29:37 – Moving from Philadelphia to Los Angeles32:47 – Stefanie’s experience working as a reporter in the music industry37:03 – How Stefanie got involved in podcasting42:34 – The genesis of Stefanie’s Tradigital podcast49:15 – The natural evolution Stefanie has undergone as a podcast host51:28 – Stefanie speaks out against the current social engineering scams56:05 – Why Stefanie has been listening to privacy podcasts58:11 – Stefanie recommends some podcasts to the audience1:02:01 – Phone porting, explained1:05:05 – What is something Stefanie has changed her mind about recently1:06:01 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Stefanie1:08:53 – Where listeners can follow StefanieTWEETABLES“I loved realizing that my fantasy world could be a reality. Because I read a lot as a kid. I was always a reader. I mean I was one of the kids that would stay up until like 5 am because I had to finish a book and then have to be up for school and be exhausted.” (19:47)“We all have the fairy tales in our heads too about Hollywood and L.A. So you kinda get off the plane with this stardust in your eyes.” (30:49)“Podcast killed the video star.” (41:22)“I’m Stefanie. My podcast is The Tradigital Podcast. It’s the intersection of where traditional PR meet digital marketing, and people are like ‘Oh my God, tell me more!’ And that’s how it all started.” (45:37)“We do have so much information about ourselves out there that we’re all potential targets for social engineering now.” (52:00)“The two ways that you can instantly trigger people is through fear factors of money or death.”THANK YOU SPONSORS!Focusrite - Makers of my go-to sound card, the Scarlett 2i2Aweber - Hosts of the Beyond the Podcast SummitLINKS MENTIONEDStefanie’s WebsiteStefanie’s PodcastStefanie’s FacebookStefanie’s Instagram – @boomtownmarketingStefanie’s YouTube ChannelStefanie’s Twitter –@BoomTownBizPodfest WebsitePodcast Movement WebsiteBOOKS MENTIONEDAre You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.The Wolf and the DoveOutlanderPODCASTS MENTIONEDThe Social-Engineer PodcastThe Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show
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