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Ep. #81 - Conscious Undecading
The Elevator
We talk a lot about starting new things and setting goals, but we don’t talk so much about how we’re wrapping things up and finishing things. And there's so much magic that lies in the letting go. It’s particularly relevant right now because we’re coming to the end of the year and the end of the decade. Britt has coined the awesome term ‘conscious undecading’ and that’s what we’re talking about on today’s episode.We chat about…-Our conscious undecading event in Malibu in December-The upcoming Mercury Retrograde-How Neptune Retrograde is like wearing rose-colored glasses-Going deep because we’re in Scorpio Season-Consciously choosing to create momentum in another direction-Creating space for new things-A yoga/breathwork exercise you can do to help with letting go and receiving-Moving into Sagittarius Season, which is about expansion and freedomTo learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit: elevatetheglobe.comResources:-5 day challenge-Conscious Undecading journal prompt-elevatetheglobe.com-Instagram: @elevatetheglobeOne of the biggest and easiest ways that we keep our vibrations high is by using skin products with a lot of high vibrational ingredients. We use Osea, which is a vegan, non toxic, amazing seaweed skincare line. This skincare line is so incredibly beautiful, the ingredients are so high quality, and they work so well. It's mind blowing how well they work. We especially love the Advanced Protection Cream, the Blemish Balm and the Anti-Aging Body Balm<span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); background-color:...
210: What You Need to Know Before Filing Your 2019 Tax Return
unsuitable on Rea Radio
As we near the end of the year, you know what that means — tax prep is, once again, on the agenda. But, as you prepare to file your 2019 tax returns, there are several considerations to keep top-of-mind.  Luckily, Chris Axene, a principal with Rea, returns to unsuitable to point us in the right direction and help us prepare for the upcoming tax season.   Listen to this episode of unsuitable to learn: The implications of tax reform in the wake of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA), for both individuals and businesses How due dates for tax filings have changed over the past couple years Using your CPA, internal or external, as a planner and not a fixer What you can take advantage of now before tax regulations change again (and they will)   Learn more about this topic: Read: “Scorecard For The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” Read: “New Deduction Will Provide Some Relief To Flow-Through Entities” Read: “Discover The Installment Sales Agreement Tax Strategy” Read: “Wayfair – One Year Later” Read: “Should I Make A Big Purchase To Cut Taxes?” If you like this episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio, hit the like button or share it on social media. You can also use #ReaRadio to join the conversation. You can also watch the podcast in action on the Rea & Associates YouTube channel and access additional resources at www.reacpa.com/podcast.
Ep. 190 - Find Your Worth
The Impact Entrepreneur
We've all heard it a thousand times: “If you want to be happy in life, follow your passion.” But is that true?Let's take a closer look. The word ‘passion’ comes from the Latin-rooted word pati,  which means to suffer. So when someone tells you to follow your passion, they're actually saying you should do something that you're willing to suffer for.In today's entrepreneurial landscape, the word passion has been hijacked and saddled with a new meaning tied to a financial outcome. But passion has nothing to do with earning a 10x return or building a seven-figure business. Here's the question to ask yourself to see if you're passionate about what you're doing: “Am I willing to put in the work and never see the fruit?” If the answer is no, I hate to break it to you, but that's not your passion.Another reason people feel excited about following their passion is that their potential is not being realized at work. A Gallup study revealed that 85% of employees are not engaged, and it's costing us $7 trillion annually in lost productivity. And an estimated 37% of Americans have a side hustle, which is a chance for them to make extra money but also pursue something they’re more passionate about than their jobs.Adding to that, about half of new businesses fail to make it past the five-year mark. If passion is tied to achieving a certain financial outcome and your business is one of the ones that fail, your self-worth will take a big hit. So, let me suggest that you find your worth before you find your why.In order to see yourself as worthy, you need to answer the question, who am I? Here are three ways I recommend doing that:-Do something that challenges you physically and mentally. For me, that was CrossFit because it required my full focus, attention, and awareness. As a result of successfully completing those challenging workouts, I discovered new neural pathways that fired off all kinds of creativity.-Make time for reflection and visualization, preferably shortly after you've completed the physically demanding activity. -Create “I am” statements. The great Lou Holtz once told me that the most important word in the English vocabulary is the word choice. The next two most important words are ‘I’ and ‘am.’About a decade ago, I was nearly broke. We had to short-sell our first home and I was diagnosed with postpartum depression after the birth of our fourth child. In every way, I saw myself as a failure. As I worked through this process, I discovered new things about myself. I rebuilt my sense of self-worth. I found a new Why, which turned out to be helping people find the truth that dwells within them. Instead of focusing on outcome, I am focused on using my gifts to help as many people as I can, and I'm willing to suffer for that.<span...
S2E41. From Fear of Public Speaking to TedX Through Improv with Dr. Mihaela Jekic
Change Your Mindset
Dr. Mihaela Jekic is a money coach, author and TedX Speaker. Mihaela helps professionals and entrepreneurs transform their money mindset, help them get unstuck financially, and build a business and life they love.Her story of how she went from war-torn Bosnia, attending a school where she didn’t speak the language, and discover improv as a way to get her over her fear of public speaking and shatter the negative beliefs she had about herself is truly fascinating.To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit: petermargaritis.comResources: Learn more at: moneyformeaning.com TedX Talk: https://youtu.be/7gDUe96hTdI Money for Meaning: Philosophy for a Life of Extraordinary Freedom: amazon.com/Money-Meaning-Philosophy-Extraordinary-Freedom/dp/0997963905 Change Your Mindset is a production of Crate Media Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
160 | Monday's Motivational Words of the Week - What time of day should I exercise? | with Lara Heimann
Movement By Lara: Redefining Yoga
Today I’m answering the question, what time of day should I exercise? People often ask me whether it’s better to exercise in the morning or evening. I cover the advantages of both then tell you what I think is the most important thing to consider.To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit: movementbylara.comResources:-Check out: movementbylara.com-Instagram: @lara.heimann-Facebook: facebook.com/movementbylaraRedefining Yoga is a production of Crate Media
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