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The Hunter McIntyre Podcast: Crossfit vs. Spartan, Top Recovery & Sleep Tips, Crazy Bobby & Much More!
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Meet my buddy Hunter McIntyre, pro endurance athlete, Broken Skull winner, BoundlessTV co-host, obstacle course racing champion and self-described macho man. Men’s Journal describes him as “the man behind the Spartan race empire”. Competitor Magazine calls him the “rising star of obstacle racing”. Men’s Fitness acknowledges him as “the future of the sport”. Yes, his list of accolades is indeed mighty impressive. Bad boy turned elite Spartan athlete, in 2011 he moved from New York to Malibu to give a shot at being a celebrity personal trainer and model. After running his first Spartan race on a dare, he placed near the top of the field and was quickly propelled into Elite Spartan status, rarely missing a podium. He eventually partnered with me on the ObstacleDominator podcast and also appeared on my show in the episode Inside The Masochistic Mind Of The Top Obstacle Racer On The Face Of The Planet. But Hunter's been up to much more lately... Hunter McIntyre, AKA "Hunt The Sheriff", six-time Obstacle Course Racing World Champion, four-time Obstacle Course Racing National Champion, three-year Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch Champion, and two-time Tough Mudder X Champion, was granted a wildcard invitation to the CrossFit Games for chance to measure his accomplishments against a deep field of proven athletes. In this episode, we get into that journey from Spartan to Crossfit and much, much more. During our discussion, you'll discover: -Crossfitter vs. Spartan event results [5:50] 3 cross fit athletes did an endurance/stamina based Spartan race Carrying 190+ lb of gear up mountains with a 30 minute head start "I wouldn't do a cross fit race with a month's notice, but these guys made it happen." Cross fit is designed for a specific body type: bulky, short, small limbs, etc. Ram Roller -Hunter's transition from troubled teen to champion Spartan racer [11:30] On all types of medication: ADD, ADHD, Adderall, etc. Got into lots of trouble as a teen Loved the intensity of competition, not the training (wrestling and running) In rehab and probation for 3 years (in Montana) Sought an activity from his probation officer that would exhaust his physical energy: led to a job as a logger in Montana Became a model: art with the body as the canvas Moved to California, got into marathons, eventually Spartan races -What it was like moving from endurance to crossfit training [21:45] The body grows stagnant, the mind becomes bored, after doing anything for too long TMX - the world's toughest mile Hunter was able to compete and win in crossfit because of his endurance background; still didn't get street cred in the crossfit community It's an incredible test of strength, but not technical strength; if you don't have technique you can't play the game Wouldn't feel satisfied unless he could go toe to toe with crossfit pros Was invited to the Crossfit Games as a wild card (first ever invitee) Trained on his own, no coach In hindsight, Hunter believes he tried to close the gap between a moderate crossfit athlete to a seasoned pro too quickly Age causes one to lose the luster of training for crossfit and endurance -How both Ben and Hunter's interests have changed regarding training as they age [40:40] Japanese and Sardinian centenarians don't do cross fit or endurance training Difference between getting fit and getting and staying healthy Interests change as you rearrange priorities (i.e. what attracts the babes) -How Hunter recovers from intense training sessions as quickly as possible [44:10] Hanging (gravity) boots Tension, followed by extreme relaxing Ready State, Kelly Starrett ROMWOD app Consume more calories, drink more water My Fitness Pal app Suunto watch Add minerals to your water Quicksilver Quinton The Right Stuff electrolyte drink Water and Wellness (Robert Slovak's company; listen to the BGF podcast with Robert here) -Hunter's tips for optimizing sleep [52:40] "I've never been a person that sleeps very much" Need more sleep during crossfit training than endurance Keep cold while sleeping Have enough calories in the body Fan that provides some noise Pulse oximeter CBD (Pure Spectrum) Eco Challenge -Books and podcasts Hunter and Ben recommend [1:02:50] Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday Hitler's Last Days by Bill O'Reilly Peak by Marc Bubbs Focused more on personal connections than digital media -How Crazy Bobby changed Hunter's life for the good [1:08:15] -And much more... Resources from this episode: -Ram Roller -TMX - the world's toughest mile -Ready State, Kelly Starrett -ROMWOD app -My Fitness Pal app -Suunto watch -Water and Wellness -BGF podcast w/ Robert Slovak -Pure Spectrum CBD -Eco Challenge -Books recommended by Hunter and Ben: Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday Hitler's Last Days by Bill O'Reilly Peak by Marc Bubbs Episode sponsors: -Kion Clean Energy Bars: Satisfying, nutrient-dense, real-food energy bars with a delicious chocolate coconut flavor! Ben Greenfield Fitness listeners, receive a 10% discount off your entire Kion order when you use discount code: BGF10. -Organifi Gold Chocolate: A new take on an ancient secret: Pain-soothing herbs, incredible antioxidants, and phytonutrients all in one delicious, soothing “Golden Milk” nighttime tea! Receive a 20% discount on your entire order when you use discount code: BENG20. -Magic Spoon:A brand new company that has reimagined all your favorite childhood breakfast cereals. Low carb, keto-friendly, ZERO sugar, and tastes just like you remember. For free shipping on your order at Magic Spoon, use discount code: BENGREENFIELD -Made In Cookware: Take your cooking to the next level today! Made In offers a single line of essential pieces simplifying the process of outfitting your kitchen. Receive 15% off your first Made In purchase when you use discount code: GREENFIELD Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Hunter or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!
Season Three; Episode 24: RETURN OF THE HOONTER
Obstacle Dominator
The bulk pony returns! Previous co-host of the show, Crossfit Games athlete with 6 OCR world titles, Hunter McIntyre "The Sheriff" comes back on to chat with his buddies Brakken and Beni and as's entertaining! -Hunter chats briefly about his Crossfit Games experience and his current struggling interest with thetype of training required to be a games athlete -His daily routine of massively overdosing (literally) on CBD -The increase in happiness in Hunter's life because he recently unblocked Kevin Gillotti -An example of Hunters idea of "dirty talk," and intervention with Beni (Yancy culp and Tim sinnett as well,) and some really good training talk and muuuuch more! Get Connected with Hunter: Instagram: @huntthesheriff Facebook: Hunter McIntyre Head on over to Artist Organics and use the CODE: "OBDOM" for 15% off your order NEW TRAINING GUIDE HAS ARRIVED! Go to and use code "OBDOMVIP" for 20% off the entire package. Don't forget to leave a review on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you tune in! Questions, comments or feedback? Leave 'em below, and click here to leave your questions now... Music courtesy Skorge - Sail (AWOLNATION Dubstep Rmx)
The Most Intersting Athlete at the CrossFit Games w/ Hunter Mcintyre  — Barbell Shrugged #408
Shrugged Collective
Hunter Mcintyre is Pro Endurance Athlete, Broken Skull Champion, BoundlessTV co-Host, Obstacle Course Racing Champion, and a Macho Man. With his unique catchphrase, “biceps win races”, Hunter strikes a brilliant contrast to the “skinny minis”, each and every time he takes the podium.   Hunter, AKA ‘The Sheriff” loves to perform with the showmanship of a WWF wrestler. He is, however, an inveterate lover of all things, particularly life. At 27, he has already been a lumberjack in Montana, a party “enthusiast”, and male model. His wild and crazy charisma shines. Hunter, was born to entertain! His passion for life is built around creating each day to be better than the day before. Thriving on daily challenges, you can find him crafting and creating new experiences, from climbing the biggest mountain to setting the foundations of new friendships.   In this episode, we talk to Hunter about his invite to the CrossFit Games, training over the last 2 years, what to expect out of his performance, and how the CrossFit community has reacted to his invite to compete.   Minute Breakdown:   0-10 – Getting incited to the CrossFit Games 11-20 – How the CrossFit community responded to getting an invite 21-30 – Expectations of his performance at the CF Games 31-40 – How has his training changed leading up to the Games   Hunter McIntyre on Instagram   Please Support Our Sponsors   Organifi - Save 20% on green, red, and gold juices at   WHOOP - Save $30 on a 12 or 18 month membership using code “SHRUGGED” at   Join the One Ton Challenge Leaderboard, record your PR’s and track your progress.   “What is the One Ton Challenge”   “How Strong is Strong Enough”   “How do I Start the One Ton Challenge” ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Show notes at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ► Subscribe to Barbell Shrugged's Channel Here ► Subscribe to Shrugged Collective's Channel Here 📲 🎧 Listen to the audio version on the Apple Podcast App or Stitcher for Android Here- Shrugged Collective is a network of fitness, health and performance shows that help people achieve their physical and mental health goals.  Usually in the gym, but outside as well. In 2012 they posted their first Barbell Shrugged podcast and have been putting out weekly free videos and podcasts ever since. Along the way we've created successful online coaching programs including The Shrugged Strength Challenge, The Muscle Gain Challenge, FLIGHT, Barbell Shredded, and Barbell Bikini. We're also dedicated to helping affiliate gym owners grow their businesses and better serve their members by providing owners tools and resources like the Barbell Business Podcast. Find Shrugged Collective and their flagship show Barbell Shrugged here: SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES ► WEBSITE ► INSTAGRAM ► FACEBOOK ► TWITTER ►
Season Three; Episode #9: Shocking Stats and Shit Talk with Jack Bauer
Obstacle Dominator
Welcome to stat city. Watch how Jack Bauer brings statistical backed facts to the realm of shit talking, showing who's hot and who's not in well as some super controversial heated arguments between Beni and Brakken at the end of the episode covering: -How (with cited sources) Isaiah Vidal is by FAR the athlete with the most complaints filed against him for mid race unsportsmanlike conduct (and the juicy deets of those instances)... -The argument that Hobie Call is NOT the greatest OCR athlete because he's just been riding the title of "godfather" to his victories... -Defense of the statement that Robert Killian has greater range than Ryan Atkins does... ...and muuuuuuch more! Get Connected with Jack: Facebook: Jack Bauer Instagram: jack_bauer_ocr Questions, comments or feedback? Leave 'em below, and click here to leave your questions now... Music courtesy Skorge - Sail (AWOLNATION Dubstep Rmx)
369 Hunter Mcintyre and Bobby Williams
The WODcast Podcast
World Champion OCR Racer Hunter McIntyre and Author and fitness guru Bobby Williams shoot the fit for over and half with Eddie while the three of them consume $100 worth of grass-fed Bison. The guys talk everything from Bobby's stratosphere project, to Hunter's roadblock to the CrossFit Games to homeopathic remedies for everything.  The Show is brought to you by HYLETE, Kettlebell Kitchen and Tiger Balm Active  Exclusive to WODcast listeners,  Take 20% off your next order with code WOD20.  *Create a account to apply code, excludes clearance and pre-order.  Kettlebell Kitchen meals are designed by nutritionists, prepared by chefs, and conveniently delivered, so you can spend more time in the gym and less time in the kitchen. Head over to and Use the code “WODCAST” to get $25 off your first two orders of $50 or more!
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