Jamie Smart is an internationally renowned writer, speaker, coach and consultant, he shows individuals and organizations the unexpected keys to clarity; the ultimate leverage point for creating more time, better decisions and meaningful results, he also hosts The Thriving Coaches Podcast.


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The conversation you’re about to hear is one I had with my dear friend and colleague, Dr Mark Howard just before we recorded an ‘Impact Kit’ for my ClarityPro members.    Mark is a licensed psychologist who's spent *decades* sharing the principles with people to help them recover from addictions. As such, he's probably the most experienced person on the planet when it comes to sharing the principles to help people break free from life-damaging habits and compulsions. Mark and I first met ten years ago in Santa Cruz, when I sat in on a group session he was doing and I was blown away. Behind his gentle demeanour, I could sense a rock solid certainty about what people have going for them. Mark and I became great friends and he’s one of the people I continue to learn from and be impacted by, so I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.    By the way, if you’re a ClarityPro member, you’ll find the Impact Kit I mentioned in the Addiction, Habits & Compulsions module. You’ll hear Mark and I discussing how we work with clients around addictions, and some of the key distinctions and insights that inform that work.   And if you’re not a ClarityPro member, but you want to learn how to share the principles with anybody, on any topic and in any situation, you can find out more about our community and what’s on offer at www.JamieSmart.com/claritypro. On Friday January 3rd at midnight, we’re closing the doors to new members. So after Friday January 3rd, we won’t be accepting any new members until we open the doors briefly at the end of April. So if you’ve been thinking of joining ClarityPro, now’s a good time.    In addition to that, we’ve got the next ClarityLive event coming up on January 11th & 12th, and the theme for this ClarityLive event is the whole domain of goals, results and taking things to a new level, so we thought we’d go with a new year / breakthrough theme. And I’m mentioning that because when you join ClarityPro before January 3rd, you get a free ticket to a ClarityLive event, so you can use it for the January event, or for one later in the year. So you can find out more about ClarityPro and what’s on offer at www.JamieSmart.com/claritypro   And finally, I want to thank you for listening, and wish you a happy, peaceful and relaxing time during the holiday season.
In this episode you’re going to hear a coaching demo I did in front of an audience with a client suffering from what she described as narcissistic abuse. She sometimes felt overwhelming fear of rejection, and wanted to start living with more peace and freedom. The client had trained extensively as a therapist, and was convinced her present-day problems were rooted in her past. And she'd tried lots of things... Telling herself she knew it was just a story (she didn't). Trying to tell herself a better story (she couldn't). Working at accepting the overwhelming feelings (they seemed unacceptable). But what if there's so much *less* than that to do? You may have heard me say that the two most valuable things a person can discover are how experience is created and who they really are. My client thought her overwhelming feelings were telling her about her past (they weren't). My client thought there was something wrong with her (there wasn't. And there isn't.) As the session proceeded, she started waking up to the truth of who she really is. And everything shifted. A few days later, she wrote that everything had changed since our session. She said she feels so much more relaxed in the areas where she'd been struggling. She said that the feeling of lack she'd been experiencing had somehow disappeared. And she hadn't been working at it. It just happened. That's the power of insight and realisation.   As you’ll hear, I move between coaching the client and speaking to the audience. The main coaching session is in the first 20 minutes of the podcast, then I speak to the audience for a while then come back to the coaching client for the last few minutes to check in with her. So I hope you enjoy the session. By the way, if you’re a ClarityPro member, you’ll be receiving a fully unpacked version of this coaching session where I take you behind the scenes and explain what I’m responding to, what’s guiding the questions I’m asking and how I’m making sense of what the client is telling me. So if you’re a ClarityPro Member, you’ll find that in the impact kit for the module called ‘Coaching, Therapy & Changework from the Inside-out’. And if you’re not a ClarityPro member, but you want to learn how to share the principles with anybody, on any topic and in any situation, you can find out more about our community and what’s on offer at www.JamieSmart.com/claritypro    And if you want to learn how to bring an understanding of these principles into every aspect of your work and life, you can join me on the January 2020 intake of the  Clarity Certification Training, you can get one of the last 11 places and save up to £2,000 off the full price when you book your place by Friday, 10th January. Just go to www.JamieSmart.com/coach.
What you’re about to hear is a recording of a brief but powerful coaching demo I did with a Certified Clarity Coach, Trainer and Speaker, Clesia Mendes.  Clesia starts out by saying she wants to take things to 'the next level' as a public speaker. She's doing lots of public speaking, and learning a lot in the process, so she's looking for opportunities to make things even better. So she was a little surprised when I asked... "How do you know you're not already at the next level?" As we explored her answers to that question, we discovered that "the next level" was in the last place she expected to find it. Despite the fact that this session is brief, it points to one of the things I consider to be absolutely crucial when it comes to having an impact with an individual or group.
Do the principles represent the the future of psychology? I’m Jamie Smart, and what you’re about to hear is me being interviewed by the author Amir Karkouti, the creator of the What The F*#$ Are The Principles? group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/299806010361726/   In this conversation I make the case for why the principles behind clarity (as realised & articulated by Syd Banks) represent the future of psychology. We cover quite a lot of ground in this session including:   - What distinguishes the principles from every other psychological and spiritual model   - My take on what Syd Banks meant when he said "Thought is the missing link"   - Why I believe the two most valuable things you can discover are how experience is created and who you really are   The session also includes a Q&A session where I was asked some really great questions, including... - How can you be so certain these principles represent the future of psychology? - Why teach this rather than (for instance) "pure non-duality" or some other spiritual or psychological model? - How to free yourself from the need to convince anyone (and the challenges inherent in that) So with that, here’s my conversation with Amir…
This episode is something I’m really excited to share with you. It’s an excerpt from a one-off event I ran two years ago, called “The 1:1 Coaching Intensive Unpacked”. Here’s the backstory: As you may be aware, one of the way I love to work with my clients is by doing a 3-day, 1:1 coaching intensive. I find that the intensive format means you can achieve in a few days what would previously have taken a whole year to accomplish, so it’s a really powerful format.    So in my book RESULTS, one of the chapters included a story about the time one of my apprentices, the coach Ankush Jain, sat in and observed while I did a 3-day 1:1 Intensive with a client, so he could have an experience of what it’s like to do an intensive.   When that book came out, I had lots of people come to me and ask if they could sit in on an intensive. I understand - it’s hard to do something you don’t have a reference experience for, and most coaches and therapists have never experienced an intensive.    But it just wasn’t practical for me to have groups of students sitting in on my intensives.    So I managed to come up with something even better: I created a special event, where I conducted a 3-day, High-Value 1:1 Coaching Intensive, with a real, live, paying client, and we filmed the whole thing.   Not only that: The whole time I was doing the intensive, there was a video feed to another room  where a live audience of coaches, therapists, trainers and business people were watching and listening to the entire intensive. Before and after each intensive session, I came into the room with them to unpack everything that was going on. And we got all that on film too!   So in this podcast episode, you’re going to hear the opening session that I did with that group of coaches, therapists and other professionals. You’re going to hear me ‘laying the ground’ and setting the foundations for the whole experience, including some of the most important distinctions you need to pay attention to when you’re doing an intensive.   By the way, if you want to see and hear all the intensive and group sessions, head over to www.ClarityAcademy.co/intensive where you’ll find all the details about the 1:1 Coaching Intensive unpacked.    You see, It can be incredibly difficult to do something new when you don't have a reference experience for it… That's why I created this programme: To give you your own personal reference experience so you have the confidence AND the competence to structure, deliver and enroll clients on High-Value 1:1 Coaching Intensives.   We’re launching the programme this week, so you can save £300 when you register before midnight on Friday, 25th October, and there’s a special bonus package when you sign up now, so head over to www.ClarityAcademy.co/intensive if you want to get your own personal reference experience, and develop the confidence AND the competence to structure, deliver and enroll clients on High-Value 1:1 Coaching Intensives.
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