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Jason Skinner is an accountant and business advisor, he helps business owners to realize their full potential. He also hosts the Business Made Easy Podcast.


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The 3 Pillars Of Entrepreneurial Freedom
Episode of
Business Made Easy Podcast
There are essentially 3 freedoms that are most wanted and sort after by entrepreneurs as they battle the day to day of running a business. They are: Money Freedom Time Freedom Mind Freedom While the proportions in which we seek each of these may vary from time to time. When I speak with entrepreneurs, these 3 freedoms are important goals and drivers in why they are building their businesses and doing what they are doing. You will learn what each of the 3 freedoms are, Why they are important to us as entrepreneurs, The importance of identifying what they mean to you, Prioritising the areas of your business that will help you achieve success in these areas. Practical tips to help you achieve success in these areas of your business.  
Why Business Assumptions Are Dangerous
Episode of
Business Made Easy Podcast
As humans, we make all kinds of assumptions, based on our surroundings and our past experiences. These assumptions, however, can often be wrong and ill-informed, and when it comes to business assumptions, very costly and damaging to our business. In this episode of the podcast, we have an in-depth look and discuss why as humans we make assumptions, the dangers of making business assumptions and how to avoid them. The areas of your business that assumptions are easily made and how and why you should avoid them at all costs. What are business assumptions Why as humans we make assumptions. Areas of your business that assumptions are easy to make. The problem with making assumptions and how to avoid. How making the wrong assumptions can be costly and damaging to your business.
Why You Need To Maintain A Health Check Plan
Episode of
Business Made Easy Podcast
If you haven’t got your health you haven’t got anything. Without our health, we really can’t do much, yet we fail to get regular health check-ups to make sure things are working properly. As a business owner, we wear lots of different hats that bring a lot of different stresses, so it is very easy for our health to deteriorate easily and without us even knowing. We have a responsibility as business owners to make sure we are the best version of ourselves so that we can maintain a long and happy life, while enjoying the fruits of our labour. In this episode I discuss How important our health is to maintaining and running a successful business. How quickly your health can  if left unchecked The importance of regular health checks and prioritising your health How to set up a regular health checkup plan as a part of your business & life routine.
Why Slowing Down To Go Faster Is Vital To Your Success
Episode of
Business Made Easy Podcast
Stephen Covey in his book The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, in habit 7, introduced the concept of sharpening the saw. What he meant by this metaphor, was that it is vital that we take quality time out and invest in our well being if we are to achieve what it is we set out to achieve with sustainable success. In today's fast, busy passed world it is easy to get on the treadmill of tasks thinking that our business is going to stop if we do, or that our business will break if we take a break. It’s simply not the case. To be successful in business we need to slow down to go faster. In this episode, I share with you the importance of slowing down and taking regular breaks in your business. When you do this you come back more energised and equipped to tackle things in your business with greater effort, more efficiently and with clearer thinking. We discuss How easy it is to get bogged down thinking you can’t take a break from your business. The challenges of scaling your business and being able to take breaks The importance of taking time out to sharpen the saw, by investing in yourself for better more efficient growth What happens if you don’t invest in time for yourself. How to go about getting started taking time out for yourself even when you feel there’s no way you can.
Social Media Strategy For Business - with Todd Austin
Episode of
Business Made Easy Podcast
We interview Todd Austin from Fletch Digital this week and we have an in-depth discussion about Social Media Strategy For Your Business and how you can maximise your results.. For many business owners, Social Media can be a daunting minefield when it comes to doing it effectively and well. Knowing just where to focus your time, energy and money with an endless list of changing trends and advice can make it seem impossibly difficult and not worthwhile. In this interview, Todd breaks down the last trends and important areas that you should be focusing on with social media and how to get the best results for your efforts. Having just come back from Social Media Marketing World Todd is brimming with the latest social media tips and strategies to help you find your feet in this space. Why Social Media strategy is important for every business to have. How social media is evolving and what you need to know to benefit from this. What trends are emerging in social media. How to develop an effective social media strategy for your business The takeaways and tips from Social Media Marketing World. The importance of building community in your social media strategy
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