Jason Stapleton is a personal branding expert, film producer, and host of Wealth, Power, & Influence.
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Who Will Control Your Wealth, Health and Happiness in 2020?
Over the course of the next year, you will be inundated with sales pitches. Your mind will be under attack from every political party. Every one of them wants you to believe that they alone hold the key to true freedom. They will promise you the moon. But they won't tell you what it costs. Because they don't want you to realize that you already hold the key to acquiring whatever degree of freedom you desire. In fact, it's a simple formula. Your freedom is directly tied to your wealth. And your wealth is measured in time. So today I want to introduce you to a new way to think about money. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Intro music by Nick White, producer of The Statist QuoSupport the show.
Forget Bernie & Warren, Nobody Watched Anyway
It's election season! Yet another Democratic primary debate. Yet another round of losers outdoing each other to see who can bankrupt America the fastest. Make up a problem in our society, and I guarantee Bernie Sanders has a government program to "solve" it! In fact, his latest scheme might be his most laughable. He recognizes that his Medicare-for-All scam would eliminate millions of insurance jobs. Not to worry! He'll just create a government re-education program to train them in new industries. Of course, we're the ones who are going to pick up the tab for it. That's right: the man who has never generated a single thing of value in his life thinks he has the right to outlaw private health insurance, plunder us to pay for Medicare-for-All, and then plunder us even further to pay for retraining everyone he just put out of work. All of these elected professional crooks know one thing very well: money is power. As long as they can invent enough schemes to separate you from your money, they can keep themselves in power over you. It's up to you to make yourself so valuable that nothing they can do can touch your ability to generate money for yourself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Intro music by Nick White, producer of The Statist QuoSupport the show.
Trump Admits We Now Have a Mercenary Army
One of Donald Trump's most unique traits is the connection between his brain and his mouth. In other words, whatever enters his brain exits his mouth. People think he makes the presidency look bad. But I think it's a good thing. Here's why. He occupies an office with a long history of blatant lies & propaganda. For years, we've listened to presidents obscure the truth. They certainly have great sales pitches as they appeal to our patriotism. But they're lying all the same. Generations of young Americans have died believing they were fighting for "freedom & democracy." But really, they're just fighting wars for oil rights and dying for the expansion of the American empire. Now, we finally have a president who tells it like it is. I'm sure whomever is elected after him will get right back to the lies & propaganda. So I'm going to enjoy hearing the truth while it lasts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Intro music by Nick White, producer of The Statist Quo   This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Candid Co Honey Plexaderm (Code: Stapleton) Support the show.
Trouble On The Horizon: Central Banks Buy Gold While 40% Of US Companies Are Losing Money
The most important news events today are the ones that rarely make big headlines. Per Zero Hedge: "According to the latest numbers from the World Gold Council, central banks added 27.9 tons on a net-basis to official gold reserves in November. That brings the yearly total for 2018 with one month left to calculate to 570.2 tons, 11% higher than the same period in the previous year." Why are central banks investing in gold so aggressively? And what does it mean for you? I'm breaking it down for you on today's show. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Intro music by Nick White, producer of The Statist Quo   This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Stamps (Code: stapleton) Policy Genius Support the show.
Midwest Cities Try to "Fix" Poverty By Starving Poor People
Everyone and their mom is again talking about Trump & Iran, but we're bored with that subject. If you want to hear our thoughts on that whole situation, go back and listen to the last few episodes. Instead, we're going to talk about a particular brand of economic ignorance. It directly threatens the health & financial well-being of poor people in a number of Midwest cities. So-called activist groups are lobbying for increasing the regulations on dollar stores. They say that dollar stores promote bad health and "lock in poverty." Just wait till you hear their reasoning. It's absurd. Clearly, these people aren't motivated by genuine concern for the poor. I'm sure it's a coincidence that their "solutions" would eliminate competition for major grocery chains.  (Spoiler alert: it's not a coincidence.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Intro music by Nick White, producer of The Statist Quo   This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Skillshare Plexaderm (Code: Stapleton) Support the show.
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