Jen Hardy is an avid collector of eclectic diseases, and a mystifier of physicians. She is an author and podcaster, who happens to be mom to 7 children ages 7-29 and the wife of a retired soldier. As a mom with chronic illness, she's learned they have special needs that haven't been met by anyone, until now.
How are you doing? Are you loving every minute of this fun, enforced family time? Having a blast homeschooling the kids? Enjoying all the romance of being with your husband every moment of the day? If you answered no to any of these questions, this episode is for you! Lots of ideas for keeping yourself and everyone happy and getting along (or at least have less stress and arguing) through these trying times of togetherness. It's easy to argue, feel isolated, and have more anxiety and depression during quarantine. These tips will help you enjoy this time & get closer as a family.  
045 - Top 10 Gifts for Moms with Chronic Illness Want to be on the show, or give suggestions for future episodes? e-mail me at or call (615) 567-3957 I LOVE presents! Honestly, I do love getting them - who doesn't? But I truly love giving them even more! As the older kids have become adults, they haven't wanted to ask for gifts, and I just found out why. The answer might help you too. They don't want to over-ask, and just didn't know what kind of price point we were aiming for. They know we can't do things like buy them a new home or furniture, and they felt awkward, so we gave them our budget, and then they were happy to let us know what they could use. In this list I have things for every budget. Let me know what you'd add & I'll put it up on the website!   Top 10 Gifts for Moms with Chronic Illness Babysitting - Moms with chronic health issues get exhausted easily, and it can really wear us out to be the moms we want to be. A short break can do wonders for bringing back our enthusiasm & giving us the recharging we need to keep up with the kids. House cleaning - Let’s face it, after a day of running the kids around, going to doctors appointments, and some days - even just getting showered and dressed - we’re exhausted. But we don’t want to live in filth. Sure, we’re keeping the house clean, but being able to take a break and rest our bodies instead of scrubbing floors would really help us out. For me, deep cleaning my entire house at once would be like running a marathon, and let’s face it - neither of those thing are going to happen! I have someone deep clean once a month, and it’s one of the best gifts my husband gives me. Gift card for restaurant that delivers - Some days, even thinking about making dinner is exhausting, but with the costs of medical bills and medications, it’s hard to justify spending extra money on food from a restaurant. You can also buy a card from a delivery service like Grub Hub  or Uber Eats  Then your recipient can pick the restaurant & have anything they have a craving for delivered Comfortable blanket - I use several of these to keep warm, and keep comfortable. I can use them for supports behind my neck, or on my lap for my book or computer. Also, my hands and feet are always cold, even in summer, so they’re nice to have all year. My absolute favorites are these from Costco. The best part? They’re not only the softest, most comfortable blankets out there, but they’re affordable! (And under $10 in-store) Bedside hospital table - I LOVE my bedside table! It’s the kind you have at the hospital. It only has a bar up one side, and 2 rolling supports on the bottom that roll right under the bed or couch. I also have a night stand, but because I have so many things that I need, and getting up can be difficult, it’s great to have this extra table where I can reach it. The best part is that it rolls right over the bed, so I can eat at the table, work on my computer, or play games with the kids, even when I’m not feeling well enough to be up and about. Soft pajamas. Comfort is so important when our bodies are already making us uncomfortable. The ultimate choice for this would be a lounge outfit that feels like pajamas, but looks like something we could wear during the day - because we definitely will! Natural body care products. As noted above, we’ve got a lot of extra costs because of our health, and indulging on special body products isn’t on the top of the list. But that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love to splurge on a fancy body lotion or bath scrub. The only thing to watch out for here is artificial scents and ingredients that might make us feel worse. Natural is definitely the way to go. Socks. Soft, comfortable socks. They’re like hugs for our feet. Socks that aren’t too tight around the ankle are the best. Bonus if they’re cute, we’ll smile every time we put them on. Pretty notebook/journal. Brain fog is real, and sometimes we forget things. Writing reminders on slips of paper is dangerous, because we either lose them or forget to look at them. Having a pretty notebook next to the bed would be a great way of reminding us to check it, and give us a place to put all those ideas that are keeping us up at night. You can find a Sick Mom's Guide Podcast notebook on Threadless. Last, but definitely not least is time. Time with you! Chronic life can get lonely. Sometimes it’s hard for us to get out, and it can get lonely sometimes. Having someone come visit me, and just sit for a few hours so we can talk and catch up with a cup of tea can make my whole week better. Schedule a time to come and visit. It’s a gift we won’t forget. BONUS - The Sick Mom's Guide to Having Fun Again: If I can do it, you can too! book on Amazon. You'll find over 225 things to do, using minimal energy! Chapter 7 is a list of 100 things to do with your kids, and 50 of them you can do when you can't get off the couch/out of bed! Our kids have their own copy so they can grab it & find things to do. It's great when you want to engage with people, but you're too tired to plan anything. Check out The Sick Mom's Guide Podcast t-shirts on Threadless p.s. I'm not getting any money for the suggestions I've made, they're just things I love and use! Thank you so much for listening! Clicking the "subscribe" button in whichever you app you listen would really help you and I both out! You'll get every episode delivered right to you & I'll know you're enjoying the show. Want to connect? You can find me: Instagram: Facebook: Chronically Positive Moms Group on Facebook: Twitter:   You can also e-mail me at or call me any time (615) 567-395. I'm here for you! Thanks for listening! Subscribe on your favorite app and you'll never miss an episode
Hey There, Girlfriend!! Today, I am sharing with you a GORGEOUS episode with the lovely Jen Hardy! Jen started her blog, Chronically Positive Mom in 2016 after realizing that there isn’t much out there to help moms with chronic illness/pain learn how to focus on the positive. In March, she wrote the book, “The Sick Mom’s Guide to Having Fun Again: If I can do it, you can too!” after polling many moms with various chronic illnesses and finding out what they needed help with most. Mamas, Jen radiates light + positivity and whether you suffer with a chronic illness or not, you are going to LOVE her message! Enjoy the show 
044 - A Festivus for the Rest of Us Questions or comments? Email me at or call (615) 567-3957   Is the holiday season a time of joy, or do you wish it could just all be over already? You don't have to suffer through the holidays! 1. Set boundaries. You don't have to have Aunt Edna stay with you for two weeks over the holidays if she upsets you and/or your family. She can stay in a with other family, a hotel, or her own home. 2. Eat what makes you feel good. No, ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner isn't the best choice unless you've just gotten your tonsils out, but start enjoying your food. 3. Bring foods you can eat to events. Sure, gluten-free, dairy-free cookies taste different, but at least you'll have something on the buffet line. 4. Sit down with the people you love and discuss holiday expectations. This includes your kids. A ten minute conversation now can save hours of frustration on the big day. 5. Change things up! Just because your family has done something for 50 years doesn't mean you have to do it if you are uncomfortable. 6. Create family traditions. #5 doesn't mean you need to ditch everything you've ever done before. Keep the traditions that give you joy. Tweak traditions you kind of like to make them your own. 7. Do as much, OR AS LITTLE, as you like. 8. Take time for yourself. Don't have any extra time? Make some. You're a grown up, and you really can take time for you when you need it.  Create a new Holiday for yourself! Here's how we're doing that with Festivus: Only inviting our kids, keeping it small No cooking, we're ordering Chinese take-out We're creating family picture books that include a note from each person to have when we're apart We made t-shirts to commemorate the date We've talked to everyone to make see which parts of holidays they like so we're all comfortable, happy, and full of joy You can order your own Festivus shirt here: Are you creating joy this holiday season? Share how your doing it by emailing me at, or at any of the following -  You can find me: Chronically Positive Moms Social Network: Instagram: Facebook: Chronically Positive Moms Group on Facebook: Twitter:   Thanks for listening! Subscribe on your favorite app and you'll never miss an episode. Have an iPhone? Just say, "Siri, subscribe to The Sick Mom's Guide Podcast," it's that easy.
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