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Host, Producer & Editor of Notes From the Back Row & Host & Producer of Cinema60
Jenna is a Brooklyn-based film critic who has been writing about film online since 2013, and was published in The Female Gaze by Alicia Malone.
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Ep# 21 - Post Anime Club: Yasujiro Ozu
Episode of
Notes From the Back Row
Listen, I’m not gonna lie to you: I spent years and years being absolutely addicted to manga and anime. In my teens it pretty much became my sole interest, broadening everything from my musical tastes to my drawing style. While I still have a deep nostalgia and appreciation for Japanese pop culture, I also have a deep dark secret: I ain’t know too much about them Japanese cinema. Sumimasen. It’s been a huge blind spot in my cinematic knowledge. The good news is it turns out I’m not alone–Carlo is right there with me in dunceville!In the newest segment of Notes From the Back Row, Carlo and I are looking to make up for years of ignoring Japanese cinema by focusing on some choice classics. First up are the charming and mesmerizing films of Yasujiro Ozu; a director whose career spanned almost four decades, but really only became globally celebrated after his death.The following films are mentioned: • Late Spring (1949) • Tokyo Story (1953) • Tokyo Twilight (1957) • Equinox Flower (1958) • Good Morning (1959) • Floating Weeds (1959) • An Autumn Afternoon (1962) Bonus (not Ozu): Abnormal Family [Hentai kazoku: Aniki no yomesan] (1984)A new episode of Notes From the Back Row will be released every other week.Subscribe today on iTunes, listen on Spotify, use our handy RSS feed in your favourite podcatcher, or keep visiting us right here at
Ep #10 - Kiss, Marry, Kill in the 60s: 1961 Edition
Episode of
  The Innocents (1961)      Cinema60 continues its series of Kiss, Marry, Kill, this time with a focus on the year 1961. As previously explained, it’s a variation on the ol’ FMK game, played year by year as we go through the decade. Bart and Jenna challenge each other to choose one film they love (“Marry”), one film they want to see (“Kiss”), and one film they hate (“Kill”) that was released in the year 1961.Jenna chose films that focused primarily on women for all three of her choices, while Bart followed his heart and chose three films he had strong opinions on. All six turn out to be kinda saucy, so get ready for some frank discussion on sex and a whole lot of fadeouts the second somebody gets a little too close to somebody else on the bench.The following films are discussed:• Wise Guys (1961) Les godelureaux Directed by Claude Chabrol Starring Jean-Claude Brialy, Bernadette Lafont, Jean Tissier• Girl with a Suitcase (1961) La ragazza con la valigia Directed by Valerio Zurlini Starring Claudia Cardinale, Jacques Perrin, Luciana Angiolillo• The Innocents (1961) Directed by Jack Clayton Starring Deborah Kerr, Peter Wyngarde, Megs Jenkins• Splendor in the Grass (1961) Directed by Elia Kazan Starring Natalie Wood, Warren Beatty, Pat Hingle• Accatone (1961) Directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini Starring Franco Citti, Franca Pasut, Silvana Corsini• Something Wild (1961) Directed by Jack Garfein Starring Carroll Baker, Ralph Meeker, Mildred Dunnock (CLICK ON POSTER TO WATCH FILM)  Les Godelureaux (1961) Accatone (1961) Something Wild (1961) Girl with a Suitcase (1961)
Ep# 20 - Hoser Horror: When Animals Attack, Eh?
Episode of
Notes From the Back Row
The hoser boys are back, with another episode of Notes from the Back Row, Hoser Horror style! This time on the show, we travel through the Great White North looking for the most vicious of all animals and we came back with… rats and pikes. Yes, we’re talking about the lost-but-now-found classic Psycho Pike (1992) and the deliriously out-there GNAW: Food of the Gods II (1989). From genetically-mutated lab rats to fish that bite back, we’ve got all the excitement you can handle in podcast form!A new episode of Notes From the Back Row will be released every other week.Subscribe today on iTunes, listen on Spotify, use our handy RSS feed in your favourite podcatcher, or keep visiting us right here at
Ep# 19 - Kingdom of Trash (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love Junk Horror)
Episode of
Notes From the Back Row
This week on the podcast, Dan and Veronica sit down for a freewheeling, wide-ranging discussion spurred on by Veronica’s recent article about the current state of horror movies (specifically around the use of the term “elevated horror.”)Is “elevated horror” a new thing? Is it a real thing? And why do we gravitate towards the base thrills of a cheap, exploitative jump-scare machine sometimes? We talk about this, and much more (don’t worry, we get a few jabs in at Hereditary and the Suspiria remake, in case you were wondering) on this great new episode!Movies mentioned in our discussion:HereditaryThe BabadookSuspiria (2018)The Curse of La LloronaDon’t Knock TwiceWish UponThe PerfectionUnder the ShadowDon’t Look NowThe SentinelThe ChangelingThe ConjuringInsidiousPuppet MasterPopcornTruth or DareThe Bye Bye ManA new episode of Notes From the Back Row will be released every other week.Subscribe today on iTunes, listen on Spotify, use our handy RSS feed in your favourite podcatcher, or keep visiting us right here at 
Ep #9 - Polish Arthouse Cinema in the 60s
Episode of
  The Saragossa Manuscript (1965)      Poland has produced countless under-seen masterpieces since the rise of the Łódź Film School in the ‘50s. If you don’t believe us, just ask Martin Scorsese, who lent his name and energy to a 21-film restoration project because he loves Polish movies so much.Part of the reason Polish cinema remains relatively unknown is that during the ‘60s, the government kept careful watch on the content and distribution of films; it squashed any portrayals of youthful discontent and personal expression that could be construed as critical of the state. As a result, Poland didn’t have a “New Wave” per se, but behind that Iron Curtain they were still making some mighty fine films. In this episode, Bart & Jenna catch you up on some of Poland’s greatest cinematic treasures from the ‘60s–including early films from writers and directors who went on to have international success.The following films are discussed:• Innocent Sorcerers (1960) Niewinni czarodzieje Directed by Andrzej Wajda Starring Tadeusz Lomnicki, Krystyna Stypulkowska, Wanda Koczeska• Mother Joan of the Angels (1961) Matka Joanna od Aniołów Directed by Jerzy Kawalerowicz Starring Lucyna Winnicka, Mieczyslaw Voit, Anna Ciepielewska• Knife in the Water (1962) Nóz w wodzie Directed by Roman Polanski Starring Leon Niemczyk, Jolanta Umecka, Zygmunt Malanowicz• Passenger (1963) Pasażerka Directed by Andrzej Munk. Finished by Witold Lesiewicz Starring Aleksandra Slaska, Anna Ciepielewska, Jan Kreczmar• The Saragossa Manuscript (1965) Rękopis znaleziony w Saragossie Directed by Wojciech Has Starring Zbigniew Cybulski, Iga Cembrzynska, Elzbieta Czyzewska• Barrier (1966) Bariera Directed by Jerzy Skolimowski Starring Joanna Szczerbic, Jan Nowicki, Tadeusz Lomnicki• The Structure of Crystals (1969) Struktura kryształu Directed by Krzysztof Zanussi Starring Barbara Wrzesinska, Jan Myslowicz, Andrzej Zarnecki Innocent Sorcerers (1960) Mother Joan of the Angels (1961) Knife in the Water (1962) Passenger (1963) The Saragossa Manuscript (1965) Barrier (1966) The Structure of Crystals (1969) (CLICK ON POSTER TO WATCH FILM)  Mother Joan of the Angels (1961) Passenger (1963) Barrier (1966) The Structure of Crystal (1969)
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