Jim is the host of the Podcast, Feel Good Running | For the Everyday Runner He is a long time runner having completed 101 Marathons and is a certified 50 State finisher having completed a full sanctioned marathon in all 50 states plus DC. Additionally Jim is the Co-Race Director of the Maui Marathon, Vice President of the Valley Isle Road Runners on the island of Maui, a certified RRCA Running Coach and now hosting a top running related podcast. Running is his passion and has really defined his life. With all the support Jim has received over the years from volunteers from all the races he has done, Jim now is giving back to the running community, however he can. The "Feel Good Running" podcast is designed the everyday runner. If you are a long time runner, fairly new to running or even just thinking about running, this podcast will appeal to you. You will be inspired and motivated by his guests and running related content. Jim's goal is for the "Feel Good Running" podcast to be one of your top go to running podcasts for years to come.


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Recent episodes featuring Jim Lynch
FGR #19 | Motivating Running News – December 2019 (Minisode)
Hello Runners!Happy Holidays! I hope you are relaxing and having some very relaxing down time with your family and friends. We all need this from time to time and especially since we are about to enter into a new decade! Do you believe it!Well last month the Minisode running news episode was a hit so I am going to do at least one per month. If there is any improvement you would like to see or suggestions you can always Email me by Clicking Here.If you like the "Feel Good Running" podcast, you can really help out by sharing on social media, sharing with your running friends and leaving a rating and/or review on Apple Podcast. Thank you so much for listening.Have a wonderful holiday season and expect several great episodes in 2020!~JimSHOW NOTESAlex Bozarjian - TV Reporter that was groped during live reporting at running race in Savannah, GA - CBS This Morning Segment - Thomas Callaway Arrested - Tasha Ina Church - Female Running Safety - Episode #9 of Feel Good Running - Good tips for being safe while running.Better Things - I love this show Better Things. Pamela Adlon created, wrote and stars in this series. You will remember her from Californication. This show is so real and I highly recommend it for holiday binge watching. First two seasons are on HULU.Roy Jorgen Sveeningson - Set record for being the oldest person, at 84, to complete a marathon in Antarctica. - Canadian Running Magazine: Article by Anne FrancisBrenda Noble - Running for Hope - Expriencing her own tragedy, she started Running for Hope in Anchorage, Alaska, a program that fights homelessness through running. - KTTU NBC News Report: Reporter: Patrick Enslow - 11 KTVA News Report: Reporter: Lauren Maxwell - Running for Hope Facebook Page.Broen Holman - 13 year old from Sonora, CA that smashed the 5K world record for his age at a time of 15:23. - Runner's World Online: Article by Andrew DawsonSarah Matthews - Warrington, UK Runner with unexplained disability that ran 53 marathons in 52 weeks. Now has completed 100 marathon. - Warrington Guardian: Article by Adam EverettDenton's Dumbest Marathon - New Years Day marathon that is run around the Denton's Historic Courthouse 131 times! - WFAA ABC Denton News Report: Reporter Chris SadeghiInspirational Running Quote"Running reminds you, even in your weakest moments, YOU are strong!" - Brenda Noble from Running for Hope - Anchorage, AK - Recites to group before heading out for a run.Share "Feel Good Running" PodcastAgain I want to thank you for listening to my podcast! You can really help out by leaving a rating and review on Apple Podcast, Podchaser, Stitcher, or Spotify! And please share Feel Good Running podcast with your friends and on Social Media. It would mean the world and help the show to grow!
FGR #18 | Michael & Anita – “A Match Made in Running Heaven!”
Hi Runners,Happy holiday season everyone!As we wind down this year and decade it is a time to reflect on what you accomplished as a runner. And when I say runner, I mean everyone that laces up their running shoes and goes out there each time to better themselves.So this past year maybe you trained for a race? Maybe ran a marathon, 10k, 5k or even an ultra. Or maybe you just ran for the physical health benefits or mental healing or whatever reason? So many people have amazing stories of how running has been so life changing and very important to their life. We have had some of these people as guests in 2019. One special episode that comes to mine is #12 Bonnie VanDeraa. This was just an amazing story and continues to inspire people. Take a listen. So, whatever you accomplished this year be proud! You did it!MilestoneThe Feel Good Running Podcast is one year old! Yup, on December 3rd we celebrated our first year! I cannot thank you enough for giving me a chance and listening to my podcast. I appreciate each and ever one of you. In 2020, you can expect more episodes with wonderful guests that will inspire and motivate you. These are everyday runners like you and me with a story to tell!MinisodeEpisode #17 - Motivating Running News - Minisode was a hit! This is a shorter episode that features running news stories that inspire, motivate and entertain. You can be sure I will be doing more, and as a matter of fact, you can expect another one this month just before Christmas!GuestsMichael Klee and Anita Zonker are a wonderful couple. They met in my former running club, Runners Edge of the Rockies in Denver. Both are very close friends of mine and we have a lot of history. But that aside, this is a heartwarming story of two people later in life that found each other through running and fell in love. So those of you looking for that special someone, well, don't give up. There is hope! Enjoy this episode!ShareAgain I want to thank you for listening to my podcast! You can really help out by leaving a rating and review on Apple Podcast, Podchaser, Stitcher, or Spotify! And please share Feel Good Running podcast with your friends and on Social Media. It would mean the world to me!Thanks again for listening and enjoy this heartwarming episode!~ Jim
FGR #17 | Motivating Running News – November 2019 – (Minisode)
Hello Runners!Well Happy Thanksgiving! Yes it is that time of year where many of you participate in your local Turkey Trot race. And there are quite a few of them around the country. I love the Turkey Trot because it is a great way to start Thanksgiving morning with a bunch of runners. And you can enjoy a great feast without the guilt! Not a bad deal if you ask me!MinisodeSo, this is the first Feel Good Running Minisode and I am excited. Simply, a Minisode is a shorter podcast than my regular podcasts where I feature a guest. This episode includes running related news stories that will inspire, motivate and entertain you! I plan to do a monthly running news Minisode which starts with November.Also, every so often I'll do a Minisode that will feature a topic such as the pros and cons of running with headphones. Speaking of headphones, there are only one brand of headphones I endorse for running and running safety. I recently had an interview all set up with this company and then they ghosted me. So, they are on my frustration list. I'll work on them after the first of the year.Please let me know how you like the Minisodes. Just click here to leave a comment.Vintage Marathon PictureI recently was looking through some old marathon photos of me. I found this one from 2004 from the Portland Maine Marathon. This was before the GPS watch revolution. I was wearing a vintage Timex Ironman Triathlon watch which you could use and click a button for your split times. News StoriesMatt Creedon - Survived being hit by a car in a Hit and Run incident in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. CBS Chicago 2018 New Story - Jeremy Ross / CBS Chicago 2019 News Story - Jeremy RossNick Butter - Ran a full Marathon in all 196 Countries in 2 years - Runners World Article - Andrew Dawson CreditCarlos Orosco - From Zilwaukee, Michigan - Weighed 650 pounds and lost 475. Completed the 2019 Detroit Marathon - Detroit Free Press Article - Bill Laitner / NBC Today Show SegmentKade Lovell - Ran 5K but by a wrong decision ran the 10K of the Francis Franny Flyer race in Sartell Minnesota and won it. He is 9 years old. - WCCO CBS 4 Minnesota - John Lauritson / Washington Post - Michael Brice - SaddlerCure Bad Mood - Study shows that running with your dog cures a bad mood and depression - My London Article - Amardeep BasseyRunning with the Weiners - 100 Dachshunds compete in Cincinnati- Mental Floss Article - Garin Pirnia Thanksgiving Running Quotes" Huffin for the Stuffin"" Burning Thighs before Pies"" Run Now, Pie Later" Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Thanks for listening. Be sure to subscribe to the Feel Good Running on Apple Podcasts and please give us a nice rating and if you feel really motivated leave a review!
FGR #16 | Jason Romero – All Things are Possible!
Hello Runners, It has been awhile. And I am sorry if you are a regular listener for the gap. It won't happen again! Promise! What has been Going On? I spent most of my energy the past two months as Co-Race Director of the Maui Marathon that was held on Sunday October 13, 2019. I'm glad to say it was a huge success. And then afterward, I took off to Denver, Colorado to visit family, friends and do some Podcast interviews.  So I am back in the saddle and you can expect consistency of episodes and some changes for the good!  Thank for hanging in! Congratulations to All You Runners! Man, it is hard to believe that the 2019 running season is just about over. I always consider the NYC Marathon as the finale to the major races. However there are still a few races you can catch through the remainder of the year. Now, if you ran a race during the fall, I hope you finished and was satisfied with your results. Running is not so much about time, (well maybe to some), but about the journey as you trained for your race and ultimately successfully crossing the finish line on race day.  I've have run 101 marathons and not once in all the years did anyone ask me about my time for any of the races, they just asked what race was my favorite. So if you finished, be very proud! People will be impressed of your accomplishment and that you finished but could care less about your time. You are a rockstar! I'd also like to give a very heartfelt shoutout to all of you who qualified and got into the 2020 Boston Marathon. By adjusting the qualifying times by 5 minutes, I think this helped many more of you to finally get in that qualified. So kudos to the B.A.A. for the adjustment. Guest - Jason Romero My guest this episode is a life changer for me. Jason Romero, is the author of  Running Into the Dark. Jason has a head spinning running resume.  He has completed some of the toughest ultra races such as: Badwater 135, Leadville Trailrace 100 (and he is a Leadman - Google it), Spartathlon (Greece) Puerto Rico 150+ Endurance Run. His biggest accomplishment though and what his book centers around is his incredible journey which was Running across the USA, typically called a "transcontinental" run. What is most amazing,  Jason is legally blind and he did this journey on a shoestring budget with a shoestring crew which mostly consisted of his mom and the help of some friends that just appeared.  He ran 3,063 miles in 59.5 days averaging 51.5 miles per day starting in Santa Monica and finishing in New York City. Jason is the only blind runner to ever run across the USA and he in the top ten of the fastest runners to accomplish this.  Less than 300 have accomplished a transcontinental run on foot.  Jason's book is amazing and opens up about his life, blindness, struggles, obstacles, failures, setbacks but above all else overcoming it all to be a success! Please pick up his book today either in hardcover, paperback, digital or audio right HERE! Our conversation is open, raw, honest and emotional. If you want to understand what Jason can see today, Click Here and watch him explain it in this YouTube Video.  Meeting Jason I truly believe All Things are Possible!  You will also! Enjoy! ~Jim   Jason Romero   Jason's Social Media Links - Personal Website - Speaking Website - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Linkedin Running Into the Dark - Jason's Book on Amazon - Hardcover, Paperback, Digital or Audio -  BUY IT TODAY!  Running Vision - Documentary about Jason and his efforts to run 183 miles across Puerto Rico YouTube Video - Jason explains exactly what he can see today USABA - United States Association of Blind Athletes     Inspirational Running Quote "Wake Up Every Day and Commit to be Outstanding" ~Jason Romero Think about this quote every day when you wake up and see what is possible!   Thanks for listening. Be sure to subscribe to the Feel Good Running on Apple Podcasts and please give us a nice rating and if you feel really motivated leave a review!   The post FGR #16 | Jason Romero – All Things are Possible! appeared first on Feel Good Running Podcast.
FGR #15 | Bart Yasso – The “Mayor of Running!”
Hello Runners! I am pleased to have Bart Yasso, the "Mayor of Running" as my guest this episode. Recently retired from Runner's World after 31 years with the title of Chief Running Officer, he has inspired runners all over the globe. I've know Bart for several years and I will say that he is one of the most genuine persons that I know. He loves running and the running community. It doesn't matter if you are Meb Keflezighi, 2004 Olympic silver medalist in the marathon, or Judy Smith, beginner runner from North Dakota, you are welcomed by Bart with open arms.  And Bart has an amazing resume: Ran races in all 7 continents Biked Across the USA twice with no support! Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon Badwater Ultramarathon 135 (when it was 145 miles) 5 time Iron Man finisher Comrades 56-mile event Inventor of the “Yasso 800’s” marathon predictor workout Inducted into the Running USA Hall of Champions Inducted into the Road Runners Club of America Distance Running Hall of Fame And on and on and on! Be sure to pick up a copy of Bart's book, My Life on the Run, a fabulous read. It is also available as a download and in audio books.  Every single chapter is a great story! So, as you may know, I am the Co-Race Director for the Maui Marathon which will be held on Sunday, October 13th. It has taken me away from producing my Podcast so there has been a gap. I hope you won't bail on me and hang in there since it appears I am back on track. My goal is to bring you two quality episodes per month. So stick with me!  And if you every have any comments, I want to hear them. Send a note to jim@feelgoodrunning.com. Oh yea, I would be humbled if you could share this podcast with your running friends and on your social media. Without you, the show won't grow Wow!  We are now heading into the fall race season. Where did this year go?  For those of you that are doing a fall race regardless of the distance, I hope your summer training has gone well, you have stayed injury free and are fired up and ready for your race!  I'm proud of you! We have a great sport that enhances all of us, physically, mentally and spiritually. Enjoy this episode and remember to just show up and always, ALWAYS feel good about your running! ~Jim   Jim's Opening & News Segment Jim's Maui News Article - Thank you Sarah Ruppenthal! MS Run the US Relay - Annual 3,260 mile ultra relay created by Ashley Schneider in support of the cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Nike Joyride Run Flyknit Running Shoes - These interesting Nike Running Shoes are supposed bring back the joy of running? - Review 1, Review 2         Mystery Runner - Runner who gave his running shoes and socks to a homeless person and walked away barefoot. - ABC News Segment speaks to Homeless Person!   Bart Yasso My Life on the Run - Bart's Book on Amazon - BUY IT TODAY! Excellent Read Bart's Social Media Links - Website - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter Legacy of Hope - Bart is running the Rocky steps in Philadelphia for this charity. Bart's CrowdRise fundraising page. Article's - Runner's World - The Morning Call - Verywell Fit (Yasso 800's -- Christine Luff) Amy Downs - Bart mentioned her story during the interview. She survived the Oklahoma City Bombing Bonnie VanDeraa - We talked about Bonnie. I interviewed her in Episode #12. Take a listen to this incredible story!     Inspirational Running Quote "When the gun goes off we all follow the same path to the finish line but we all have taken very unique paths to get to the starting line" ~Bart Yasso So think about it...what was your path to the start line? Put your story in the comments!   Thanks for listening. Be sure to subscribe to the Feel Good Running on Apple Podcasts and please give us a nice rating and if you feel really motivated leave a review!   The post FGR #15 | Bart Yasso – The “Mayor of Running!” appeared first on Feel Good Running Podcast.
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