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Host & Producer of Hit The Bucket Podcast
Software products developer by day... game hoarder, twitch streamer, and bucket enthusiast by night! He also thoroughly enjoys pizza dough, pizza sauce, pizza cheese, pizza toppings, and fluffy things.


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#38 - The Mueller Report
Episode of
Hit The Bucket Podcast
wedding planning, awkward goodbyes, Billie Eilish, celebrity kids, rehab success, Steve-O, Brookhurst - Heartstrings, Bibio - Ribbons, Lil Nas X - Old Town Road, Lil Dicky - Earth, Coachella 2019, YouTube Haiku, self promotion, Reddit culture, Sekiro, cheating vs learning, Castlevania Collection, reprogramming cartridges, Zoom IPO, budgeting, Would You Rather, deaf culture, Idiocracy, Baby Meshyf, Notre Dame Fire, Hytale
#37 - Epic Exclusive
Episode of
Hit The Bucket Podcast
creator codes, exclusives suck, Borderlands 3, RUFiO006, importance of exposure, building a reputation, Pan's Labyrinth vs The Labyrinth, Netflix quantity vs quality, Disney streaming, PAX East, Sekiro, Risk of Rain 2, BOGO sales, personal fitness, ketosis, sugar ketchup, gym/pizza conspiracy, empty promises,
#36 - NymphoStadia
Episode of
Hit The Bucket Podcast
spring break, bachelor party shenanigans, gambling woes, babysitting drunks, schmoozing professors, FLESHLIGHTS FOR ALL, The Flesh Lamp, audience dating advice, APEX Legends Battle Pass, regional rewards, Octane fun times, Wizard of Legend DLC, Google Stadia features, Stadia + VR = The Killer APP?, micro-transaction creep, Sheef's Beef: Operation Varsity Blues vs Arm Chair Crypto Kings, Cuphead on Nintendo Switch, Bill & Ted 3, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Stranger Things 3
#35 - Tim Apple - Larz
Episode of
Hit The Bucket Podcast
free sushi, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, streaming horror games, x-ray penetration, twitter nudes, fine art Patreon, live farts, older siblings, Oklahoma life, surviving tornadoes, fancy basements, music education, gunpla, b-movies, Mr Robot, effective TV writing, must-watch movies, Larz's gaming picks, clips (live puking, super saiyan, thigh slap), fuckplugger & cuckplugger, Smash trash, bad sex, toaster baths, the intimate food hole, cafés & bookstores, pimmel pillz, Sheef's Beef: Bad Nurses vs Reusable Bags, Tim Apple, in-game promotion, Mac and Me, Alex Trebek diagnosis, upcoming games
 #34 - THQ Chan
Episode of
Hit The Bucket Podcast
tax talk, forced volunteer work, min-maxing taxes, the Warframe grind, stream scheduling, Minion Masters guilds, group incentives, Crush Them All, Apex Legends (battle pass, competitive, good design, ping system), extended ADD, wedding photos, TwitchCon 2019, San Diego, YouTube exploits children & loses Disney, sensationalism, THQ 8CHAN AMA, Ice Poseidon pyramid stream, jalapeños & racism, fun work email, Florida bound, Jamez's New York experience
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