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Jonas Gawe

Host, Producer & Editor of The Bunyip Review
A voice actor from Oxford, Jonas has a background in hosting online radio shows, production of live improv comedy and streaming video games. Currently Jonas is the co-host & producer of The Bunyip Review podcast/


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Recent episodes featuring Jonas Gawe
November 2019 - The embodiment of "Ok Boomer"
The Bunyip Review
Jonas “Jttg” shares his love of "Bojack Horseman" and its many animal puns, lauches into his glowing recommendation of "The Outer Wilds" with it's incredible sense of exploration and tells no jokes when reviewing DCs latest origina story "Joker".James “The Bunyipman” opens his "Big Mouth" and suggests we all do the same, cracks open a can of Nostalgia with the "Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy" and reminds of what a great show Breaking Bad was by reviewing "El Camino" the Breaking Bad movie Last months random Netflix film has the two review "The Girl With All the Gifts", a british Zombie film with it's own twist towards the end.To support the podcast please give us a review on our Podchaser page: you can tune into on the first Tuesday of any given month to watch us record the podcast live!Support the show
October 2019 - Nintendo Money
The Bunyip Review
James “The Bunyipman” spills the BEANs on Matt Groenings latest animated venture “Disenchantment”, decides to expend valuable breathing air by reviewing “Oxygen Not Included” and shares with us a touching story of strippers getting financial revenge in “Hustlers”Jonas “Jttg” relives the highs and lows of “Mindhunter” having just finished the second season, explains why "Astral Chain" is the best Jojo's game on the Switch and prepares for his trip to Japan by reviewing "Gantz: 0"Last months random Netflix film has the two review "Carbone", a french crime-thriller focused on the 2008-09 carbon-quota scandal that occurred in France.Support the show
September 2019 - Indie Director, West Blanderson
The Bunyip Review
James "The Bunyipman" Willis reviews the James-Bond-gone-wrong American animated comedy "Archer" having finished its 10th season, Blizzards most popular (and only?) first-person-shooter to date "Overwatch" and Quentin Tarantino's latest addition to his foot fetish portfolio "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood".Jonas "Jttg" Gawe gives his critical analysis on Netflix's dramatisation of 80's female wrestling in "Glow" season 3, Yakuza-sibling turned Private Eye simulator "Judgment" and not-to-be-confused-with-the-best-exotic-marigold-hotel "The Grand Budapest Hotel"Together the two of them review Hong-Kong crime thriller "Infernal Affairs 2" which, conveniently, is a prequel to Infernal Affairs - a film neither of them had seen.Support the show
August 2019 - A gory good time with Karl Urban
The Bunyip Review
James "The Bunyipman" Willis shares his thoughts on Netflix's latest season of 'Stranger Things', the recent cthulu-themed detective noir 'The Sinking City' and Marvels latest and greatest 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'.Jonas "Jttg" Gawe reviews the only reason to have an Amazon Prime account right now 'The Boys', Kickstarter indie-game champion 'A Hat In Time' and delightfully sunny daytime horror movie 'Midsommar'.They both review their July random-netflix-movie, Rio 2.Support the show
July 2019 - Bollywood strikes back
The Bunyip Review
Jamie reviews the latest level 'Bank' in Hitman 2, reviews the BBC1 Sitcom 'Ghosts' and shares his experiences with Return of the Obra Dinn and Toy Story 4.Jonas focus' on Attack on Titan S3, sinks his fingers into Final Fantasy 14 and rediscovers American Psycho. They both review their June random-netflix-movie, Deewana.Support the show
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May 9th, 1992
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