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Kaila Allen

Host & Editor of Good Luck Sleeping
Kaila is a Georgia peach and mama to her son Jack (and soon to be son Oliver in November!). She enjoys researching and discussing spooky content, binging true crime documentaries on Netflix, and playing video games with the hubs in her spare time.


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Recent episodes featuring Kaila Allen
23- Unnerving Oddities
Good Luck Sleeping
“Unnerving” is the word that comes to mind after learning about these odd places and cases. Have you ever been somewhere that just felt “off” to you, although you couldn’t explain why? Have you ever come across a story that just doesn’t make logical sense? Rachel and Kaila share some pretty interesting, albeit weird and creepy, true stories in this week’s episode. Enjoy, Spooky Soulmates!
22- Scary Stories: An Auditory Adventure
Good Luck Sleeping
This episode is unlike any we have done before. Put in your headphones and turn off the lights if you dare. Rachel and Kaila kick off Spooktober's episodes by reading some of the scariest, skin crawling stories to you without laughing or breaking character. And hidden throughout the episode are special sound effects to enhance the storytelling. Can you make it through the episode without jumping? We dare you to try...
21- Ghost Stories Vol. 03
Good Luck Sleeping
Finishing out the month of September and ushering in Spooktober, the Spooky Sisters are back with another volume of spine-chilling true ghost stories to leave you whimpering in the dark! From ouija board warnings (which we SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO) to the bones of murdered children, this episode is sure to entertain you and POSSIBLY make it hard for you to sleep tonight. Good luck sleeping, Spooky Fam.
20- Dream Interpretation and Number Sequences
Good Luck Sleeping
Ever had a bizarre dream and wondered what it meant? Maybe you've seen the same sequence of numbers over and over and wonder if they have significance? We explore the most common dream themes and their meanings, interpret some of YOUR dreams, and discuss angel numbers and what your guardian angel may be trying to tell you.
19- Aliens and Area 51
Good Luck Sleeping
Isn’t it relaxing to lie back in the grass at night and gaze at the vast sky and stars? Doesn’t it make you feel so small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things? But wait, what if one of those “stars” starts to move erratically? Is it coming closer?! Oh snap! In this episode, we dive into the concept that we aren’t alone in the universe. You’ll learn about the different types of aliens, the probability of other life forms, and what’s REALLY going on in Area 51. Also, it’s probably not a great idea to join the upcoming raid, just sayin’...
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Mar 18th, 1990
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