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Voice Actor on A Scottish Podcast the Audio …, The Demona Chronicles & The Audio Epics Podcast, Voice Actor, Producer & Director on 11th Hour Audio Productions & Voice Actor & Director on Otherworldlies
Actor, Director, Voice Artist. Walter 'Troubles' Mix in 'What's The Frequency'. Bruce Mercer in 'A Scottish Podcast' and many more.
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Flames | Episode 9, Season 2
Episode of
A Scottish Podcast the Audio Drama Series
As darkness falls over Drumsyde Manor, the trio gather round the campfire to hear the gripping conclusion of Doug's High Fantasy manuscript.  Necromancer Bryar's undead horde approach the fragile defences of the Southern town wall, prompting the forces of Brutus the Merciless to launch an attack from the North. Against all odds, can the Empire forces hold out?  Credits Stories From 'A Scottish Podcast'
Case Eighteen: Relationships & Yoga
Episode of
Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Services
A yoga student seeks Kalila's help because she has no more verbal filters. Clarence attends his first Grimmer & Daughters community support meeting. Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Services is written and produced by Lisette Alvarez (they/them). Kalila and her Shadow are both played by Lisette Alvarez. Janelle Grimmer is played by Anairis Quinones (she/her). Clarence Twinner is played by Karim Kronfli (he/him). Cixin Chen is played by Bree Page (she/her). Amad Khan is played by A.J. Beckles (he/him). Desiree Onasis is played by Zayn Thiam (they/them). This episode was edited by Sarah Buchynski (she/her). Episode Transcript
2 - 17 - Six Months
Episode of
Diary Of A Madman
We say goodbye to Tyler, the Madman. After everything, will he have made a difference in the world? Tune in to find out.   This is the last public (free) Diary of a Madman story. If you want new Madman episodes with the original Madman, become a Patron today. Monthly donations start at $1 per month & you'll get this show, medieval fantasy Crown of Thieves, writing podcast Horrible Writing, and storytelling podcast The Stories We Tell.    Sign up for Paul Sating's newsletter if you want to keep track of his upcoming novels.     Thank you for supporting this show since 2016!    
2 - 16 - Conclusion
Episode of
Diary Of A Madman
The Madman offers hints for other Converts on how to pick up the mantle... and kill with it.   Please rate and review the show; help new converts find us!   Check out a sample of Paul Sating's upcoming horror novel, "The Scales" today!   Become a Patron today and continue to get Paul Sating fiction long after we say goodbye to the Madman for good.
The Demon of Florence: Chapter 8 - Gargoyle Heresy
Episode of
The Demona Chronicles
Bishop Sforza has been plagued for months with nightmares of the demon who appeared to him. Fearful that the demon might return, he has changed his profligate ways. Alms given to the poor are up and expenditures on extravagances are down. However, news of Bishop Sforza's newfound austerity have reached the ear of Cardinal Della Rovere, who comes to Florence to investigate. And as the two clerics discuss Sforza's experience, the cardinal shares a mysterious secret from centuries ago... If you've enjoyed this broadcast, please consider sponsoring future projects by visiting our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/andrewcreates
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