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Kathy Stowell is a coach, creator, and host of Mama Bliss in Life and Biz Podcast.
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Your Coaching Biz Doesn't Have to Be Perfect Eps 45
Mama Bliss in Life & Biz
When you hear the word life coach you can't help but immediately think  - well someone's got their life together so much so they can coach others to do as they do. First of all, life coaches don't strive for perfection. And second of all, their coaching business is far from perfect too. So don't let the assumption that things need to be just so to start on the path of becoming a coach stop you from taking that very exciting first step.
All The Problems Mama Bliss Coaching Can Solve Eps 44
Mama Bliss in Life & Biz
Part of the beauty of learning how to coach the mama bliss way is that you can help solve so many common mom challenges.   Struggles like not having time for self-care, perceived lack of time, mom guilt, overwhelm, perfectionism... the list goes on and on.   In today's podcast episode I'm sharing why the tools and process I train moms in in Mama Bliss Coaching School resonate so with the mothering spirit. These creativity and life coaching sessions can be a balm to the soul not only for your clients but for you too. Because launching and growing any sort of biz isn't for the faint of heart.   This entrepreneurial journey takes as many self-coaching skills you can muster. I got you covered, Mama!  
How Learning How to Coach is Just Like Learning to Belly Dance Eps 43
Mama Bliss in Life & Biz
Learning how to coach is like learning anything else you set your mind to. You discover an art form you feel moved by and want to learn more about. You find a teacher you resonate with and who speaks your love language.   There's a lot of practice involved and it's going to feel awkward at first. But you never give up and keep showing up - no matter how dorky you might feel at times when you're first learning.   In today's podcast episode I'm going to share how I first stumbled upon belly dance. Happened by accident and now it's made Wednesday nights my favorite night of the week the last four years.    
How to Create a Simple Opt-In for Your Mom Coaching Biz Eps 42
Mama Bliss in Life & Biz
Having an email list is essential for starting and growing your mom coaching biz. And your free opt-in will be the gift that keeps on giving. Entice those checking out your website a give away that will bring some relief to one of their struggles.   Give them a taste of what you're all about and what sets you apart from all the other mom coaches. And best of all, off that first opportunity to connect with you that will lead to many other connections. Like your weekly newsletter!   So that's why a simple opt-in is so important and can be so quick and easy to create and set up.   So let's not delay and see what your first opt-in for you coaching biz might be.    
How I Explain What Mama Bliss Is (And How to Get It) Eps 41
Mama Bliss in Life & Biz
Who wants more mama bliss? Doesn't it sound delicious? Of course it does! And having more bliss happens to make up my coaching approach for moms.   Because bliss is everything.   In a nutshell, Mama Bliss is the exact opposite of what you are at your worst possible mothering moments. Impatient. Fearful. Irritable. Anxious. Checked-out.   If you fill up your bliss bucket then you can do anything you set your mind, heart and soul to.   Then with all this newfound energy, clarity and inspiration, you can coach others to bliss too. Whatever mama bliss looks like to you.   In this week's episode I share what it looks like to me.
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