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Kelly Roach is the founder of Kelly Roach Coaching, a rapid growth coaching and consulting company for business owners, entrepreneurs, and executive leaders. She is the author of the book 'Unstoppable' and hosts a podcast by the same name.
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USR 487 Accepting Change with Beth Comstock
Unstoppable Success Radio
Do you struggle with change?   Whether we like it or not, change is inevitable. It's occurring in our personal life, with our business and the world. The question we have to answer is, are we going to embrace that change or stick our heads in the group and ignore it?   Today I'm sitting down with Former Vice-Chair of GE, board member of Nike and best-selling author, Beth Comstock. In Beth's new book 'Image It Forward' she shares how her mission in life is to help convey and teach people what comes next and how to deal and embrace change. Beth explained that she struggled with change.    The world today moves at a faster and faster pace than ever before. We are so consumed with collecting data and trying to find a logical reason to why things change. The truth is we don't want to accept it. Beth goes on to say that we delay making changes because we are scared of what comes next.    Beth is breaking down critical areas from her book on how to accept change in your life and the importance of new discoveries. Make sure you check out her new book, Image It Forward in stores now!  TRIBE OF UNSTOPPABLES: INSTAGRAM
USR 486: Monetize And Grow Your Own Podcast
Unstoppable Success Radio
We have something special up our sleeves!    This week we are hosting a podcast mini-course for FREE! We asked our community if they were interested in learning how to monetize, grow, and launch a profitable podcast, and the response was overwhelming!    You answered that you wanted to know how we grew Unstoppable Success Radio to the top 100 and how to make podcasting a stream of income for your business. So what we are doing is hosting a free mini-course. You will get a series of videos sent directly to your phone via text message. Each day you will get a short video from me on how to launch, grow, and scale your podcast.    This course is going to cover strategy to monetizing your show, getting reviews so you can move up in the ranking, how to grow your show consistently. If you want to make podcasting a new stream of income in your business, this course is for you! Head over to to get signed up!    TRIBE OF UNSTOPPABLES: INSTAGRAM
USR 485 Facing Your Business Fears with Christy Wright
Unstoppable Success Radio
“Say yes before you know how”- Christy Wright   As humans we want everything to be laid out on the table. The who, what, when, where, and why. However, sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. When you take a chance and you believe in yourself, the best outcomes happen. There is no perfect path. You have to commit before you have success. There are times where you will be scared and have to take a chance on someone or something.    In today’s episode, we are talking about fear and how it relates to business with the amazing Christy Wright. Christy is a Best Selling author, CEO of Business Boutique, a Ramsey Personality and Host of the top-rated podcast the Business Boutique.    She explains that when she started her journey at Ramsey Solutions over ten years ago, she didn’t know what was ahead of her. Some jobs are created not by position but by problems that need to be solved. She had the solution to that problem and she was scared to take the leap.    This episode we are diving deep into why business owners have this negative mindset around fear and how that fear stops them from reaching their dreams or starting that next project. Christy is going to give you that push you need to embrace that feeling of fear and take the leap.    If you love this interview just as much as I did and want to see Christy LIVE this fall. Head over to and get tickets to her LIVE event!  TRIBE OF UNSTOPPABLES: INSTAGRAM
USR 484: 2020 Preview
Unstoppable Success Radio
Six months until 2020.    That is how close we are to next year. CRAZY! Those big dreams and goals you had back in January are just starting to happen. You see the results of all your hard work this year. Now is the time we need to start thinking about the next year, 2020. If you want to see results going into the new year, you have to start working on them now!   You can't put a plan into place and then two days later expect a result. In this episode, I'm breaking down my top three marketing trends I see will be on the rise in the new year, things like text message marketing, audio, video, and most importantly hiring new people to join your team.    It doesn't matter if you are getting rid of a contract person, hiring for the first time, expanding your team, or hiring someone new to your organization. Everyone has a decision to make right now. You need to make hiring at the center of your plan. Once you get the right team in place, every other strategy will come into place!    The next six months for us here at Kelly Roach International is all about testing! We will be bringing you guys the latest in text message marketing, smart speaker marketing and different ways you can sell online! If you want a first-hand look, you can join the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Program. Head over to to get all the details!    TRIBE OF UNSTOPPABLES: INSTAGRAM
USR 483: How To Become The Closer with Dan Lok
Unstoppable Success Radio
We graduate from college and think that the last four years has taught us everything we need to know. An education will give you the foundation of whatever it is you want to do, but there are some things that just simply can’t be taught in the classroom.    In this episode, I’m sitting down with Business Influencer, Best Selling Author and Founder of, Dan Lok. One of the many things Dan does is help people develop skills that aren’t taught in school such as social media management, setting up a YouTube channel and most importantly closing sales.    Dan emphasizes that no matter what you do in life, you need to learn how to close. This skill changed Dan’s life. A lot of people know how to sell, but don’t know how to close. Time to unlock this life skill so you can create the business you desire - with Dan’s pointers, this process becomes simple and effective.   Let us know what you thought about the episode and make sure you head over to to pre-order Dan’s newest book, Unlock It!: The Master Key to Wealth, Success and Significance!   TRIBE OF UNSTOPPABLES: INSTAGRAM
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