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33 · Robert Schekley's Blacklight Barcode Ballet
Cover My Ass
This week, in “Immortality, Inc.", by Robert Scheckley:  In an alternate universe where the :CueCat became a success and this absurd device became essential for everyday life, replacing the written word with diagonal barcodes, the inventor of the QR code goes on the run to protect her invention from the Barcode Hegemony and ushers the Information Age into the second dimension. K looks forward to life returning to 'normal'. Khaki turns the tables and ruffles some feathers. Find CoverMyAssCast on Twitter, Gmail and
32 · John Myers Myers' Dire Lyre Mire
Cover My Ass
This week, in “The Harp and the Blade", by John Myers Myers:  Two Quantum Leapers find themselves in pre-BCE England; unwilling to admit their true origin to each other they try to set right what once went wrong, unaware that they are, in face, what it is that went wrong. K sure does know a lot about druid stuff! Khaki introduces K to a cool new chair. Find CoverMyAssCast on Twitter, Gmail and
31 · Esther Friesner's Two-Handed Pole-Arms
Cover My Ass
This week, in “Chicks 'n Chained Males“, edited by Esther Friesner:  Kenneth, a college DM accidentally transports himself to a world where those precious few fertile males are little more than valuable but mindless studs, where his encyclopedic nerdery is mistaken for the lost art of sorcery. K has a plan to end the predicament in the library. Khaki tries to stimulate his friend through trickery. Find CoverMyAssCast on Twitter, Gmail and
30 · Open Day I
Cover My Ass
Recorded in front of a live audience in the Czech Republic. #OccupyNottingham Worlds collide as quantums and franchises entangle: it's Open Day at the Library! Stalwart, if bewildered, Yours Trulies face the challenge of a real live audience with the same courage and determination as the heroes of this week's unlikely 'book'... K walks a mile (or week) in Khaki's shoes. Khaki adorably encourages audience participation. Find CoverMyAssCast on Twitter, Gmail and
29 · Blake Whitecock Returns
Cover My Ass
This week, in “Und Sie Lernen Es Nie“, by K. H. Scheer: Deep behind enemy lines, Blake Whitecock has to rely on unexpected friends when his wits and the fantastic gadgets of Q-division fail him, to vanquish his implacable enemies as the war heats up, in the stunning 25th-hebdomodariversary sequel to WASP. K will never let go of JJ Abrams' treatment of Star Wars physics. Khaki goes on the offensive against the quarrelsome velibraraptors. Find CoverMyAssCast on Twitter, Gmail and
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