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Kenyon Laing

Host of Wine & Crime
Kenyon Laing is a gender-based violence researcher and consultant. She is a co-host of Wine And Crime. You will often find her enjoying a glass of pinotage, bingeing on podcasts, and insisting “the husband did it.”
Recent episodes featuring Kenyon Laing
Ep11 Gossip at the Corpse Cart
Wine & Crime
This month's episode of Gossip at the Corpse Cart contains some intense prank confessions, plus hungry penguins, Florida Blake Lively, DIY death rituals, and a lesson (or two) in extreme retaliation. Holster your pigeons and tune in!
Ep145 Nun Crimes
Wine & Crime
This week, the gals take their sacrament and discuss some unholy homicides. Topics include a very violent cardinal sin, a sister with a secret, and some pioneering LGBT religious. Pour a glass of OneHope's Argentina Uco Valley Malbec, say six Hail Marys, and tune in for Nun Crimes.
(BONUS EP) Martini-Fueled Murders (ft Martinis and Murder)
Wine & Crime
This month, the gals are joined by the hosts of Martinis and Murder to toss back a few and share some stiff stories of criminals who may have had a few too many. Topics include a seriously delusional Brit, some suspicious antifreeze, and yet another reason to avoid Jagermeister. Shake up a Sage Lady martini, craft a bogus badge, and tune in for Martini-Fueled Murders.
Ep144 Colorado Crimes
Wine & Crime
This week, the gals head west to mine some criminal cases in the Rockies. Topics include a cryogenically frozen mountain man, some seriously misguided investments, and a guy who could've used a belt. Pop open a fresh bottle of Winc's Sauvetage Rosé, strap on your skis, hire a financial advisor, and tune in for Colorado Crimes.
Ep143 Halloween Crimes
Wine & Crime
This week, the gals share some spooky seasonal tales of horror and history. Topics include grotesque root vegetable crafts, a trick-or-treater who was not interested in treats, and an all-too-real vampire. Pour some crisp Eplevin Gravenstein Cider from Winc, put on your false faces, stock up on Kit Kats, and tune in for Halloween Crimes.
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