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Kevin Michael Geary is the founder of Rebooted Body, host of the top-ranked Rebooted Body Podcast, and an expert in the psychology of eating and lifestyle change.
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Special Announcement (Am I Back?)
Rebooted Body – Healthy Eating, Functional Fitness & Behavior Psychology
Where have I been? Am I back? And what’s happening tomorrow night?!?! Click here to enroll in my free class on Jan 3rd, 2019. Everyone who attends live gets a $197 gift. Direct URL ->
RB198: Most Health Research is Wrong (Humble Yourself)
Rebooted Body – Healthy Eating, Functional Fitness & Behavior Psychology
“Show me the peer-reviewed research” is no longer a viable question. It’s not possible to sufficiently validate research and so much of the published research is highly problematic, can’t be replicated, and is often misinterpreted. What’s the solution? The solution is to humble yourself. You should have some humility and so should I. Most importantly, though, the “experts” and policy makers need to find some humility so that we stop imposing errors on other people by force which often leads to massively destructive consequences. Click here to view the article referenced in this episode.
RB197: The Two Most Important Habits For Fat Loss
Rebooted Body – Healthy Eating, Functional Fitness & Behavior Psychology
Did Tim Ferris just reveal the two biggest secrets to fat loss for free on his YouTube channel? Tune in to find out. P.S. If you want a real method that isn’t a bunch of hype, click here.
RB196: Back to Basics
Rebooted Body – Healthy Eating, Functional Fitness & Behavior Psychology
Blake asks… How do you get out of the cycle of looking for the most optimal thing instead of just “doing the thing”? It’s hard to stay motivated if you’re worrying about following the best routine, the most optimal diet, etc. Something we’re faced with daily in the Information (overload) Age where every other day there’s an opposing article to something we do in our daily routines. Want to know the antidote to shiny object syndrome in the health and fitness industry? You’ll find it in this episode. Want to work with me? Choose from the following: Make It Stick Master Class – Learn & implement the 5 secrets of making healthy habits feel automatic – the most powerful foundation for lifelong healthy living. Total Body Reboot – Reprogram your body for sustainable fat loss, vibrant health, & peak performance in 90 days with no dieting, no obsession, and no perfectionism. Decode Your Cravings – End emotional eating, heal your relationship with food, and achieve rock-solid consistency by addressing and fixing your root issues.
RB195: “Target Those Trouble Areas”
Rebooted Body – Healthy Eating, Functional Fitness & Behavior Psychology
I’m sick. I’m still here, though. And I’m going 100 on this ridiculous NBC News “Better” article. Put your ear muffs on and keep your head low.
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