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Kris Gilbertson is the Founder of the, Host of the LifeStyle Entrepreneur Podcast, Author of Podcasting for Profit, Positioning, and Promotion, and creator of the Podcasting Pro System.
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047: Abel James l How to Create Your Dream Lifestyle
The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast with Kris Gilbertson l Strategy l Marketing l Mindset l Create Ideal Business + Lifestyle
Considered a serial entrepreneur, Abel James is the ‘Renaissance’ man when it comes to helping people reach their utmost potential. It all started in the beginning of his career, when he was working three different jobs, trying to get ahead of the game. He wasn’t paying attention to his health or his stress levels, and he started to gain unfortunate weight and became more and more sick with each doctor visit. He began to realize that he should figure out how to be healthy his way, not his doctor’s way. He began to lose the weight, became much healthier, and he could actually sleep at night. It dawned on him that he went through a really intense and fabulous transformation, and other people deserved to know about it. Abel really advocates that it is key to be able to visualize who you want to be, and what you want to look like, and work towards that. Being healthy is more important than having a six pack, and he will be able to show you how to do this. Through being an entrepreneur, he tells everyone to really take advantage of the adventure side of this job. For this field, all you really need is a wifi connection, and he says that because of this, you can work from anywhere and you should. All of this really helps you to stay focused and be healthy because you’re taking time for yourself. What You'll Learn in this Episode: The Top 3 Things to Help People Get Moving and to Change Their Lifestyle How Abel Began to Develop his Business The Importance of Finding time for Yourself in the Morning The Strategies that Abel Used to Make his Podcast and Blog Pop The Significance of Building an App World and How it helps to Build your Business Most people in the same business as Abel make you buy the food for their diet programs, but he really focuses on eating food that is good for you that you can get at your local grocery store. He really shows you how to become their your own guru, because everyone has different food sensitivities and you can accommodate that. However,  Abel really shows that there are other aspects of a lifestyle to focus on besides eating. Becoming a well rounded individual includes various different aspects of a life. He mentions food and it’s importance, but he also discusses how music can allow you to connect with your emotions. Through the app world, Abel James was able to really captivate his audience and show people how he was able to help them. He showed his customers, and potential customers, that he was able to access them through their health and fitness, but through a business technique that really engaged them.
046: Andreea Ayers l Get Media Happy
The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast with Kris Gilbertson l Strategy l Marketing l Mindset l Create Ideal Business + Lifestyle
Andreea Ayers really helps you figure out how to get PR, and how to really get your work out there. She is in charge of Launch Grow Joy, and she does a little bit of guest blogging on the side. She can show you how to use marketing to your advantage, and how it can help your business. Having had and sold three other businesses, Andreea is really the person that you would want to talk to about it. Andreea talks about how tieing in trends and using things that are currently popular is very important. You can use what is popular to connect with your customers, and they will not only appreciate the connection, but feel as if you understand what they want. Andreea wants you to focus on the customer instead of yourself, because it shows that you care who you’re reaching out to. If you approach it from the perspective of how you can help them, it will go quite a long way. What you'll learn in this episode - top 5 steps to get ‘media ready’ The best way to grab an audience’s attention How to get really specific Sample pitch letter - paragraph by paragraph People to contact, in regards to blogging A lot of people struggle with which blogs to get into contact with. Andreea advises you to look at the blogs that you enjoy, if you could be your typical customer. Another great way to find blogs is to ask your audience, to see what they’re looking at. She talks about how it is better to start with a blog with a smaller audience, because it’s not only less intimidating, but will help you to hone your pitch and to see what is and isn’t working. The more places that you’ve been featured in, the more credible you will seem. This is really important, because it will help people who go to your site to trust who you are because you’ve been featured in so many places.
045: Howard Berg l How to Speed Read and Retain 10x More Information
The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast with Kris Gilbertson l Strategy l Marketing l Mindset l Create Ideal Business + Lifestyle
Growing up in Brooklyn, Howard Berg soon realized that the safest place to be in his neighborhood was the library. Books, and the knowledge that they possessed, catapulted him into his desire to learn and his voracity for it. He realized that he was reading so fast, that he was doing incredible feats. He began to wonder if these were skills that were teachable, and whether he could help others achieve the same amount of success that he has himself. The average person speaks and reads about two hundred words a minute, and Howard believes that if you can encourage people to see the words in their mind like a movie, their speeds can go up a hundred percent. He encourages you to read as fast as you can comprehend, and he says that you can read ten to fifteen times faster than you were before. This is a man that truly believes in the power of understanding and determination, and wants you to believe as well. What You'll learn in this episode: What to do to improve your reading comprehension A test as to how to improve your reading speed The true importance of reading The levels of reading The 5 things you must learn to master a subject The role that emotional intelligence plays Techniques to overcome creative block Something that Howard really wants you to grasp is that reading means nothing if you aren’t comprehending the facts. If you’re just memorizing the information, you aren’t really absorbing what you’re reading. Howard Berg is really focused on helping people to increase their ability to obtain knowledge and to keep that knowledge.   However, something that he really likes to remind people to focus on, is the fact that emotional intelligence is very important. Despite the fact that he is selling his product, he is still very much a teacher and is focused on helping people. Doing various things that allow you to have more energy and to feel more engaged in your life, while also allowing you to actually gain knowledge, is what Howard Berg is all about.
044: Eben Pagan l Accelerate Your Business and Lifestyle
The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast with Kris Gilbertson l Strategy l Marketing l Mindset l Create Ideal Business + Lifestyle
Eben Pagan, grew up in the backwoods of Oregon with no formal education on business or marketing. Eben first started out with a real estate license and an old camaro, driving around with a long pony tail trying to sell houses for his first business. After struggling in the beginning, from dropping out of high school, college and 7 years in real estate with little success, his friend steered him into the online marketing world with his first successful business from a dating ebook.  The reason for this success came down to how Eben studied how the marketing world worked and how to make small changes that make significant results for businesses. My favorite quote, that can truly provide massive insight for every business owner, is when Eben explains his breakthrough with business, marketing and business acceleration: “Business is a multiplication game, not an addition game; if you make a change in      your business, it doesn’t just add a little bit, it multiplies everything you’re doing.” This same principle is how Eben launched his first million dollar brand and in the last 10 years has been able to sell over $100 million in online programs through this key principle. Eben he helps people have tremendous success with their own businesses through effective leverage strategies. He  also invests in companies that can support the future of innovation and connecting people through technology.  Eben shares on this interview key marketing and business acceleration techniques that can move mountains in your business and create long-term lasting results for your ideas. What You'll learn in this episode: Top 3 Tips for Marketers to Position their Products for Success Eben’s Critical Counterintuitive Theory How Compassion is the most Marketable Business Skill The 2 Most Powerful Sentences in Marketing [@ 29 Minute Mark] The Exact Formula to Creating This Powerful Sentence for Your Business Too! Different Creativity Exercises to Expand Your Business 2 Key Mindsets to Being Extremely Productive “Inevitability Thinking” TO Get Massive Results In Your Business [@ 43 Minutes] Eben is considered a genius when it comes to productivity, and he has four key mindsets that he uses when it comes to this area. These four mindsets really help you to figure out the lifestyle that you want, so that you can be free.According to Eben, doing valuable work is more important than a lot of the trivial work that you may do throughout the day.He believes that if you focus on yourself first thing in the morning, you’ll be more centered and have the ability to do your work with the best possible version of yourself there is create incredible steps each day in your business.
043: Rich German l 5 Simple Steps to Attracting Joint Ventures Partners 
The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast with Kris Gilbertson l Strategy l Marketing l Mindset l Create Ideal Business + Lifestyle
The man to joke about ‘being a coach before coaching was cool’, Rich German has been part of this field since 1999. Initially, German was involved with real estate, and hired a coach because he didn’t really love that business. He soon discovered that he loved the business of coaching, from both a personal development and a business perspective. After a series of steps, which involved him quitting the real estate business, and branching off on his own, he was able to start his own company based on his own different model where he has coached over 18,000 people. Through joint venture, he was really able to be where he wanted in life, and within his own business. Rich German’s book started with an epiphany. He realized that he was the luckiest guy in the world because he was doing what he loved and had the lifestyle that he loved, while also helping others. He knew that he could help other people to reach this same place in their lives, and his book ‘Monetize Your Passion’ is entirely about people doing what they love while also making money.     What You'll learn in this episode: What a Joint Venture Is The Inspiration for Rich German’s book, Monetize Your Passion The Top Mistakes You Can Make in the Business 5 Simple Steps to JV Partners *even as a newbie! The Types of Communities That you Need to Have RIch will admit to anyone that he is not a ‘tech guy’. He doesn’t gain success through SEO’s or Optimizations. He focused on what he was really good at, making and building relationships, and was able to do so much from there. Through building joint venture partnerships, he found his niche and his success. He discovered that this was the fastest way to get to your target market and audience, and make a difference through them. With a community where they train coaches, authors and speakers to be world class joint venture partners, where they can build partnerships with each other and anyone else they want, Rich really created something that can help his target audience. He shows people that having a signature program, having a free training, having good email copy, having a great opt in page, and having an affiliate tracking system are really the keys to be ‘JV’ ready. German really believes that the best thing to do is to build two different communities: your audience and your colleagues. This way, you’re able to connect with the people who are listening to you, and you’re able to connect with the people you work with to share ideas.
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